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Help finding two restaurants in the District

Again this year I seek your advice in finding appropriate dining for a large (and getting larger) association dinner following our DC meetings. Last year you folks pointed us in the direction of Rogue 24. We took the entire place and had a great time. Year before it was Zatinya, and again your advice resulted in a successful dinner. The ask: restaurant (or maybe a private space with catered meal) in the District, that can seat 60 to 70 people, in one room, food that is leading-edge (but maybe with a nod to those who felt R24 was a little too "frou-frou" it could have more meat-and-potatoes options), at the end of May.
Almost as an aside, I've been asked to help find a restaurant at the end of January for 10-12 people in the District. The group leader has suggested Jaleo as a favorite of hers, but is open to something more adventurous.

Juniper & Ivy or Kettner Exchange?

for a dinner choice.

Dec 09, 2014
2fat in San Diego

ramps, soft shell crabs, or MD blue crabs

I'm coming in from San Diego and meeting friends from around the country. I would like to take them to a restaurant in the District serving ramps and soft shell crabs (or Maryland blue crabs). Please let me know your suggestions.

Lunch rec in Morena Hwy 5 area?

Meeting someone for a late lunch in this area and I know there are a couple of CH favorites, just can't remember their names.

May 29, 2013
2fat in San Diego

Cafe la Maze, National City

Are you comments for a SD institution? Step back into the 60's (or, maybe 40's) and check out the ambiance of average food well served by nice people who like you. Go for lunch and order the "bones" plate (like the National City mayor does..sans veggies) and get a bourbon and ginger on the side. Or, go in the evening and enjoy some of the best and worst of karaoke south of Oceanside with your dinner. Starlite it ain't but funky, cool, and fun..if you're open to it.

Nov 12, 2012
2fat in San Diego

Paradise Grille North Coastal reopened?

I've been told that the Paradise Grille has reopened on the coast further north than Del Mar. Anyone know the current status? I have been unable to find anything on the net.

Jul 24, 2012
2fat in San Diego

Classic NY "Normal" dinner

After lunch in the Le Bernardine bar, a matinee performance in the theater district, and a little sightseeing, what would be a good low-keyed place for a regular folks dinner (ie nontouristy nonexpense account) in the Rockefeller Center area?

Mar 10, 2012
2fat in Manhattan

restaurants in or near Omni Shoreham Hotel

I am hosting a dinner for eight people who are staying at the Omni Shoreham and would like to choose a restaurant with a low noise level, nice but not a tourist or expense account place, an upscale neighborhood place would be ideal. It is a mixed group whose tastes I am not fully familiar with so probably not ethnic. Ideally, within walking range or a short cab ride from the hotel.

Hollywood Bowl dining options

For the first time in years (decades actually) I will be going to the Bowl for a concert and have been given box seats with a special friend. What suggestions are there for bring in, eat there, or ??

Feb 21, 2012
2fat in Los Angeles Area

Need help for 4 nights of fabulous eating in LaJolla area

AR Valentien at The Lodge at Torrey Pines is technically not in La Jolla (of course neither is Addison or 1540), but so close and so good that you should strongly consider it. Also, the Skyroom of the La Valencia for its intimacy, ambiance, service and food should be a good fit for your celebration visit. Both restaurants will make you feel you've time-traveled to a different era, especially when you get on the Skyroom's elevator.

Dec 28, 2011
2fat in San Diego

Moving to North County, need restaurant recommendations

Le Bastide in Scripps Ranch used to be good, but haven't been there in years.

Dec 10, 2011
2fat in San Diego

Au Revoir Bistro

OK Fake Name, you''ve restored my faith in the objectivity of your commentary/review.
By the way, my reference to adventursome minds was aimed at people that judge a restaurant by its' menu rather than by experiencing the ambiance/food/service.. Yesterdays Lapin (rabbit) special at Au Revior was exceptional, but the thing about specials is they are not on the menu. Au Revoir is a solid neighborhood place that "raises the tide" of San Diego dining, giving us choices beyond chains and the mundane.

Dec 04, 2011
2fat in San Diego

Au Revoir Bistro

I have never seen this group so far off the mark on a really good restaurant. "looked at the menu..(and) wasn't compelled", come on Josh. "went ...right after they opened, and didn't feel compelled to return"? You are better than this Fake Name, and you certainly know better than to make a final judgement on a restaurant during it's first months in business. (By the way, is "compelled" the new word of the moment?) Comparisons to Zuni, or any other well established and respected, eatery is at best unfair and in this instance misplaced. Au revoir is a good bistro in the best sense of the word; quality food creatively prepared with attention to the sauces, service that is friendly and efficient (without Zuni's superior than thou attitude, by the way), a good wine selection from around the world at reasonable prices, and a Sat/Sun brunch that won't set you back much more than "looking at the menu". San Diego's cuisine isn't going to move to the next level until the minds of it's restaurants patrons are as adventuresome as their palates.

Dec 04, 2011
2fat in San Diego

Any quality restaurants in MDR?

I am flying into LAX to stay with a friend on a boat at Marina del Rey. Would like to have dinner at a smallish place with high food quality and interesting ambiance. Patio and/or water views a plus. If not MdR, how about Venice, PdR, Culver City, or ?

Aug 19, 2011
2fat in Los Angeles Area

National City Chula Vista - Vast foodie wasteland?

Romesco's (the bistro out front or the tapa's bar in the back room) in Bonita is one of the best restaurants in SD County, Pier 32 on the west side (yes, west side) of Hwy 5 behind Buster's (which makes a mean burger by the way) for lunch on a sunny day, Ethnic Deli and Cafe in NC, Los Arcos for seafood (just off 805 at E St), Mangia Italiano on 3rd in CV, or just about any randomly chosen independent restaurant on Highland south of 8th and north of 54.

Los Arcos Restaurant
, Chula Vista, CA 91910

Ethnic Deli & Cafe
404 Mile of Cars Way Ste F, National City, CA 91950

Jul 22, 2011
2fat in San Diego

French restaurant in Georgetown

Years ago I dined at an intimate French restaurant in Georgetown that was out of the mainstream of shops and restaurants. My recollection is that it was near one of the bridges to Arlington. Does this ring a bell with anyone. If not this one, then any other romantic spots in Georgetown or vicinity. I have a friend who will be proposing and wanted to give him a solid recommendation.

Virginia wine country restaurants

Web reviews on Pomme kind of scare me off (chef with anger management issues, average food, etc) but seems like it has its share of supporters. Duner's sounds like it could be a dinner finalist, but no pics of the place to be had. How is ambiance? Casual as in bentwood chairs, folding chairs, or??

Virginia wine country restaurants

Will spend the night in either Barboursville or Charlottesville depending on choice for dinner restaurant's location and agreeable lodging (B&B, Inn, or ?) nearby. Two days/one night for eating well, tasting wine, and a quick visit to Monticello.

Virginia wine country restaurants

With a couple of days off in early June between DC business meetings, I want to go back to VA wine country for a couple of days. I remember a great walk-up counter type BBQ place in Charlottesville, but can't remember the name or exact location (it was in a strip mall just on the other side of the freeway from downtown) and would like to go there for lunch. Also looking for a good dinner that is representative of the cuisine in the area.

south Bay breakfast places

Where can I get a solid American-style breakfast (with some interest) in Chula Vista, National City, or IB? I'll cross the bridge to Coronado if I have to, so I would listen to places there, but how about this side of the bay?

Feb 23, 2011
2fat in San Diego

Holiday dinner restaurant

I'm considering one of the Hotel Del's restaurants for a holiday dinner, even tho I am generally opposed to eating at hotels if I don't have to. Any other suggestIons, maybe something with lights, fireplace, and maybe a decorated tree?

Nov 30, 2010
2fat in San Diego

Solo dining near Trump Hotel?

How is Sixteen at the Trump? I have been invited to eat there as part of a large group.

Nov 14, 2010
2fat in Chicago Area

Does no one in Chicago dance and/or listen to music while they dine?

If you do, where do you go?

Oct 31, 2010
2fat in Chicago Area

Good food, music and dancing

Where do we go in mid Nov? MMile or loop, blues preferred

Oct 29, 2010
2fat in Chicago Area

Mexico City-style Mexican food in East county

I've heard there is a popular restaurant in the La Mesa/College/East SD area. Does anyone know what it is called?

Oct 07, 2010
2fat in San Diego