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best subs in area

Totally agree that the Italian Gourmet Market on 28 has the best subs around! My parents are from outside of Philly, where they make the best subs, and they get excited to come here and have one from the IGM... try the Vito with the fresh mozzerella. Their soft rolls are the best, and their meats are the highest quality. Enjoy!

Italian Gourmet Market
12169 Darnestown Rd, Gaithersburg, MD 20878

Good food, good place to watch Caps

It's my husband's birthday Saturday night and we're big Caps fans. We have three kids that we're leaving at home, so we're looking forward to a nice night out with a good meal, but would love to watch the game while we eat. Don't really want just a sports bar - we want good food, with TVs. We live in Mont. Co., so we'd like someplace either there, or Red Line accessible in DC. Thanks!