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Ryu of Japan (sush restaurant) - a review

I took my wife for lunch on our Thursday lunch date.

Let me start with the food ... I ordered Katsu Curry ... it was oishii and hot ( temp ) as I like it.

Now for the other stuff ... I tend to agree with nw_austin_gourmand. The place needs to add some spunk. Mainly , for lunch , they need to speed it up some as people have limited time. Maybe some background music would help. Or even some smiles ....

The wait staff reminded me of being back in Japan and being the gaigin ... it was like they were pretending to be Japanese but I think they were locals.

I'm going to have to think about it regarding a second visit. I hope they do Ok, maybe it was just an off day.

Oct 06, 2010
Ossie_Bob in Austin