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What do you think about Viking Appliances today?

I purchased a Viking double wall oven 5 years ago. I have had to replace the hinges on the upper oven three times. I have an outdoor Viking kitchen that includes a 53 inch grill, an infrared searing unit and a wok burner. They have performed flawless. I'm in the market for a new gas cooktop and will probably not look at Viking. I originally ordered a Dacor double oven but it got back ordered. I have a friend with a Davor range that has had a number of issues. I will most likely purchase a Wolf cook top.

Jan 29, 2015
Edward Tyson in Cookware

Slow Cooker Chicken Soup

Jan 11, 2015
Edward Tyson in Recipes

Three nights in Charleston.

I'm looking forward to giving Kimball House a visit. We live in Macon, GA so it is any trip for us. I'm already hearing really good things about Kimball House.

Sep 23, 2014
Edward Tyson in Southeast

Three nights in Charleston.

We arrived in Charleston on Monday afternoon. We had a very short walk from out hotel to Brasserie Gigi. This is a fairly new restaurant located a couple of doors down from Peninsula Grill. We sat at the beautiful Zinc bar and ordered 2 barrel aged Manhatans that were outstanding. I orderd mussels and frites. The dish was perfectly prepared.
My wife orderd the salmon charcuterie sampler. This was a well thought out and prepared dish. This restaurant is run by the chef who owns Hanks Seafood and Peninsula Grill.
I would highly recommend a visit.

Monday night we had dinner at Peninsula Grill. I have mixed emotions about this restaurant. The service was good but outstanding. They recommend jackets for gentlemen which I wore. I was in the minority and even worse diners in shorts and tee shirts. We started with Grey Goose Martini!s that were expertly prepared. My wife had the soup trio that was outstanding. This consisted of Heirloom tomato gazpacho with avocado crema. Zucchini soup with grilled corn and red pepper relish. Lobster and Corn chowder with Basil butter. I had oysters Rockefeller that were as good as I have had anywhere. My entree was a filet with foie gras truffle butter. It was delicious. My wife ordered the rack of lamb. It may have been the best rack of lamb I've ever had. It was served with a mint gastrique. The ultimate coconut cake is famous for a reason. Although our meal was very good the service was a touch off. I'm not sure if Pennisula grill will be in the rotation on my next visit to Charleston.

Tuesday morning we took a short walk to Toast for breakfast. It was typical diner type food done well. We both had omelettes. My wife ordered the house special open faced omelette with zucchini, mushrooms, and Swiss. I had a house made corn beef and Swiss omelette.

We dined at Husk for lunch. This southern farm to table restaurant led by Sean Brock deserves all the hype. We started with fried pork rilletes. Awesome. I had there famous double cheese burger. It did not disappoint. My wife ordered the heritage pork with apples, red onions, spicy greens and cider jus. One word, Wow! We also ordered the cornbread with Benton's Bacon. I never pass up anything that says Benton's Bacon.
I overheard a group behind us complain the cornbread wasn't sweet. All southerners know there is no place for sugar in cornbread.

Tuesday night was dinner at The Ordinary. This is a fantastic seafood hall that specializes in all things oysters. There selection of east coast raw oysters. We started with dozen raw that had 6 different varieties. We chose the two we liked best and orderd another half dozen of each. We followed this with an order of smoked oysters that was so good we ordered it again. We also an appetizer of fried oysters with beef tartre. This is lively place with food done really well. The building is an old bank. The bank vault door has been restored and serves as way to see the kitchen at work.

Wednesday started with breakfast at our hotel. We had lunch at Blossom. We started the meal with a really good fried artichoke appetizer. I had a mustard fried catfish po boy with a side of broccoli and pistachio slaw. Really good sandwich and slaw. My wife had fish tacos that were very good.

Hall's Chophouse was our final dinner. This is a family owned establishment that treats everyone like long time customers. We were had just sipped our martini's when our server brought us a glass of champagne that had been sent from dear friends. The night was off to a great start. I ordered a dry aged KC bone-in strip, medium rare. Not to be outdone my wife ordered the dry aged Tomohawk Ribeye. Her steak looked like a Fred Flinstone steak. They were cooked perfectly. We love dry aged beef, Hall's delivered.
We had a side of pepper jack cream corn. This was a great addition to the steak. I have been to many steakhouses including Bern's this place is as good as it gets. I can't wait to return.

Sorry for the long post, needless to say we loved the Holy City.


Sep 21, 2014
Edward Tyson in Southeast

Charleston Grill vs Peninsula Grill

My wife and I are headed to Charleston next week to celebrate our twentieth wedding anniversary. We have reservations at Peninsula Grill our first night followed by Hall's Chop House and The Ordinary. We have lunch reservations at Blossom and Husk. We are leaving lunch plans for our arrival day open

Sep 08, 2014
Edward Tyson in Southeast

Steak myths (or not?) from Serious Eats

I salt my steaks 8 to 24 hours in advance. I use my thermapen when I cook steaks that are 2" think.

Vidalia Onions

Using a spoon i dig out the middle of a large Vidalia onion.
I fill the core with unsalted butter, worsterchire, A-1, bourbon, and parmesan cheese. Wrap in foil and place in baking dish.
Bake at 350 for 45 minutes. I grew up in Vidalia and this is my version of a popular Vidalia way. The possibilities are endless for filling the onions.

Apr 15, 2013
Edward Tyson in Home Cooking

Instant Read Digital Thermometer used on Americas Test Kitchen

The thermapen is expensive but they do occasionally have open stock items. I have tried other instant read products but I have yet to find one that works as well.

Feb 26, 2013
Edward Tyson in Cookware

Pot Roasting: Cant keep things cool enough?

Molly Stevens has a wonderful cookbook All About Braising. I braise pot roast and short ribs quite often with great results. I always prepare any braised meat dish 2 to 3 days before I plan to serve it.
My friends love to see me walk in there house with my big red Le Creuset Dutch oven. You want enough liquid to braise but so much that your boiling the meat.

Oct 28, 2012
Edward Tyson in Home Cooking

Farewell, Foie Gras: I'm Not Sorry to See You Go

If you don't want foie gras don't order it but leave my foie gras alone. Seriously go find something else to fight about. The war on drugs is a waste of taxpayer money and so too is this.

May 13, 2012
Edward Tyson in Features

Galatoire's POOR service and CANNED Peas!

No matter what anyone says jsfoodchat believes she had a bad experience @ Galatoires.
She had unrealistic expectactions combined with poor decisions. Galatoires is old school NOLA and as such not for everybody. The moral of the story is Galatoires has been in business forever, they could care less what jsfoodchat or anyone else thinks. I go to Galatoires and I let the waiter order for my group. There are very few places that I would ever consider doing that.


Jan 04, 2012
Edward Tyson in New Orleans

I hate it when steakhouses don't respect the fish!

I have not been to McKendicks in a long time, I think I need to make a visit and ask
for Taco.

Nov 26, 2011
Edward Tyson in Atlanta

High Tide Seafood in Tallahassee, R.I.P.

Restaurants usually fail due to a lack of capital and poor planning. Banks don't like
to loan money for restaurants because of the high rate of failure.

Nov 21, 2011
Edward Tyson in Florida

I hate it when steakhouses don't respect the fish!

I always order steaks when I go to Steakhouses, having said that they should be able to nail seafood. My wife has ordered Tuna @ Chops that came out perfectly seared. Given the fact that most high-end steak houses offer a few non beef entree options that should be prepared as well as their steaks.

Nov 18, 2011
Edward Tyson in Atlanta

Country Ham and Red Eye Gravy in NOLA

Blackberry Farm is a fabulous destination. My wife and I love to visit in February.
We would never consider staying in anything less than a cottage. The Hill Cottages are fabulous. Hunt is, as always, correct the food and service are unmatched!

Edward Tyson

Nov 13, 2011
Edward Tyson in New Orleans

Question for Memphis Chowhounds

Nothing takes the place of fresh shrimp!

Tips and Tricks for Cooking Corn on the Cob?

This is a simple foolproof way of cooking fresh corn, Preheat your oven to 375. Place your unwrapped, unshucked ears of corn in the oven for 40 minutes. You will be rewarded with roasted corn that is outstanding.

Jul 09, 2011
Edward Tyson in Home Cooking

Lake Oconee/Greensboro,GA

I think you mean Cuscawilla.

Apr 13, 2011
Edward Tyson in Southeast

Thoughts on Atlanta Steakhouses.

I have to report that our dinner last weekend at Chops Lobster Bar was frankly very disappointing. i have always found the Buckhead Life restaurant groups restaurants to be very dependable. That being said I visited Atlanta Fish Market a couple of weeks ago and Chops last weekend.

I had lunch at Atlanta Fish Market(AFM) with my wife. I ordered a fried lobster tail with frites. The Buckhead life group has been doing fried lobster tail since their first restaurant Pano and Pauls. My lobster tail at AFM was tough as a result of being over cooked. I did not complain or ask to send it back.

I had reservations for a group of 8 last Saturday night for a group of friends who were all in Atlanta to see Jerry Seinfeld. One of my dining companions ordered a Belvedere martini straight up with a twist. I had ordered the same drink but was told by the server that they did not have Belvedere vodka. The waiter took my friends order without bothering to inform him that they did not carry Belvedere. They brought our Martinis with olives instead of twist. They took the martinis away but returned immediately having only replaced olives with a twist.

Chops has always had dry-aged strips and rib-eye's. They know have only dry-aged porterhouses for 2 or 3. i ordered a dry-aged porterhouse for 3 to share. I was very disappointed the steak was cooked to the proper temperature but the flavor was very flat. I spoke with a manager who promised he would a dry-aged strip if i give him 24 hours notice. Our waiter was without a doubt the worse waiter I have ever had at a steakhouse, he will never wait on me again.

Hunt I have not been to BLT Steak nor have any of my friends.


Atlanta Fish Market
265 Pharr Road, NE, Atlanta, GA 30305

Chops Lobster Bar
70 W Paces Ferry Rd, Atlanta, GA 30305

Mar 20, 2011
Edward Tyson in Atlanta

Marinating a $29.00/lb steak

I season my steaks with salt and pepper. I tie fresh rosemary and thyme to a small wood handle that i dip in melted butter to brush steaks after they have been on the grill for a few minutes. i do this a couple of times while they cook and when i pull them of the grill. The first thing I do after I take the steaks off the grill is rub them with head of garlic that i have cut in half. I sometimes put a mixture of EVOO, grey salt, and flat leaf parsley on the cutting board that I slice the steaks after they have rested.

Mar 14, 2011
Edward Tyson in Home Cooking

Thoughts on Atlanta Steakhouses.

I have reservations for a party of 8 Saturday night 9;30 pm at Chops. This will be a group of friends who are dining out following Jerry Seinfeld a The Fox Theater. I am very confident whenI take a group to Halyards on St Simons or Natalia's in Macon but I am always a little apprehensive with Atlanta steakhouses. As always I can't wait to order a dry-aged NY Strip. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for my group.

Mar 07, 2011
Edward Tyson in Atlanta



I would love a culinary event with Chef John Besh at Blackberry Farm. My wife and I were signed up for a cooking school at Blackberry Farm with Jamie Shannon. When we called a couple weeks in advance to confirm our reservations we learned that Jamie had passed away. We were quite shocked and saddened. I have not been to Blackberry Farm since Fleer left. We use to visit Blackberry Farm every year usually around this time of the year. We did not visit last year and have no plans to go this year but I will return soon.


Feb 25, 2011
Edward Tyson in New Orleans



I always enjoy your informative comments. I especially appreciate it coming from someone who is a fan of Blackberry Farm.


Feb 23, 2011
Edward Tyson in New Orleans

Carnevino vs Craftsteak

Adam Perry Lang is the man behind the beef at Carnevino and is currently partnering with Jamie Oliver in London. Having said that it does seem that Carnevino continues to get mixed reviews. All of the top steakhouses will have dry-aged USDA mid-western beef. I would base my choice based on sides and location.

Feb 23, 2011
Edward Tyson in Las Vegas

Where to buy sauces, seasoning mixes, dips etc...

The cajun grocer is a great internet source.

Feb 20, 2011
Edward Tyson in New Orleans

Late Night Dining in Mid-Town

Just got back to Georgian Terrace after eating at the Majestic. This was my dining day: Waffle House this morning in Macon(Hometown), late lunch at the Vortex. My meal at the Majestic was two eggs over easy with corned beef has and grits. It was the perfect antidote for my over indulgence at the Widespread Panic show. There are I'm sure better alternatives but it was worth the cab ride for me.


Feb 14, 2011
Edward Tyson in Atlanta

Late Night Dining in Mid-Town

I will be going to Widespread Panic's twenty-fifth anniversary show tomorrow at the Fox theater. We will be staying at the Georgian Terrace. I'm thinking about hitting the Majestic Diner after the show for some late night sober up chow. I would love to hear from any Chowhounds who have dined at the Majestic.

Feb 13, 2011
Edward Tyson in Atlanta

Why is White Cornmeal a Southern Thing?

I have lived in the south all of my life and cook both yellow and white cornbread. I never use sugar when making cornbread. I usually use white cornmeal. I usually buy stoneground cornmeal and grits from Anson Mills.

Feb 08, 2011
Edward Tyson in General Topics

Best Instant Mashed Potatoes?

The simply mashed potatoes in the refrigerator section taste fairly close to homemade. That being said i always make homemade. I can't imagine any reason to use instant potatoes but that's just me.

Feb 06, 2011
Edward Tyson in General Topics

Squishing potato chips in your sandwich...anyone else do this?

I love to put crushed chips on a pulled pork sandwich, it is quite good.

Feb 04, 2011
Edward Tyson in General Topics