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"Gourmet" Burger chain restaurants secrets?

Shake Shack uses a blend from Pat LaFrieda; it's more than just chuck. It'd be a disaster if they salted internally. Burgers are salted right before they're cooked. The good places, like SS and Smashburger, use the "smashing" grilling technique, where the beef is smashed once early to help it form a nice crust.

The biggest factor is, of course, that the burgers are freshly made.

Sep 22, 2012
ediblover in Chains

Is Organic Food Healthier? Duh

How did this go from a scientific study on nutrition content to an environmental and political argument? Is it too much to just keep it to the nutrition facts rather than expand it into something the study didn't aim to find out?

Ending the article with a quote from a food write when it started with the American College of Physicians seems like it went off-track somewhere in-between. If an environmental argument is to be made, that's fine. Can we have some peer-reviewed studies on that?

Sep 06, 2012
ediblover in Features

Are Obese People Just Like Heroin Junkies?

If a person is suffering from anorexia or bulimia, do we blame the food?

Apr 06, 2012
ediblover in Features

Has KFC's chicken pot pie changed? (thread begun April 2012)

Changed for the better. Everything in it is chunkier than it was before and the pastry is more crisp (this may be a new heating/processing method or I was just lucky with the timing of the purchase). Not too sure what was changed, but the vegetables also stand out now (as in you can actually taste them for what they are).

Been a while since I've had the old one, but I do distinctly remember avoiding the crust for the most part and just picking out the chicken in the pie. With the new one I finished off the contents and broke off the crust to dip into what was left to finish the whole thing. That's an improvement.

Apr 01, 2012
ediblover in Chains

Costco food finds - 1st quarter 2012 [old]

Recently tried them and they were better than I expected. Plan on picking them up again.

On the safety issue, cooking food is always safer. You can eat these raw without concern; the risks are the same as eating them minus the freezing process.

Apr 01, 2012
ediblover in Chains

TJ mustard... 2 gram protein in a TSP?

And, they're incorrect because you said so?

When you have actual proof, such as the results of a chemical analysis, then you can make claims. Right now, the only thing you're doing is speculating. 2 products, both having the same ingredients in the same ratio can be reported as having different values since there are different ways to interpret/count the data. How much do you round off? What about the fiber count? What method was used to get the #?

Assuming that you have all the answers when you're not even asking the right questions isn't the best way to go about things.

Apr 01, 2012
ediblover in Chains

Chik Fil A looking for Long Island locations

Good to hear. With the recent opening of Smashburger and the upcoming Shake Shack, it's nice to have more options. Now we'll just have to wait until In-n-Out expands east.

In terms of chicken, I'm curious how Chik stacks up to Popeye's and Pollo Campero.

Is your extra virgin olive oil " Extra Virgin "

It's (unfortunately) a long running issue. You can read a UC Davis look at some brands here:

Thankfully, the one I use heavily (Costco/Kirkland) passed. When in doubt, I just trust the folks behind the scenes at the company. And, in these matters, outside of the extremely high-end products, Costco and Trader Joe's usually come through.

Feb 11, 2012
ediblover in General Topics

Is home cooking an art, or a craft?

I'd go with crafting (with science thrown in). To me, artistry suggests something that's less bound by rules; artists can use any tool and medium they wish. Crafts have a defined border (neither good nor bad). There's plenty of room for creativity, but we're still bound to our techniques and ingredients.

Feb 10, 2012
ediblover in General Topics

McDonald's Happy Meal-Takes a lickin' and keeps on...whatever [moved from Food Media and News]

And, the point is? The discussion was never amount the quality/taste of McDonald's foods.

It's fairly clear that McDonald's salt content is average in the fast food realm (For the record, BK's hamburger has 490mg). There's no, "incredible amount of salt" as you falsely claim. 600 is hardly a huge amount when the RDA is 2,300.

If all you add to a burger is pepper and onions/mushrooms, then you know nothing about cooking (Bashing ketchup, arguably the perfect condiment, only confirms this). A burger, and just about every food out there, needs salt to reach its full potential. No salt = Bland.

Feb 10, 2012
ediblover in Chains

McDonald's Happy Meal-Takes a lickin' and keeps on...whatever [moved from Food Media and News]

A McDonald's hamburger has 520 mg of salt.

An In-n-Out burger with onions has 650 mg of salt.

A Junior hamburger from Wendys has 620 mg of salt.

Where is this "incredible amount of salt" that you're talking about? You do know that a high end restaurant will have far more salt in their foods than any of the burgers above, right?

Feb 08, 2012
ediblover in Chains

100 years of Oreos!

It's much too iconic of a brand to be just another cookie. If a cookie looks like an oreo, we remark, "Hey, that looks like an oreo!"

I'm in the minority - I'm a non-twister. I've always preferred to dunk the whole thing in milk.

Feb 05, 2012
ediblover in General Topics

Homemade sausage with picnic shoulder?

Lats batch I made was with picnic and it turned out great. Can't think of any reason why butt would be better. The only argument I can make for one over the other is the meat/pound (picnic having bone) and whether or not you're going to use the skin (yummy).

Feb 04, 2012
ediblover in Home Cooking

Celebrate !!! No more 'pink slime' at McDonalds, Burger King or Taco Bell

Man trains for and runs a marathon while relying on McDonald's:

Fit guy eats the same diet as the infamous "Supersize Me," but stays healthy:

McDonald's food is neither healthy nor unhealthy, but can be part of either a healthy or unhealthy lifestyle. All things, even moderation, is relative. In this case, moderation (the calories/amount consumed) is relative to one's level of activity.

But, why bother with things like personal responsibility when you can point fingers, right?

Feb 03, 2012
ediblover in Chains

Celebrate !!! No more 'pink slime' at McDonalds, Burger King or Taco Bell

Your body has a chemical that's in nail polish remover. So... I guess our bodies aren't "real" or "whole."

I'll always defend McDonald's and other fast food places for filling their role (quick, filling food on the go). What goes into it isn't much of a concern. Ammonium hydroixde? Why am I supposed to be concerned about that when there's ammonia in our bodies right now? Wait! Toxic substances like ammonia are in our bodies naturally? What's going on? Real (non-alarmist) science is what's going on.

Feb 02, 2012
ediblover in Chains

homemade tomato sauce - what do YOU do?

I'm running out and will soon be making another batch, but am debating what to do with the canned tomato juice (whole peeled). On the one hand it'd make sense to reduce it for the extra flavor, but on the other it has so many other applications and saving it for them would also result in a thicker sauce.

So, should I use everything in the can for the sauce or just the tomatoes and leave out the juice?

Jan 28, 2012
ediblover in Home Cooking

Sear meat in pesto?

The high heat required for searing would not be good for the ingredients in the pesto. The flavor would be altered (a burned flavor).

Jan 28, 2012
ediblover in Home Cooking

Am I the only one worried about the safety of sea salt?

Frankly, a course in general chemistry is needed.

If you actually believe that human beings are responsible for all harmful acts, consider the fact that the nuclear explosions were going on before recorded history. Nature-made fires and volcanic eruptions cause plenty of pollution.

As for the whole thing that started this... If you're that concerned about radiation, you need to stop eating bananas and will have to get your teeth pulled out. Don't even get me started on the glow-in-the-dark edible nuts.

Jan 28, 2012
ediblover in General Topics

Costco food finds - 1st quarter 2012 [old]

I noticed it a couple of weeks ago and also enjoyed it. All things considered, I thought it was excellent and a far better option than the canned seaweed you find at most markets (These were in the deli section).

Jan 27, 2012
ediblover in Chains

Meat made of SCIENCE!

If successful, would this be the world's most expensive burger?

I do think the research is worth continuing (Not just for food stuff, but all the things that can be learned medically), but I'm guessing that none of us will be around when lab meat actually becomes economically viable to compete with animal meat.

Jan 27, 2012
ediblover in Food Media & News

Paula Deen eating a cheeseburger

If you're critical of Deen because of the article, that honestly reflects more on you than it does her.

The following recipe is from the American Diabetic Association and it's for Mac n Cheese:

It has 26 grams of carbohydrates, which is just about the amount that a hamburger bun has (For example, Martin's potato bun has 25g).

You are not qualified to comment on diabetes and the choices that other people make. Frankly, those that press their unqualified views on others are rather ugly.

By the way, it's well-known that eating anything but fully cooked, well-done meat is risky. Well... The thing is, if you actually eat well-done meat, why are you on a site like chow that's mostly about good food? I can't imagine those that fancy themselves as food-lovers eating a well-done steak, burger, etc. Heck, it's rather criminal.

Jan 27, 2012
ediblover in Food Media & News

Fat Chef: New TV Show Tracks Losers

Nice interview and I like the level-headed answers by the chef.

Motivates me to check out his bakery in Port Washington, if only to see if he has some products that reflects his new lifestyle.

Jan 27, 2012
ediblover in Features

costco duck halves

It should still be around in the deli section. The stores can move items around in their respective sections, so you just may have to look around the section. In general, it should be with the other pre-cooked/prepared meats.

Jan 24, 2012
ediblover in Chains

Question about cooking with wine

The total calories will be reduces, but not by a significant amount.

Alcohol calories = Sugar/Starch (4 cal per gram) + Alcohol (7 cal per gram)

The first part ain't going away. Unfortunately, that's where the majority of the calories from wine come from. The second part can be reduced, but it takes a lot of time get cook out alcohol from a dish. Just to throw a number out there, I wouldn't bet on anything much higher than a -10% reduction.

Jan 23, 2012
ediblover in Home Cooking

It's Girl Scout cookie season!!


I always get a variety of them, but the samoas boxes are always the highest ratio. Not much to do with those, but the others make for a nice base for a fruit dessert or something crunchy with ice cream.

Jan 21, 2012
ediblover in General Topics

Friendlys free Fribble Saturday Jan 21, 2011 12-5pm

Their goal is to get you into the door, so I've no guilt.

Didn't hear about this, so thanks for the heads up. As it happens I'm going to be near one tomorrow (early than noon, but that can be changed). So... I should at least ask. If I get a fribble, which of the 3 flavors should I get? And, what are the better lunch options? (And is this one of those places that serves breakfast/lunch/dinner at all times?)

Looking through the menu:
Burgers are well-done, so can't be good.
Grilled cheese seems like a safe bet.
The fish sandwich sounds like McDonald's, which is good.
Salads seem boring
It'll probably be too sweet, but the shrimp and chicken on the 550 menu seem safe.

Jan 20, 2012
ediblover in Chains

Your all time favorite 'TV' cooking show chefs?

Ditto with Smith. He's the first one that made me go, "I'd like to try to cook that."

As great as Julia is, I just never found her engaging as a TV personality.

Jan 20, 2012
ediblover in Food Media & News

Deen - Why did she keep it a secret for three years while deep frying butter?

No one, including celebrities, is obligated to reveal personal health information. Let's not forget we have very strict laws designed to prevent health information from being shared. It's personal. If a person decides not to share, that's okay.

Deep-fried butter is an interesting treat. Does that cause T2DM? No. Here's food for thought:
A person eats "healthy," but is a cigarette smoker. Is that person healthy?
A 200 lb person eats 1000 calories a day. Is that person healthy?
A person eats Deen's foods, but does so within that person's calorie needs. Is that person healthy?

Respect the privacy of others (especially when it comes to medicine) and realize that food is one of many contributing factors in determining a person's health.

Jan 18, 2012
ediblover in Food Media & News

Is this why we're fat?

Genetically blessed? I find that to be insulting, seeing as how I bust my ass in the gym every day. Take just about anyone and put that person on my diet/exercise, and... The outcome is very predictable. Genes? No. Work ethic. Excuses are the root of most issues, including this one.

None of you are evolutionary biologists. Why are people commenting on such a complex topic, making it sound as if all facts are known? (This is also a rampant problem with most topics - Do not pretend to know a topic when it's clear that even the elementary aspects are missed) Evolution is absolute? No. Evolution is a theory. One that I strongly support, but a theory nonetheless, not law.

Here's a parallel: Alcohol is why we're reckless.
No, it's not. It's poor judgment. Beers, wines and spirits can be enjoyed responsibly. I'd disagree with it, but they can also be a critical part of a meal. Alcohol doesn't cause harm. It's the drunk that made very poor decisions along the way that's the problem.

Here's another parallel: Religion is what makes us arrogant.
No, it's not. It's seeking out excuses. Religion can be a wonderful thing that brings people together and gives hope to many. But, it's often used by evil people as an excuse to do harm onto others, because that's the only thing they can turn to.

Finally, the topic here: Heavy food is why we're fat.
No, it's not. Food is wonderful. Food is one of those truly universal aspects of human nature. It's culturally significant, open to interpretation, and can be practiced by all. If a person makes a poor decision and over-consumes, that is a problem with over-consuming, not a problem with food.

One can either see the situation as is and adapt properly or make excuses. I choose to eat delicious food and balance it with activities. If I'm not comfortable with this I can choose to lower my activity level along with my food intake. What I'll not do is make excuses or pretend that the (balance) equation doesn't exist.

Food is wonderful. No one is forcing me to eat any of it. I choose to eat. I choose balance.

Jan 17, 2012
ediblover in General Topics

Is this why we're fat?

I eat plenty of processed and junk foods. My regular diet is anywhere from 3-4k calories. I eat grains and plenty of meat. I can bench, pull well over my weight, press well over double and can go on an easy 10k run right now if I wanted to (not going to since it's rainy and cold).

My point: There's no such thing as an unhealthy diet. A diet can be anything. Making comments without knowing the lifestyle, without seeing the entire picture is both dangerous and naive. Something worked for you and that's great. But, making absolute claims is being presumptive and jumping to conclusions.

I'll add: To say that insulin and blood sugar results in metabolic syndromes is outright false - Forget journals; any textbook in physiology or biochemistry will say so. Again, it's great that you overcame your own trials, but that doesn't give you some right to make science claims without an understanding of the basic sciences.

Jan 17, 2012
ediblover in General Topics