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looking for good food in Markham area

Oh wow, that is VERY interesting and the very reason why I tend not to scour review sites before making my opinion of a place. I mean it's a coin toss - sometimes reviews are helpful, but other times there are trolls that would say things about a restaurant for the sake of saying something (good or bad). That and I'd like to keep an open mind. My point is, I'd ignore any first-time reviewers and would also keep in mind how easy it is to post a review on certain websites. And of course, what people are saying and why or whether or not it's relevant. If anything, I'd try for myself first, then make constructive points. With regards to Ithaca, I don't know the place well enough to say if those dated reviews (good or bad) are reliable, so if anyone goes, let us know your exact thoughts and what you ate! =)

That said, what specifically did you ‘hear’ ToxicJungle? I’m very curious!

looking for good food in Markham area

What specifically are you looking for? Lots of good eats to be had in Markham especially Asian but there's variety too. Off the top of my head, I've been to a Greek restaurant called Ithaca recently and had a great experience overall. I enjoyed their gyro in particular because it was moist, crispy and all, which led me to wonder why the place was so empty when I went (two tables only!). Pictures: And perhaps that's why I enjoyed the service so much because I had the server's full attention. Truly felt like royalty.

Any good seafood markets in the GTA?

Some stuff I find pricey but other stuff can be a bargain, especially if you run into a time where they're clearing out. For example, I remember buying salmon / cod fish heads to make fish stock and they were $1 for a two - better than any Asian supermarket I've seen and very fresh. I also remember buying mussels when they were in season for a great price but best of all, they were HUGE. But I guess that's because they're in season haha. Other things I buy are calamari to fry under batter. I generally go there because I know the stuff will be fresh and I will find what I need. So I don't mind paying a little more. That and I tend to find bargains anyway since I'm not picky about what gets served for dinner.

To buy: food processor

I spotted a Wolfgang Puck 12 Cup at half price ($400 machine to $200) with free shipping and guaranteed delivery for Christmas if you order before Dec 17, which seems like a good deal for the chef in your life, or for yourself. =) Amazon's price is even higher than that.

Warning on a couple of horrible tasting products!

Yikes, I can't comment on the T&T shrimp dumplings but I do know of a dim sum product from Asian supermarkets that you can find in the frozen section, T&T included. Look for 'Asian Pantry'. It's a local product and if you're looking for a quick dim sum fix, I suggest this brand: The dumplings are big and the meat / shrimp is not mushy.

Yet another Regal Palace branch in Ruby's location in Scarborough

I tried Regal last week for the first time and found the overall experience fantastic. Here’s a summary of what I thought:

-Yes, prices are steep compared to other dim sum restaurants but generally fair – accounting for the cost of some ingredients, size of the dishes, etc.
-Items are unique and presentation on their ‘special’ items are PRETTY. For example, I ordered a shrimp dim sum that was shaped into a bird and a fried custard dim sum that was shaped into a bumblebee. Pictures:
-Service: there when you need it, nothing too fancy, but reasonably polite.
-Food: delicious, fresh, and as I mentioned they paid particular attention to aesthetics. Nothing drastic I could be picky about, other than some fried dishes being on the oily side.
-Would I return? Yes, why not.

To buy: food processor

Try Kitchen Stuff Plus, I remember seeing small ones for about $50.

Are t&t's geoduck "sashimi" grade?

I remember those days. They went for something ridiculous like $1 a pound. Kind of gets me thinking about gas prices too, sadly.

Best Pho in T.O.

Smells like heaven, tastes like heaven. What can I say? It's a love it or hate it type thing.

Are t&t's geoduck "sashimi" grade?

Try slicing it up and stir-frying over high heat with veggies - Chinese chives for example. Tastes great with a spicy kick too.

Any good seafood markets in the GTA?

Diana's ...although a little far from you, but I'm putting it out there.

Hot Pot downtown

Low profit margin indeed. Could also be a lack of space / expensive rent. Not just ventilation but the stove tops themselves take space. Also an average hotpot meal ends up taking forever to complete, meaning they don't get much traffic coming in in one night, and would require a big place to do so. Reasons why hot pot restaurants don't open for lunch either. The demand could be there though, at least ziggystardust would love to see some open up?

On a side note, just take a nice evening and drive up the DVP to one of many really good hot pot restaurants uptown. My suggestion? Kam Tao hands down.

roast goose chinese style

I never tried Foody's. I may even have to get one for myself from all this talk about birds.

Found this old thread, looks like I missed out on some good quack!

roast goose chinese style

Hormone duck? Well that's another story. If you want duck, just buy organic. They can be tender AND not have that 'stench'. Mushy just sounds wrong.

Oh and I believe Foody Mart has a promo going on...$17 for a roasted goose.

roast goose chinese style

HAHA I find the geese in the east end of the city (near the zoo) particularly annoying. Especially during mating season, they will definitely attack you if you come close.

Anyway, I'm going to say you can find decent ones at Sam Woo. I find there's really no one place to get these because it's a hit or miss. And you're right, the goose they use isn't the same as Sham Tseng..tough meat, not I tend to go for duck instead. Hope this helps.

Best Pho in T.O.

Both Finch And Dundas locations (in Mississauga) are good in my books. And actually now that I mention it I would also vote for Pho Mi 99 in Mississauga....I used to go there all the time but now they are miles away from home! My top 2 choices hands down.

Best Pho in T.O.

If I were to choose ONE restaurant for pho and JUST pho in the GTA, it would be Pho Dau Bo.

Early Bird Dim Sum

Might I suggest Chili Secret or Szechaun Legend? Both locations are ~$2 all day and serve very similar items in taste and variety. Chili Secret is a lot more comfortable though so I would choose that location. And great service either way.

Szechuan Legend
3280 Midland Ave, Toronto, ON M1V, CA

Chili Secret
9021 Leslie, Thornhill, ON L3T7N5, CA