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Kopparberg cider in LA area?

Hi, I just recently came from a Europe trip and fell in love with Kopparberg cider (most of their flavors tasted really good).

I wanted to know if there were any place locally that carried these locally.

This is the product I'm talking about:

On their FAQ section for where to buy in USA, just points to a Facebook page but doesn't help. :(

Jul 03, 2012
mike1anime in Los Angeles Area

Caribbean Market in LA area? looking for Coco Rico and Frutee Clear sodas

Hello, I just came back from vacation over in Puerto Rico and Barbados. Now I'm looking to find these sodas California. Coco Rico is a coconut soda, and Frutee Clear Mango Passion states that it's mango passion but my friends and I thought it was a really good Lychee flavor!

I'm really interested in anyone knew where I can buy them locally. I did find Coco Rico on, but I would rather get it at a store. I've attached pictures of what I'm talking about.

Thanks for the help!!

P.S. I called 'Right Choice Caribbean Market' and they mentioned that they didn't carry these products. I might have to go in just to double check

Right Choice Caribbean Market
4233 Crenshaw Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90008
Main: (323) 292-8921

Oct 06, 2010
mike1anime in Los Angeles Area