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brunch w/plenty of vegan options in Chapel Hill/Durham

I'll be visiting my little sister at UNC next weekend and we are looking to get some brunch on Sunday. One in our party is vegan, so I'd like a place that is a good mixture for everyone- not the requisite "here is the one vegan option" or a place that is totally vegan, either. Any suggestions?


Nov 24, 2012
cbwilson in Southeast

Brunch for folks concerned with 'ambiance' in Asheville

My friend is graduating in May and her folks have requested a nice brunch place with 'ambiance' for graduation. Whatever that means. She said "not somewhere like Sunny Point, somewhere *nice.*" I put in my opinion that the best brunch places aren't necessarily the fanciest, but her folks seem really set on that idea. Although they've nixed the Grove Park. While I've never had it, I've heard Limones has great brunch. They also have considered Corner Kitchen.

Any solutions to this or recommendations? Thanks.

Apr 10, 2012
cbwilson in Southeast

Charlotte, Ashville and Savannah - Best Southern Food Picks???? Hole in the wall places?

In Asheville, check out Rocky's Hot Chicken Shack. Wonderful fried chicken slathered in hot spices and sauce, from mild to Mount St. Hell No (which I've tried and recommend for masochists/thrill-seekers--my body responded to the chili pepper like a drug!). Sides are pretty good, from mac n cheese, collards, you know, the basics--I think a friend of mine had corn fritters there that were good. This is more of a "hole in the wall" Southern place than most in Asheville. Honestly, most of the down-home places in Asheville will be glossy, glitzy, and more than a little fusion-y. If you want down-home food that is basic, not amazing, but will hit the spot and doesn't offer ginger compote or "Asian" slaw or ... ya know, on their meats, check out the Moose Cafe.

Most folks will swear by 12 Bones for bbq but I love love love Luella's. NEVER been disappointed there, and the waits and odd hours at 12 Bones is enough to kill the joy for me. At Luella's get the ribs and whatever side is the special. And they usually have draft specials, so you can sample one of Asheville's numerous home brews.

Not a fan of Tupelo Honey but it's worth a shot. If the line is long, Mayfel's is right next door and IMHO just as good. Early Girl Eatery is super yummy, too.

The Admiral has the best food I've had in Asheville. Incredible. Worth the price.

Tupelo Honey Cafe
12 College St, Asheville, NC 28801

Early Girl Eatery
8 Wall St, Asheville, NC 28801

22 College St, Asheville, NC 28801

Nov 27, 2011
cbwilson in Southeast

Baja Cafe - Finally Some Good Mexican in North Asheville!

A GOOD Thai place is Little Bee Thai on Sweeten Crk Rd. It is in a gas station so don't be scared off. It's amazing. It is very fresh, quite affordable, and the portions are generous but not overwhelming.

Thai Orchid is okay, they seemed to be better when they were on Tunnel Rd. I have had some VERY good meals there and some very bad ones. I am baffled by the love of Noi's as I have never had an enjoyable meal there- weak and thin curries, no heat to speak of, gummy rice... Even the tea is lackluster. I love Thai Citrus and recommend it to people unwilling to get out of central downtown Asheville, but I don't think it is the best. A personal favorite Thai joint of mine is on Patton Avenue, Thai Cuisine Xpress. It is very small, with only two people working at any given time. The ingredients could be fresher, but for the portions, the heat, the cute little Thai eggplants (haven't seen them at any other Thai place), and the coziness makes it my favorite.

Ok, derailing over, I just really, really, really love Thai.

Thai Orchid Restaurant
4223 Providence Rd Unit 7, Charlotte, NC 28211

Thai Cuisine
1580 E Main St, Duncan, SC 29334

Sep 18, 2011
cbwilson in Southeast

Baja Cafe - Finally Some Good Mexican in North Asheville!

I haven't tried Baja Cafe, but I contest that Taqueria Fast is not only good Mexican food, but it's great Mexican food, and it is authentic to boot.

385 Highway 29 N, Newnan, GA 30263

Sep 17, 2011
cbwilson in Southeast

Plant - Fantastic Food and Cruelty Free! (Asheville)

i really want to try it, but the sheer fact that i've heard so little about it is strange to me, i just can't shake that feeling.

what did you get? did you feel the prices matched the quality?

Sep 10, 2011
cbwilson in Southeast

"Hole in the wall" Indian in Triangle area?

Myself and some friends will be in Raleigh (coming from Asheville) on Tuesday and want some magnificent Indian food. Cheap, authentic, "hole in the wall" places preferred. We're not looking to be wowed by atmosphere or fusion menus, just good Indian food! (Northern OR Southern, but a place with very spicy vindaloo is a plus.)


Sep 08, 2011
cbwilson in Southeast

Bowl of pho near Guilford College?

I hail from Asheville, where we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our first Vietnamese joint in years. In the mean time I have to get my pho fix elsewhere. I'm going to Guilford College next week to see a friend's play and wanted to find some Vietnamese food beforehand--preferably a good ol' hole in the wall place no more than 15 minutes away from Guilford.

Thank you!

Oct 27, 2010
cbwilson in Southeast

Restaurants near Phillips arena???

Any recs for cheap yummy places near Phillips arena? No discriminating tastes here, just looking for a place that is affordable, nice beer or liquor selection, and not a chain (unique to Atlanta at least). I'm looking at Lunacy Black Market...


Oct 06, 2010
cbwilson in Atlanta

Cheap hole-in-the-wall ethnic joints downtown?

Hey y'all,

My friend and I are coming into town Friday night from Asheville for a hockey game at the Phillips arena and we are huge foodies (but we just called ourselves fatties). Are there any top-notch, cheap places for Vietnamese, sushi, Middle Eastern, Ethiopian...? Or any restaurants you'd recommend near the arena? Thanks!

Oct 05, 2010
cbwilson in Atlanta