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Dragon Fiery Grill, Pittsfield, MA

We ate there last week. It was underwelming and very salty. Truffle fries were good,wish they were less salty. Got the larb, it was just ok. wished I got spring rolls instead. Didn't care for the poke tuna - really big chunks of raw tuna in a big pile, not really dressed with enough of anything. Not served with anything, and had no bread or crackers or fried wonton skins when I asked for some. Took it home, cooked it. Not much better. Baby octopus with gnocci ok but very salty.

Wineries, Cheese Makers and Farms to Visit in Massachusetts

Westfield Farm in Hubbardston. (just north and west of Worcester. Wonderful goat's milk cheeses.
It's right next to Princeton,, so you can poke around and visit Mt. Wachusett. Quabbin
Resevoir is incredible, and not too far.

Need recs. in or near Hancock, MA ASAP. Thanks

Go right over the mountain into New Lebanon (6 miles) and go to Mario's Restaurant!! It's wonderful. We went twice last month and had the best food. i swear it's better than it ever was, and the prices are still so great for what you get. I had shrimp and grits to die for. Hands down one of the best! (sorry to gush)

Spice Dragon in Pittsfield, best bet for great Pad Thai in the Berkshires?

Visited the old Jae's Spice and loved their pad thai. Is Spice Dragon's good also, and worth the $$? I also would love a review of their curry if anyone has tried them. thanks!

Lastly, has anyone eaten at Lucia's Latin Kitchen in Pittsfield? Looking for a review of their food also.

Thanks in advance


Speaking of Sturbridge has anyone done this dinner in Old Sturbridge Village?

We visited OSV last year and enjoyed the food alot. I've read that they lost their chef and hired someone new last month. Anyone have any info/recs about the new chef?

Saturday lunch near Lenox

.sorry double post!

Saturday lunch near Lenox

I completely agree with your review of Rubi's. The food is mediocre at best, WAY overpriced and not worth it. I understand from some of the locals that Rubiners used to be part of a larger market/cafe in Richmond and the food there was terrific. My guess is none of that same staff is cooking in the Great Barrington location.

Need a rec-- Berkshires

Viva in Stockbridge (rt.183)
We had some wonderful tapas, great sangria, and we split the Paella.
I will definitely return this summer.

14 Glendale Rd, Stockbridge, MA 01262

Is chef Jim Fahey still cooking in the Boston/Cambridge area?

Thanks Slim! I saw the T-Rex stuff online, and now I'm hoping he's still cooking in some little joint in the area.

Is chef Jim Fahey still cooking in the Boston/Cambridge area?

Just a transplant looking for his good bbq or mexican!

Lenox for Memorial Day Weekend-recs??

We've gone hiking in Kennedy Park then had a great lunch at Jonathan's Bistro in the Aspinwell Shops (the park borders the shopping complex)

*thanks Tsarina for the info on the new owners! Can't wait to try it.

Lenox for Memorial Day Weekend-recs??

We really like Nudel and Alta. There is a new restaurant opening where Church St Cafe was. Don't know anything about the food or concept.
I can strongly advise you NOT to eat at Apple Tree Inn's restaurant.

Hungry Ghost Bread in Northhampton - James Beard Outstanding Patsry Chef!

Cheryl Maffei and Jonathan Stevens, Hungry Ghost Bread,
Northampton, MA

Kudos! The cream definately rises to the top.
Here's the link to all award recipients.

Page's Loft - Northampton

That's a shame. It shouldn't be that hard to get good food out of a kitchen once you've made the commitment to open a restaurant!!
I hate it sometimes when my gut feeling is right.

More Springfield Ma questions - El Cidreno & Shallot Thai Cuisine

I'm fairly new to the area and I've driven past both of these places frequently . El Cidreno is on State St. right near Mass Mutual, and Shallot is in W. Springfield on Riverdale.
Has anyone eaten at either place? Any recs for what to order when I finally do stop and go in?
Thanks for any opinions.

El Cidreno Restaurant
666 State St, Springfield, MA 01109

Page's Loft - Northampton

Your reasoning for a positive dining experience is exactly my belief why it won't be one.
Why would such a highly credentialed chef take a position such as this one?
I agree with your Four Seasons experience, but in a setting like that there are many many 'chefs' cooking on the line.
I will hope for the best and not expect too much.

Dinner and New Year's in the Berkshires

I am so wary of Inns in Lenox.
Both the quality of the meal and the venue itself - not good and rundown and shabby. I think they must be counting on tourist business alone because I don't think locals go there.

Dinner and New Year's in the Berkshires

Thanks! That was it. I didn't know if it was ok on this site to post the name with an unfavorable review.
I can not recommend it at all.

Ice cream truck?

I would try SOCO creamery. They're out of great barrington, but they have their ice cream in stores in New York, and I think around Northhampton also.
Great stuff too!

Dinner and New Year's in the Berkshires

Good luck with your search!
My advice is stay away from Inns in Lenox.
We had a pretty awful Thanksgiving dinner at the one across from Tanglewood. (my mil's rec - she recalled it being a dining destination)

Good Sunday brunch in the Berkshires?

Thanks for the opinions. I think we're going to try Brix when we get back to Lenox I'll post a review of our meal when we do.
(I've also heard good things about Wheatleigh's brunch)

Good Sunday brunch in the Berkshires?

We just bought a getaway place in the Berkshires and are looking for some good recs!
We're not having much luck finding a good brunch place.
Prefer Lenox, Pittsfield area but will travel.
Thanks for any help!