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Good, but not fancy...south near airport?

We're visiting in a couple of weeks, and although we'd enjoy one of the _really_ nice places recommended by y'all..but our host would not. I need a suggestion for a local restaurant where the food is real but not too "fanci-fied." Ideally, I'd like someplace where the veggies are not an afterthought and steak isn't the only meat on the menu.

Mar 18, 2013
houser934 in Phoenix

I-80...Powerhouse Eatery in White Haven PA

We stopped for dinner after a day on I-80 and found a relaxing place! The Powerhouse Eatery is a white linen tablecloth, comfortable chairs, good flatware, quiet music type of place, but you still felt right at home in travel clothes. There were lots of families and the atmosphere was informal but peaceful, but not loud and tacky as so many roadside places are. The staff was very friendly.

The menu ranges from reasonably priced sandwiches to high-end specials (we ordered the latter--boar chops and beef tenderloin--and were very pleased with the cooking.) The ciabatta bread is excellent and the salads fresh. We didn't get a chance to try the wine (driving) but it looks like they have a nice selection of open wines by the glass that changes with the specials.

Don't let the quirky building or the high-end items on the menu keep you away. This is a great place to stop for a break from driving across PA, and it is RIGHT off the road. It was really an oasis in the middle of long drive.

Jul 06, 2012
houser934 in Pennsylvania

TraverseCity/Petoskey greater area--Gourmet dining/winery

The two of us are planning a special week away--first time in years--with good food and wine part of the goal. We're going next week, middle of October. Can anybody recommend few places that would REALLY be worth the money? They don't all have to be fancy, though fancy is nice. We're there for a week so will probably want something down home, but really good, some of the time. I just don't want to walk away feeling I wasted precious time eating something blah.

Thanks so much.

Oct 06, 2010
houser934 in Great Lakes