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Montrea Locals - What do you consider the best small hole in the wall resto?

Rexs in Verdun...great breakfast, subs taste fresh, great michigans...what can I say!!

Good places in Verdun?

Nice decor , good food , great if you live in verdun..not so great service..thats okay, still loved it!!

Hecho en Mexico in Verdun - Heavenly authentic food - Casual dining

Totally agree...needs some fixin...but food was very good...cheers

Indian in Verdun

New Dehli is THE Verdun Indian restaurant...please try...madras( lamb,chicken), Bhoona lamb, vindaloo chicken...mmmm. Nan, awesome cheers.

Parisa Restaurant in Verdun

Haven't tried yet but done all the rest...not so sure about it....looks kind of thrown together..let me know.