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Lotte Plaza: Anyone try the bakery?

The soboro bread with either pastry cream or custard filling is on the sweeter side and is a classic Asian pastry.

Regarding the red bean, is it the texture or flavor that doesn't appeal to you?

Little Serow line update

Our group got the last 4 top for the first seating this past Saturday. We got in line at 4:30. I once ate at 9:30 after putting our names down around 6:30 so it's not impossible but highly difficult.

Where can I get plastic carry-out containers

Check out Best Equipment and Supplies in Union Market. They have a small but varied selection of items.

Lamb Burger Quest

Lorz - I've stopped searching after eating the lamb burger at The Breslin in NY. Hands down the best I've had so far. Their thrice cooked chips are seriously delicious too.

ISO - NoVA area suckling pig to roast - Please help

Try giving Westover Market in Arlington a call. They were really helpful in getting me an 18 pound pig with a week notice.

where to go when you crave fish in Waterfront/Navy Yard

The smoked trout crostini at Osteria Morini is delicious.

Seeking local insight (DC)

Blue Duck Tavern meets your requirements.

Little Serow on a Tuesday night (tonight)

You're probably better off getting there early 4-4:30 and snagging the first seating then to get there at 5 and waiting till 7 or 9 to eat.

Happy Hour in Penn Quarter

Proof for wine, Clyde's or Bar Louie for beer and wings, and Daikaya for Japanese.

Restaurant downtown DC

Central is a default rec for that area.

There's alsoThe Partisan. They have a huge selection of charcuterie and you can order a roasted pig's head to share.

Dinner at Del Campo

Worldwide - I admire your pursuit of the perfect sea urchin pasta dish. If you ever get the chance, check out Tocqueville in NYC or any of the L'atelier De Joel Robuchon branches for a fantastic version.

Vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free in DC/MoCo area

I recently celebrated a birthday at Blue Duck Tavern with guests who were vegetarian and gluten-free. The restaurant was accommodating and the food looked and tasted just as good as non vegetarian and gluten free options.

Request for mini reports week ending March 30

It was tomato and more shellfish in flavor. Wouldn't get it again. I had the uni pasta at Obelisk around 6 weeks ago and their version also lacked the richness of a sea urchin sauce that I prefer. Does any restaurant in the area have a good version?

Request for mini reports week ending March 30

The Partisan
Had charcuterie plate P2. Thought the cured meats were seasoned too mildly but the pate was really good. Their jowl ham with honey was outstanding. Shaved brussel sprout slaw was a great dish to cut the richness of the rest of the meal. Generous portion of foie for $18.00. Fried chicken was dry especially the pieces with no skin. Ribeye cap was disappointing. It was just barely warm and didn't have that rich/meaty characteristic I associate with it.

Osteria Morini
Smoked trout crostini is a must order every time.
Cappeletti and lasagna verde were the standout pasta dishes. The seafood bucatini at Fiola is better.
Bone in strip for 2 was cooked a perfect medium rare and the wood fire grill lent the perfect amount of char and smoke.

Blue Duck Tavern
Chefs Table - Too many dishes to recount here but it was one of the best dining experiences I've had in D.C. The kitchen was incredibly accommodating as they literally prepared up to 3 separate variations of a course for vegetarian and gluten free diners. I'll try to post a picture of the menu if I can find it.

DC visit in June with kids

You just have to order a day ahead of pickup. I do think the notoriety they receive is well deserved for D.C. Haven't had consistently good cupcakes from any other bakery in my opinion.

2 Lunches and 2 Dinners in DC

The brunch at Daikaya is really good and quite different from what other restaurants are serving. I love how they serve taiyaki for their take on chicken and waffles.

Dinner and brunch near Convention Center (DC)

City Tap House is a fairly new restaurant on 9th and I. I've only been to the bar but the menu is varied, food prices are fair, and they take reservations.

See you at the starting line!!

Best Farm to Table in DC?

I don't think there's a restaurant that's doing farm to table in the scale of say Blue Hill in NY or Manresa in CA.

Restaurant Nora and Obelisk come to mind for local sourcing but I wouldn't consider either destination dining.

My top three favorite meals over the last couple of months have been Little Serow, Rose's Luxury, and the brunch at Daikaya. There aren't any other restaurants serving dishes like these within DC proper.

Best foie gras dishes in DC area

The foie at Charlie Palmer, served with warm corn bread and apple sauce, was really good. The rest of the meal was disappointing but perfect if you're just looking for foie.

Best foie gras dishes in DC area

Foie was not served as part of the Journey menu at Rogue when I went last month.

K St & 12 St

There's a Jerry's Carry Out, on 13th and N, for Chinese and their self proclaimed "World's Greatest Cheeseburgers."

There's a Bolt Burger by you but I haven't been so can't vouch for that.

Not sure what type of Italian you're looking for but here's a link to a recent discussion regarding classic red sauce joints.


V-Day Dinner

Depends on what time you're heading over there from Georgetown but if its outside the 5-6:30 rush hour time frame it should take you no more than 20-30 min by cab.

V-Day Dinner

If you're leaning Italian I'd recommend Osteria Morini. Their selection of crostini as well as the grilled meat sampler is superb.

Help with a 4 night dining itinerary in DC

It's possible. I went on either a Thursday or Friday at 6 and got a seat around 9:15.

Help with a 4 night dining itinerary in DC

Agree with Little Serow for dinner and Rasika for lunch. I like the smaller tawa-griddle menu options at Rasika compared to their entrees since these are you normally don't get at neighborhood Indian restaurants. This will also save you some stomach space for dinner on day 2.

Day 2 - Dinner: If I were in your shoes this would be a tough choice. Komi is another Johnny Monis restaurant. If you end up going to Little Serow, this makes two Monis restaurants on one trip. The style is totally different but I wouldn't necessarily go to Momofuku Ssam Bar and Ko on the same trip. Rogue 24 the day before Minibar might cause serious restaurant comparisons which might be fun or might leave you feeling like you wasted a dinner. Lastly there's Cityzen. Great service and food but the more traditional high end experience on the list so you may find it a little "boring."

Day 3 - Lunch: Lobster burger at Central could be a good option.

Day 4 - Brunch: How about Kapnos for Greek/Med?

Day 4 - Dinner: Haven't been to Volt. Maybe it's the hour drive that's deterring me. Would appreciate some feedback if you do end up going.

Bistro Bistro

I went there 3 years ago and the food wasn't very good. Maybe things have gotten better but I swore off the place. I still remember their "soufflé." It was a dry, luke warm, reheated piece of molten lava cake.

DC restaurants - Many Closed December 26-January 1?

A lot of restaurants do only prix fixe menus for NYE so check out their websites.

Foie Gras

I've always liked the foie prep at Charlie Palmer's. Rose's Luxury does a foie dessert that could potentially be had for an app. Proof's seared foie is also very good.

Organic Butcher will order you a lobe.
I've seen and bought lobe slices from the Fairfax Wegmans twice before.

What's New and Delicious!?

I had asked the server at Rose's Luxury regarding wait times and she mentioned that weekdays are super easy to get a seat. This was almost 4 weeks ago so not sure how much has changed.

Rose's Luxury

Did you think it was a bit too savory? It honestly could've been an appetizer.