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Any ideas for a fun double date resto (Not expensive)

Thanks so much for all those reccos! We went out on Saturday night, but I will definitely keep those in mind for future dinners. We ended up walking on Duluth. I wasn't sure exactly what to expect as there are so many mixed reviews on this board (most not being favorable). We ate on the terrace at Le Jardin De Panos. I could see what people would call the area a bit of a tourist trap, but we all really enjoyed our meals. My boyfriend loved his filet mignon (wrapped in bacon) and I enjoyed the chicken brochette.
Thanks again for the suggestions!

Le Jardin De Panos
521 Av Duluth E, Montreal, QC H2L1A8, CA

Any ideas for a fun double date resto (Not expensive)


I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a fun place to have dinner with great food and not too expensive. Ambiance is also important, but secondary to quality of food. To be more specific, I was thinking something like SteakFrites St. Paul (because its BYOW and about 25pp) that range in terms of $. I've already been this month so I wanted to try something new. I know places like Lemeac and Fino have the apres 22 for 22 but we wanted to dine earlier. We're open to any type of food, except for Asain, we go out a lot for that.

Your suggestions are appreciated!

Yummy Mid-High Range Restos?

thanks so much for all the suggestions! I will definitely take a look into all of these, seems like I have lots to chose from!

Yummy Mid-High Range Restos?

Thanks for the reply, I probably should have mentioned earlier that I have read Carswell's list many times! It's why I've been to both Lemeac and Holder. I wanted to know if there were other recommendations out there.

Yummy Mid-High Range Restos?

Thanks for both those suggestions! I will look into them. If I end up at O'thym I will report back!

Yummy Mid-High Range Restos?

Hello all,

My parents will be coming into Montreal in a couple weeks and will be taking my boyfriend and I out for dinner. I am trying to find somewhere mid-range priced. We're looking for a place with a nice atmosphere and decor and of course, great food. To be more specific on price, I would say main courses in the mid 20's- mid 30's range.
The last time they were in town we went to Lemeac, Le Latini, and Fino (on Sherbrooke) and we really enjoyed all those places.
Also, we're more fish eaters than red meat eaters..
Any suggestions would be great!

Need Suggestions! NOT SPICE ROUTE or KULTURA, but...

I have been hearing mixed things about Origin but have really wanted to try it! Watusi's menu looks great, but it seems (from the website) a little casual for what were looking for. I'm going to check out sager as well.
Thanks for the help!

Need Suggestions! NOT SPICE ROUTE or KULTURA, but...


I am going out to celebrate a friend's birthday. We orginaly wanted to go to Spice Route, even though I've been there and think the food is not great, but more for the ambiance. We also want something in that tapas style, as we are a group of 7 so we would like dishes to share and in that price range. Both Spice Route and Kultura are booked up, so I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions of other restos in Toronto with the same kind of funky atmosphere as Spice Route (and hopefully better food!)

Also- the birthday girl has been to Lee's and didn't have the greatest meal there so that wouldn't be an option, though I have never been there myself..

I look forward to any suggestions!

169 King St. E., Toronto, ON M5A 1J4, CA

Spice Route
499 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1K4, CA