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Thanksgiving near Mineola?

Thanks much, emarcus! I'll be checking them out!

Thanksgiving near Mineola?

Thanks, but I was hoping for a somewhat smaller place, and I have heard the food is mediocre at best. Appreciate the response!

Thanksgiving near Mineola?

Have been going for past several Thanksgivings to the 'Ivy Cottage' in Williston Park. Unfortunately, they have closed down and I am looking for a similar, or somewhat larger venue, for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Is anyone familiar with a good quality place that would fit the bill? Definitely not a large hall, or buffet...preferably somewhere near Mineola. Thanks (and have a nice Thanksgiving!).

Tasca Convivio Portuguese Restaurant, Mineola

As many on Long Island know, Mineola has a large Portuguese population. Recently (actually, just when the World Cup started), a new place has opened up on Mineola Blvd., right by Jericho Tpk. I've eaten there a number of times and have always thought highly of the food, service staff, and ambiance. They have excellent octopus dishes, superb grilled calamari, and great Portuguese-centric dishes. It used to be a crummy looking club but has been totally redecorated and has a multi-tiered eating area and a very nice bar featuring 6-7 tap beers (Sagres is one), and very good Portuguese wines. They make a killer Sangria, also. I highly recommend giving it a'll probably end up talking to the head chef/owner before your meal is done. My wife and I always have a fun time and great meal in a very convivial (hence, the name) atmosphere.