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Mexican-style Longaniza in Vancouver?

Yum, I love Dona Cata, but I am looking for some to cook at home. Thanks

Mexican-style Longaniza in Vancouver?

Any ideas about where to get Longaniza in Vancouver? THx

The Best Muffins

I LOVE the muffins from Whole Foods on Cambie, especially the morning glory one and the rspberry one.

Really excellent buffalo mozzarella in Vancouver?

there is also a Bosa foods closer to the drive, on Victoria about 3 blocks south of Hastings. It is hidden away in a mostly residential area, the store is small, but they have an amazing assortment of yummy things, icluding the cheese you seek.

skirt steak

Killarney Market, called 'falda' for Latin American market.

Spaetzle in Vancouver

definately at Killarney, saw it today. reasonabley priced too (under $2, I believe)

Good quality maple syrup and olive oil in Vancouver?

There is also a Bosa's on Victoria about 4 blocks south of Hastings. It is their original store and I prefer it to the new Burnaby store.

Spaetzle in Vancouver

I think they have this at Killarney Market 49th and Elliott

where to buy organic hot dogs - Vancouver

You can get organic weiners at Famous Foods on Kingsway. They might be turkey weiners, but they are good, kids like them, super-involved vancouver parents will approve and they are reasonably priced. I think they have organic ketchup too. Prices way better than whole foods and they are local.

Lard -- Vancouver

I bought my current place based on its proximity to Killarney Market!

Queso shopping

Try Killarney Market 49th and Elliott. I know they have the Oaxacan cheese. I have found them to be the best place to get anything Latin American. And if they don't have it, ask for Jose and he can help you to find it in Vancouver

Lard -- Vancouver

Killarney Market rocks! They sell lard for the Latin American clientel. Ask for "Manteca",

Anywhere that sells decent butter for a decent price?

I know it was mentioned, but the Avalon brand is quite good. You can even get it stright from the dairy, it's on Wales street off of 41st (near Nanaimo and 41st) where they have a few different options. They have a European-style unsalted one that is great for baking. Can't remember the price, but $7 seems to be ringing a bell

canned marrow beans

Try Killarney Market. They often have a great variety of canned beans. Next time I am in there I will have a look for you.


Best curtido recipe I have found. Made it tonight and it was a hit Thanks

Nov 20, 2010
MommyMago in Recipes

Anyone know where to find Mexican Coke in Vancouver

You can get this at Dona Cata's Taqueria on Victoria drive. (at about 38th Ave).