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Great food in or near Westmount?

There's Wellhouse, which has decent food. If they have their fish and chips special, it's a must have dish.
I also enjoy Seoul for Korean food. I've tried numerous Korean restaurants in this city and Seoul is by far my favourite.

Both are on Sherbrooke St. near Vendome metro.

Restaurant Closings in 2011

There's a Provigo right near the empy Omer de Serres building at duFort.

As for the IGA in Alexis Nihon, a few years ago when they renovated the store was ok but I went there this weekend and wow, definitely want to avoid that place. Their produce and meat sections are quite lacking.

Restaurant Closings in 2011

Drove by there last weekend and Pekarna looked open to me. Same w. Tim Horton's/Stone Cold Creamery.

Stacy's Pita Chips?

I think the Metro in Westmount at Victoria and Sherbrooke carries them. I'm 99% positive.

Food Events 2011

I went to the Taco Party and the food was awesome! We got the following tacos: The Lamb curry, mole chicken, meatball and pork belly. We also got the short ribs. Every was so good, that I'm not sure that I can pick a favourite dish.

The creamy cabbage, apples and pork belly were fantastic. Such an amazing flavour.
The lamb curry with some cliantro and another crunchy salad topping was great, a nice play with the spices and textures.
The meatball taco also had a radish and crunchy topping with some olives on it. Very good but the meatballs were lukewarm (but fully cooked).
The mole chicken was so nice! With a creamed corn topping and nice shredded chicken - yum!
The braised short ribs came with some rice and I think baby turnips (but I could be wrong). Very nice that was my boyfriend's favourite of the bunch.

We went to their last Taco Party in August and both times the food was excellent and the environment is nice and laid back. Great way to bring some sunshine on this rainy day!

Rotisserie Laurier

I think Gordon is going to be in town next week, I saw something on twitter about that.
Also, Chesterman posted on twitter that she went to the soft opening and that she did not like the desserts. I believe she said it was the exact same desserts and recipes as before but the taste was not there. She also made it clear, that they are still working out the kinks.

Bourdain filming in Montreal again?

Bourdain asked David Chang about going to watch the Last Waltz at Morin's house. David Chang and Aziz Ansari were at Joe Beef recently and both replied to Bourdain's question.

Also at Joe Beef/Liverpool this weekend: Denise Richards and I believe Jean Paul Gauthier.

Joe Beef
2491 Rue Notre-Dame W, Montreal, QC H3J1N6, CA

Chuck Hughes - Next Iron Chef? [moved from Quebec board]

I'm not sure if this should be posted in this forum, so sorry in advance.

Chuck Hughes will be a contestant on the Next Iron Chef. Good for him!
I found the information here:

Chez Thi on CDN

I don't think I've seen Chez Thi mentioned on Chow so I thought I'd write a review.

It's located on CDN near Duo Vien and Pho Lien. It's also a Vietnamese restaurant but the dishes have more of a Thai influence on them. Perhaps it's from a different part of Vietnam as the dishes are not like what I've seen in most Vietnam restaurants but my knowledge of this cuisine is limited.

To that end, we've been there 3 times now and have always enjoyed our meals. Some of the dishes we've sampled include the Tom Yum soup (so refreshing), a beef in a spicy basil sauce served on a sizzling platter (literally) with a lot of vegetables, a real nice pad thai with that Vietnamese style grilled chicken and a chicken red curry served in a hot pot (have had the shrimp version of this as well). All dishes have a lot of vegetables served with them and they are nice and fresh, which is great for someone like me who tries to eat as many vegetables as possible.

The atmosphere is fine, nothing spectacular. Went there last night and no one was in there but in the summer it was fairly busy. The weirdest thing was that flamenco music was playing, can't wrap our heads around that one.

I was surprised at how empty it was in there because I find the food served on sizzling platters or in hot pots to be ideal for winter, less so for summer but that's just my opinion. I would recommend the place though. Every time we've been there it's been consistently good but the could maybe be a bit spicier.

Chesterman's Reviews - too many repeats?

True about most higher end restaurants being of similar style here, but what about how lately all of the places she reviews are places she's reviewed once (or more!)? One just has to read this board to realize how many places she could visit but instead continues to seek out the same places.
As a reviewer, she should be introducing readers to new places and not just recycling the same places, perhaps expand her criteria in terms of picking a place to review? (I'm still baffled that Musgrave or was it Haldene? reviewed Salle a Manger and not Chesterman).

Thanks for the link to her site, been there before and do use it sometimes.

Thank god for this board because this is where I learn of most new places.

Chesterman's Reviews - too many repeats?

First time poster here, long time lurker.

For years I have loved reading the restaurant reviews in the Gazette but lately I've had a huge problem with Chesterman's reviews. Namely, too much repetition. Either she keeps returning to the same restaurants, or continually seeks out the same types of restaurants and foods. I've noticed that she tends to always eat the same types of foods (ex. bistro style) and as a result the reviews have become redundant and boring.

Does anyone else notice this? Is there any way to get her to branch out a bit while still keeping the restaurants higher end?