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Roscón, Colombian Guava Bread: Where can I find it?

My girlfriend's roommate is Colombian and recently introduced me to the roscón, what appears to be a sugared guava bagel. While the description might not sound fantastic, I am already addicted.

If anyone has any leads, please let me know where I can find some in DC... that being defined as anywhere that has a Metro stop nearby (no driving).

Pull through for me, foodies! I need my fix!


P.S. This is not to be confused with roscón de reyes, which is a different pastry

Dinner near Kennedy Center?

Personally, I enjoyed the beef carpaccio (one of the smaller plates) whereas the pappardelle and bolognese was overportioned.

Branching Out under 21

My apologies regarding the wording, let me clarify:

I'm looking for high quality ingredients (organic/sustainable/local not important, unless it affects the flavor of the food in a noticeable way).

I'm interested in chefs with a high level of culinary skill.

I'm definitely interested in upscale, but only if the food is worth its stones. I'm not looking to pay a premium for average food.

Prix fixe menus would be preferable, but I'm open to most suggestions.

Also, does anyone know if the pre-theater deals require a valid theater ticket or do they exist for any diner that eats during that time slot?

Branching Out under 21

I'm a student restaurant reviewer looking to branch out and experience some DC staples during the next few weeks. Wondering which restaurants are comfortable for someone underage, gourmet in terms of food quality and somewhat (this can be stretched) affordable on a student budget.

Possibly dining solo, though I may bring a buddy along as well.


Cafe du Parc

Agreed, I don't see much reason for the higher price, but the food is still top notch

The 2010 CHOW 13

I would love to see some critics in this list in the future

Oct 06, 2010
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