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Tanqueray vs. Hendrick's Gin?

fever tree is available in the u.s. now. (i don't know how it's distributed, but there is at least one store in st louis that carries it--the wine merchant, ltd.) fentimen's is also excellent and distributed more widely.

Jan 15, 2011
mdavis7 in Spirits

a classic man's cocktail?

The Negroni is also a much safer way to drink like Hemingway when you're out on the town than a daiquiri.

Oct 11, 2010
mdavis7 in Spirits

a classic man's cocktail?

Or get your Manhattan on the rocks. When I lived in St. Louis almost every bar served them that way. Then I moved to the upper Midwest, where they are served up and made with brandy! It pays to know your bartender. Or just be specific.

Oct 11, 2010
mdavis7 in Spirits

A classic girly drink?

Dharma Rum:
1/2 c (about 1 sm) sliced ripened banana
1.5 oz creme de banane
1.5 oz creme de cacao (clear or dark)
1.5 oz dark rum (Myers)
1/4 c half-and-half
1 c cracked ice

Combine all ingredients in a blender. If you're feeling fancy, grate a little dark chocolate over it. Great summer drink to have in your back pocket.

And if you need another use for Midori I like the Melon Ball--vodka, midori, and oj (or pineapple). It's best to choose your own proportions because you can really vary the sweetness of the drink.

Oct 11, 2010
mdavis7 in Spirits

Sloe Gin and Creme de Violette...

I will have to try these and check out the blog. I make something similar to the Blackthorn--it's basically just a standard negroni except half the gin is London dry and half the gin is sloe. so that's...
Sloe Berry Negroni
1 oz London dry gin (We used Tanqueray last time)
1 oz sloe gin
2 oz Campari
1.5 oz sweet vermouth (Adjust to your taste. This is the part we debated while experimenting.)

Oct 11, 2010
mdavis7 in Spirits