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Toronto's Best Finger Foods

Thanks! I've not tried Portuguese snacks before and will check these out.

So far I have:

Samosas - Surati
Empanadas - Jumbo
Patties - Randy's
Pasteis de Camarao - Doce Minho

Doce Minho
2189 Dufferin St, Toronto, ON M6E, CA

Toronto's Best Finger Foods

Good point. Thanks for raising it. I'm more concerned with quality over the convenience of proximity. For instance, I drive past Sultan of Samosas on my way to the further flung Surati Sweet Mart. : )

Toronto's Best Finger Foods

Hi All,

Hopefully this has not been done before. I am hosting a Halloween Party and will need to have some food on hand for the guests.

I really want to avoid chips, those frozen shrimp rings, grocery store h'orderves, and such.

Instead, I am looking for help with the best finger foods this city has to offer.

The guests are an eclectic bunch, so I'm think samosas, patties, spring rolls, etc.

Which finger foods would you offer, and from which purveyors?