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Roman Puntarelle Salad?

It's still a bit early for puntarelle, usually mid November is the best for roman chicory...under this name you might find them somewhere like Berkeley Bowl or Monterrey Market.

Berkeley Bowl
2020 Oregon St, Berkeley, CA 94703

hot cherry peppers needed

Thanks I checked, no luck.

hot cherry peppers needed

Yes they are delish, I stuff them with anchovies and capers and then put them under oil and a bit of vinegar, eat after 2 weeks and preserve for a year. Gimme some!!! ;-)

Cherry bomb peppers: where do I find them?

Please help! I want to pickle some peppers, I can't find them anywhere, need few lbs.

hot cherry peppers needed

Does anyone know where I can get a few lbs of hot cherry peppers, aka Hungarian hot peppers?
Can't seem to find them Farmers Markets or stores around the Bay Area.