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Fuengirola Fabulousness? Does it Exist?

I have been going to Fuengi for nearly 30 years as we have a family home near there. It is a tourist town, but there are some gems to be found.

Step back from the sea front one or two blocks and you will find a lot of the local tapas bars, which can be quite good. There are also a good selection around the bus station, the metro station and the main market.

One of my favourite places is Casa Navarra, an asador on the road to Mijas. It is definitely worth a visit.

Amongst the more tourist restaurants, you will see one on the seafront called Puertofino. It does one of the best paella on the coast. You need to order it a day in advance.

Hope this helps


Nov 02, 2010
Simon Majumdar in Spain/Portugal

a lighthearted post- funny food videos

Made as 10 minute comedy segments for BBC2, about a decade ago, I think. Scarily prescient and very, very funny.



LA Hound Coming to LONDON for 2 Weeks... Critique My List!

I would skip The Fryer's Delight and Rock & Sole Place based on relatively recent visits. My current favourites are

1) Masters Superfish
2) Golden Hind
3) Poseidon (Near East Finchley Tube)

I have actually moved the other way and am currently discovering the considerable joys of L.A's ethnic dining and no, you wont find dumplings like Din Tai Fung in London.

The Bull & Last is a great choice. I think the owner/chef, Ollie Pudney is a bit of a star.

For cocktails, I would extend the list a little. You don't include any of the great hotel bars and should definitely try The Connaught, where Ago Perrone is making some astonishingly good drinks (try his gimlet)

Also, Mark's Bar at Hix SOHO is a great place, with a menu designed by Nick Strangeway and the bar above Rules is IMHO the best in London. Ex-Pat Bostonian, Brian Silva is one of the best cocktail makers in the world.

Hope this helps


Jul 14, 2010
Simon Majumdar in U.K./Ireland

not your typical birthday lunch or dinner in Edinburgh

Valvona & Crolla could be a good place to head to for cheeses etc


The Dogs is a fun casual place and the food is pretty good. Probably best during lunchtime if you have kids


hope this helps


Jul 03, 2010
Simon Majumdar in U.K./Ireland

St. Annes-on-Sea, Lancashire, dining recs. pls.

Head to The Hastings in Lytham


I went there to try the hot pot cooked by young chef, Warrick Dodds and it was one of the most memorable dishes of my recent trip around the UK. I think you have to give him 24 hrs notice to make it, so call ahead

Have it with some of his pickled red cabbage and follow it with one of his Eccles Cakes

Terrific stuff

Hope this helps


Jun 07, 2010
Simon Majumdar in U.K./Ireland

need Northern Ireland recommendations

If you want a really terrific Ulster Fry try The Georgian House in Comber. It's a real little gem of a place.

Peter McKonkey the chef, scoured Ireland looking for the best ingredients. Superb black pudding, Organic eggs, thick bacon, meaty sausages, soda bread and potato cakes (all for about £6 with tea)

The other dishes on the all day menu are great too, so it is well worth seeking out.


May 20, 2010
Simon Majumdar in U.K./Ireland

Newbury, Berks area recommendations

Couldn't agree more about The Pot Kiln, it is my favourite restaurant in the whole UK.

Chef, Mike Robinson will be out hunting regularly now and the results will be on the menu. You can sample wonderful dishes like Roe Deer T-Bone. We are also, I think, coming into the short pheasant egg season and they often served these.

A must try plsce and not terribly expensive


May 06, 2010
Simon Majumdar in U.K./Ireland

[Sheffield] Any suggestions?

You should definitely check out Two Steps on Sharrowvale Road (just off the Ecclesall Road. It is arguably the best chippy in the City and the oldest. It takes its name from the two steps leading up to the small shop and is, as were many original chip shops, in the front room of a small terraced house.

Make sure to have the traditional Sheffield accompaniment of a spash of "Hendo's" (Henderson's Relish) with your chips. This is a sauce made in Sheffield that sells over 500,000 bottles a year, but almost all only in South Yorkshire.

Mar 27, 2010
Simon Majumdar in U.K./Ireland

[Sheffield] Visa Renewal Blues

Shame about Nonna's. I have never had a bad meal there, but perhaps they have over expanded and suffered as a consequence. They are very, very good with kids there, so may still be worth a try.

There is a very decent Chinese seafood place on The London Road called Dim Sum, that could be worth a shot. Not sure of their opening hours

201 London Road
Sheffield S2 4LJ, United Kingdom
0114 255 0467


Hope this helps


Mar 20, 2010
Simon Majumdar in U.K./Ireland

Melton Mowbray & Pork Pies

The Dickinson & Morris shop in Melton Mowbray itself is worth visiting and often has demonstrations of hand raising pies


Mrs King's Pork Pies don't have a shop, but the Hartland Brothers are as lovely people as you are likely to meet and will always sell you a pie or three if you pop your head around the door.

Mrs Kings Pork Pies
Unit 30, High Hazles Road
Manvers Business Park
NG12 3GZ
Telephone : 0115 9894101

It is also worth visiting the cattle market in MM. It is one of the few still operating inside a town's limits and there are people there who sell their own pies

Also check out the Melton Mowbray Pork Pie Association


This will give you a list of members as well as more info on the blessed pie itself

hope this helps


Oct 06, 2009
Simon Majumdar in U.K./Ireland

Which Christmas pudding?

It is well worth checking out this company in Alnwick


I went to visit them earlier in the year and their puddings are some of the best I have ever tried. They make their Christmas Pudding with Alnwick Rum,

Their others are pretty special too

Hope this helps


Sep 19, 2009
Simon Majumdar in U.K./Ireland

Glasgow recommendations solicited

Definitely worth trying Crabshakk on Argyle St. Smashing little seafood place, bar seating downstairs, tables upstairs.


Sep 13, 2009
Simon Majumdar in U.K./Ireland

Needed: Great samosas for takeaway near Brick Lane or Islington

Check out Needoo Grill on New Road ( a minute around the corner from New Tayyabs and run by its former manager)

Their samosa are very nice and it is well worth checking out anyway


Aug 31, 2009
Simon Majumdar in U.K./Ireland

Steak and Kidney Pie near Fortnum and Mason?

Probably the closest place of any note is The Guinea Grill in Mayfair. Not a cheap option, but the pies are well made


Hope this helps

Aug 19, 2009
Simon Majumdar in U.K./Ireland

[London] Great British Beer Festival 09

I go for a day every time and it is one of my favourite days of the year.

The ticket covers entrance and then you pay for a glass (about £4) which you can keep replacing for clean ones while you try different beers and can then take home.

The beer is very well priced (around £2 for a pint/£1 for a half) and there is a huge selection covering all regions of the country. It can get very busy, but there is never any difficulty getting served by the staff who are all volunteers from CAMRA and keen to recommend pints along with their favourite songs from Barclay James Harvest and Jethro Tull

The atmosphere is always incredibly friendly and there are the usual pub food staples to soak it all up; pork scratchings, pies etc etc.

It tends to split into two sections for me and my older brother. The first half, BC (before cider) is filled with beardy bonhomie and general good humour. The second half, AC (after cider) comes when we brave the cider and perry stands and can lead to much regret the following day.

It is definitely worth a visit

Jul 30, 2009
Simon Majumdar in U.K./Ireland

4 Days in Belfast

A meal last night at Cayenne was expensive (even by London standards) and not terribly impressive. A horribly confused menu and hit and miss execution.

The Merchant Hotel on the other hand has one of the best cocktail bars I have tried in a long, long time. It recently won three awards at Tales of The Cocktail in New Orleans and I can see why. An impressive back bar, high quality mixing and good pricing.

Another place worth trying is The Georgian House in Comber. Newly refurbished and lovely food. Their "fry" uses some of the best ingredients from the six counties and at £5.95 represented very good value

Jul 25, 2009
Simon Majumdar in U.K./Ireland

Constancia, Bermondsey/Southwark, London

It seems to be a matter of opinion. The butchers I spoke to in Argentina said that "you should work as hard to eat the beef as the cow did growing it" and thought that fresh had more flavour. That being said, before I went for supper I had a lunch of a fifty day aged steak at Goodman which would be hard to beat. I suspect it is that "no man's land" in the middle of around 21 days where you get the benefits of neither school

Jul 22, 2009
Simon Majumdar in U.K./Ireland

Constancia, Bermondsey/Southwark, London

Went there tonight. Very enjoyable

As far as I can tell from talking to the owners, the steak here is not aged, but typically 'fresh" although vac packed for transport. That gives it a slightly more chewy texture and a more intensely beefy flavour

The Morcilla is from Andalucia

The sausages are house made with beef and pork

quite pricey but well worth a visit


Jul 22, 2009
Simon Majumdar in U.K./Ireland

Mongolia [from UK Board]

I really enjoyed my time in Mongolia before picking up the TS Express. UB is an ugly town but with huge energy and the people are some of the most welcoming I met anywhere.

You will find the city, because of the vast number of ex-pats working there in the mining industry, has lots if international restaurants selling pizza, hamburgers etc etc but there are some great local places too


Is a fun place, set up to raise money for local kids. Horse meat is a big feature and they did, if I remember rightly, very decent kushur.

Another place to try is the restaurant of the Chinggis Brewery. The beer is very good and the menu, although primarily aimed at German ex-pats, also has some interesting local dishes. The beer is some of the best and they also make a potent vodka

When you get out to the wilderness (one of the most beautiful places on earth) I am sure you will be offered airag, the fermented mare's milk. It's not particularly fun stuff, but it's rude not to accept.

You are going to have a fun time. I would love to go back


Looking for good take-out near Victoria

You have two decent Fish & Chip places reasonably close by

Seafresh on Wilton Road (a short walk from Victoria Station)

The Laughing Halibut (38 Strutton Ground)

Both worth a try

Hope this helps


Jun 06, 2009
Simon Majumdar in U.K./Ireland

Fish & Chips in London

Glad you enjoyed. I think Master's just edges TGH based on recent visits.


Jun 04, 2009
Simon Majumdar in U.K./Ireland

Planning trip to Edinburgh in late spring-help

I was in Edinburgh not so long ago and had two very enjoyable meals at

The Dogs - Simple ingredients not faffed around with

Chop Chop - An interesting place run by a Scottish man and his wife from northern China. Superb dumplings and easily as good as any available in London.

Both worth a try


And at Chop Chop

Jun 04, 2009
Simon Majumdar in U.K./Ireland

UK's hippest cocktail bars

I think you may be confusing The Dorchester with The Lanesborough Hotel where Salvatore mixed in The Library Bar for years. He has not been there for a long time however and now runs the bar in a private club called Fifty next to The Ritz

May 08, 2009
Simon Majumdar in U.K./Ireland

[London] Looking for recs around Victoria/Belgravia

Next time, if you are looking for something a little unusual, why not check out The Vincent Rooms?


There are two restaurants, one quite formal, one quite casual and the food is produced at bargain prices by the students of Westminster college, a hospitality school which was created at the beginning of the 20th Century by Cesar Ritz and Escoffier

Can be very hard to get a table, but if you have enough notice, it is worth a try


Apr 29, 2009
Simon Majumdar in U.K./Ireland

Sunday in Putney

You could consider the Prince of Wales on The Upper Richmond Road


It is the sister place to The Bull & Last in Highgate, one of my favourites in town.

Not tried POW yet, but plan to soon


Apr 27, 2009
Simon Majumdar in U.K./Ireland

Bury Market

I have been invited up to meet Andy at R.S Ireland to make some black puds next week, so it will be interesting to make a comparison given your thoughts about them above, Harters

will report back


Mar 04, 2009
Simon Majumdar in U.K./Ireland

Bury Market

Don't dismiss the Bury Black Pudding Co so easily, although they have branded themselves, the family have been making BP's for generations and do them very well. They stand up very well to Chadwicks.

If you are visiting the market, make sure you go to Harry Muffin's for some Eccles and, even better, Chorley cakes and, while you are in the town head up to The Walmersley Chippy (Walmersley Road) which is one of the best I have been to in the UK


Feb 27, 2009
Simon Majumdar in U.K./Ireland

The Best - Haggis [Scotland, near Stirling]

The Macsween haggis is very well made and I was lucky enough to visit them a few weeks ago

I also spent some time making haggis with the butchers at George Bowers in Edinburgh


And their haggis is the real deal. The pluck is simmered in the stock made from game bones, they use few spices (quite a lot of white pepper, I think) and pinhead oatmeal and it's simmered in the same stock after being stuffed into the Ox stomach.

It has been one of the great tastes of my trip around the UK so far.

On a non haggis note, if you can get to one of the Fife farmer's markets (Fife, St Andrews, KirkCaldy) you may be lucky enough to see Ian Spink making Arbroath Smokies and they are not to be missed


Feb 24, 2009
Simon Majumdar in U.K./Ireland

NYC Hound looking for best cocktails in London

The most interesting bars in London right now IMO are

Lounge Bohemia - Shoreditch - a small, discreet bar run by a studious young chzech mixer called Paul Tvaroh. Very laid back atmosphere and exemplary cocktails. Try his range of infused vodkas too.

Rules - the oldest restaurant in London currently houses its best new bar. In a former Private dining room, Brian Silva ( one of the great mixers of London and formerly of The Connaught) is mixing, IMHO the best drinks in town and has the most interesting back bar.

Both worth a try


Jan 26, 2009
Simon Majumdar in U.K./Ireland

Help me identify this potato dish!

sounds to me like a version of lobscouse, the dish which gave liverpudlians their nickname


Jan 11, 2009
Simon Majumdar in General Topics