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No kids allowed?

I feel like I am one of the very few who have rarely had a meal ruined by a child. Maybe it's the area in which I live (New England) or the places we go to but have never seen kids running around under servers feet, lying on the floor, screaming uncontrollably while parents blindly continue their meal or other things mentioned.

A rule like that wouldn't encourage me to eat there. I mean it's not like a child turns seven and miraculously has perfect manners. As some one else stated it seems more like a marketing gimmick. I think there was a sushi place in DC that did this a few years back and was successful though so what do I know!

I know there are posters who have complained about others mentioning obnoxious adults but while I can't think of a single instance where my dining experience was ruined by a child I can think of a small handful ruined by drunk/loud/obnoxious adults.

about 3 hours ago
foodieX2 in Not About Food

No kids allowed?

IIRC, you are in Mass. I thought it was against the law for kids to be seated at the bar?

1 day ago
foodieX2 in Not About Food

The Beta Site is Getting Closer

Why can't we follow site feedback as a community?

Jul 30, 2015
foodieX2 in Site Talk

Anywhere worth eating at in Dewey Beach? Also Rehoboth

We haven't been this year but have always enjoyed Hobo's. Very casual but great food, focused on local produce/foods.

Jul 27, 2015
foodieX2 in Mid-Atlantic

Star-themed hors d'oeuvres

How about something made with poprocks? Kind of like the champagne idea of the bubbles being like stars on your tongue.


Cupcakes: change the coloring so its more seasonal than whats shown in link.

Rice crispy treats:


of course you can always rim any glass with poprocks-maybe do this with sparkling seltzer for those who don't want champagne.

Jul 27, 2015
foodieX2 in Home Cooking

Just Right Farm- Plympton Ma

We had our first trip to Just Right Farm in Plympton and it won’t be our last. While it is VERY expensive the entire evening was wonderful. It is a true “farm-to-table” restaurant with most everything coming from their own farm or from farms in the immediate area. The atmosphere, service and food were outstanding. Reservations are required and they book months in advance. All dinners are prepaid and the menu is available aprox a week in advance. As a side note it is BYOB. I opted to work with our local specialty wine shop for pairings and that made the night even more special.

The property opens at 6:00pm and we arrived at that time to enjoy the grounds before dinner. I brought two bottles of NV champagne for us to drink while we walked the gardens, visited the goats and enjoyed each others company. The set up is wonderful as you are greeted when arriving and then welcomes by the hostess who takes your wine, tags it and then pours. The bottles you bring to enjoy with the meal are then placed in the dining area. It was gorgeous evening but by 6:30 the bugs came out. We brought bug spray but they also had bottle available.

Dinner is served at 7:00 in a screened in building, gorgeously decorated with flowers from the gardens. There are 3 long tables so we were seated with another group. Even so the it still felt intimate.

The menu was as follows:
-Maine mussels, red curry, thai basil served over pasta (my favorite dish of the evening)
-Chilled fennel soup, lemon creme fraiche with delicious crispy caraway crisps
-Fresh tomato, cucumber, arugula, fingerling potato salad
-Grilled sirloin, basil and chive pesto with the most amazing fresh corn grits, side of grilled eggplant, steamed carrots and green beans
-Blueberry tart with a lemon and coconut sorbet

I brought a German Riesling to pair with the mussels, a Rose to go with the soup and salad and a Merlot to pair with the steak. Since we did have to drive home I opted out of a dessert wine and instead we enjoyed their excellent coffee. The portions were such that I enjoyed each course and the guys in the party felt the same. The pacing of meal was relaxed with us finishing up with dessert and coffee around 10:15.

I cannot recommend this place enough! It would be perfect anyone celebrating a special occasion or who just want a very special evening.

Just Right Farm
140 Palmer Rd, Plympton, MA 02367

Jul 27, 2015
foodieX2 in Southern New England

Beloved picky guests

I am sorry but what is "beloved" about this family? I thought this thread was about folks we love but who have food issues that are difficult to tolerate?

Can't Dismiss Alienware Ad

I was having that issue with Home Depot ads a week or two ago and was assured that it had been fixed. Guess thats no longer the case….

Jul 24, 2015
foodieX2 in Site Talk

These Boston friends just made Tinder for food

strange! it didn't reroute me and I just tested it again. Here is the text of the article in case you are remotely interested:

Maple cardamom glazed salmon?

Swipe right.

Beet smoothie with orange and fennel?

Swipe left.

Mediterranean beef ragout?

Ehhh, Swipe left.

Barbecue biscuit with soft-fried egg?


Swipe right.

The concept of Tender is simple: it’s Tinder, but for food.

It was designed by three Boston friends—Jordan Homan, Necco Ceresani, and David Blumenfield—who met as freshman roommates at the College of Charleston in South Carolina and bonded over going out and cooking food.

“As a twenty-something, we are all constantly combating the impulse to just eat-out or pick something up,” Homan told “But Tender gets you psyched about the prospect of making food, and it makes it easy to do so.”

The app provides users not just with an endless scroll of the Internet’s food porn, but also their corresponding recipes.

If users are interested in the pictured dish, drink, or dessert, they swipe right and save the recipe to their “Cookbook” where they can access the recipe and its original link. If they aren’t interested, they can swipe left to discard the recipe and scroll on to the next one.

The idea of Tender was born in the South End last fall, where the three postgrads were reunited. Cersani, who had worked in restaurants during college, originally proposed the idea, and Homan and Blumenfield immediately agreed to join him.

Photo courtesy of Tender Food and Recipes
They then spent their free time cooped up during Boston’s snowy winter, repeatedly pitching and refining pieces until they had something ready to show the world, just in time for spring.

So far the main feedback has been, “It’s so addicting,” Homan said.

According to Homan, they’ve added more than 200 accounts in the last week, mostly in the Boston area so far.

Homan said the app has also personally expanded his horizons. From browsing a few particular food sites to finding recipes and cuisines he never would have discovered, the app has revealed many surprising meals.

“How often do you really think, ‘God, I could go for Indonesian tonight?’” Homan said. “But when you get smacked in the face with a picture that looks so appetizing it is hard to say no to at least giving it a try. “

Tender—again not to be confused with its dating counterpart Tinder—has filter options for drinks, dessert, chicken, pork, beef, seafood, vegan, and vegetarian.

Homan said swiping picks up the most just around commute time.

“Its no surprise that people love food porn,” he said, “but it really does seem like people have a passion for tantalizing themselves on their way home probably with the thought: ‘What will I make for dinner tonight?’”

Homan doesn’t foresee any legal or copyright problems with Tinder, though they did select the name cautiously, which in its entirety is Tender Food and Recipes.

Still, there are other kinks to work out. At times, the app doesn’t immediately provide a recipe or pulls an ambiguous photo from the original site.

Homan also says they hope to add an undo button for those who mistakenly swiped left on a recipe they actually liked.

Eventually they will include filters for breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes, as well as allergies and meal type—such as crockpot, grill, or casserole. Other possible improvements include adding nutritional information for recipes and a way to add recipe ingredients to a digital grocery list.

Homan says they designed Tender for young adults, who have some cooking knowledge and an intention of eating out less. But they have been surprised by how well the app has taken hold among an older demographic.

“Think millennial parent-grandparent age group,” he says. “There are a lot of tech-savvy older folks out there who are just as into food so it really shouldn’t have been a surprise. In any event though, we figure everyone’s gotta eat, so that has to be worth something.”

Jul 24, 2015
foodieX2 in Food Media & News

What is worth making from scratch to save money?

I could go on and on but here are a few

Granola bars
Pizza dough
Pasta sauce
Virtually all "snack foods" like cookies, pies, potato and tortilla chips, brownies, etc
French fries
Freeze in season fruits for winter smoothie.

Plus buy everything in whole form as it is usually, though not always cheaper. Ie: shred your own cheese, old fashioned oats and rice (not instant), dried beans

Jul 23, 2015
foodieX2 in Home Cooking

Portland diner owner under fire for yelling at toddler, Facebook posts

There are always 3 sides to each story. Hers, theirs and somewhere in between-the truth.

Jul 23, 2015
foodieX2 in Food Media & News

These Boston friends just made Tinder for food

The last thing I need is another food related app but I thought this was interesting.

Jul 23, 2015
foodieX2 in Food Media & News

Beloved picky guests

If someone is truly beloved I will accommodate them and/or call them on their shit.

Jul 21, 2015
foodieX2 in Not About Food

Weird stuff in your kitchen

I have an English muffin splitter. Before the ready split kind this helped keep/create the desired nooks and crannies. I still use it, great for homemade ones.

Jul 20, 2015
foodieX2 in Cookware

More Information on Tags and Upcoming Beta

Thats pretty much SOP for software/hardware update roll outs and knowing CHs track record I highly doubt they will do it any differently this time. Much like celeb divorces, break ups and scandal Friday's are the preferred days for the announcement with the hopes the hoopla would die down by monday.

Jul 20, 2015
foodieX2 in Site Talk

Brunch Cape Cod between Chatham and Falmouth and misc questions

I highly recommend C Salt in Falmouth. It was dinner only during the early and late spring but I heard talk they might start serving brunch in the summer.

Also while they get lots of kudos for their wine list they also make excellent cocktails. I'd be very happy stopping in for one along with the bacon truffle fries and/or the pork belly nuggets.

Jul 17, 2015
foodieX2 in Southern New England

I have about 5 lbs of chicken skin.

Jul 17, 2015
foodieX2 in Home Cooking

Offering alternative meals to children - yay or nay

I stand by the books "Child of Mine" and "How to get your kids to eat, but not too much".

The premise is that kids should be offered healthy/nutritional meals *and* snacks at regular intervals throughout the day. The kids can eat (or not) as they see fit.

Obviously portion size should be appropriate as well. Kids need to continue to eat until satisfied as they did when they were infants. I always judged what my son ate over a period of times, usually a week or weeks. When you look at most NT kids food intake that way it's usually pretty balanced.

Do you drink tea?

Yes. Green tea with lemon in the morning. In the summer I will drink Tazo passionfruit-iced. In the winter I prefer Lady Grey or Constant Comment. As a special treat its Golden Monkey.

Jul 16, 2015
foodieX2 in General Topics

Best Carbonara in town

By far the best I have had in this area!

Jul 14, 2015
foodieX2 in Greater Boston Area

General rant about food media and news

<<I've eaten an increased amount of fruit/leafy greens for over four years now. I've also **decreased meat/dairy/animal byproducts**. Raw vegan works for the long term, unless of course 4 years isn't long enough.>>

**emphasis mine**

You are NOT a raw vegan if you are eating ANY meat, dairy or animal products. Just decreasing the amount does not make you one. So, yes, 4 years is not long enough.

QUIZ: Which of These Cookbooks Are Actually Real?

The Bears are real. This weekend is huge in P-town. (no idea if the cookbook is affiliated!)

Jul 11, 2015
foodieX2 in Food Media & News

QUIZ: Which of These Cookbooks Are Actually Real?

18 out of the 26. I loved this!

Jul 10, 2015
foodieX2 in Food Media & News

How to make a really good beef stew

This is my go to beef stew recipe. The key is to use the right cut of beef, to dry it off before flouring and to TAKE YOUR TIME searing it. Don't crowd the pan which might mean searing multiple batches depending on the size of your pan. This is dish you don't want to rush or you won't get the depth of flavor.

Do you bake your own cakes or cookies ?

I make most cookies from scratch when the desire hits but do buy some oreos for our son now and again.

I rarely make (or eat) cake and neither does my family.

Jul 10, 2015
foodieX2 in General Topics

Cap Cod Dinner Train?

We have friends coming in from the midwest who really want to to do this. They had friends that enjoyed it but that was years ago. Anyone ever been who can comment on the food? Also is it worth paying the premium for diamond class?


Jul 10, 2015
foodieX2 in Southern New England

4 elegant but simple dinner recipes / menus to master for dinner parties

Not a bad movie but a much better book!

Jul 10, 2015
foodieX2 in Home Cooking

4 elegant but simple dinner recipes / menus to master for dinner parties

You have received some great advice so far! I would just add that don't be afraid to supplement with good ready made foods. A relaxed and happy host everyone feel at ease. If supplementing means you can relax with a glass of wine before hand or take extra time getting ready than do it.

Things I will often buy ready made are:

Appetizers-I recently hosted a number of people for the fourth of July and knew that time would be tight so I focused on the mains and prepared my own charcuterie board w/ assorted meats and cheeses. It looked gorgeous and took no time to put together.

Good bread/rolls: If you have a grocery store with a good bakery don't hesitate to buy instead of make

Salads- yes they can cost more but buy the bulk pre-mixed mesclun mix. You can take as much as you need so no waste. Toss with precooked beets (like Love My Beets), candied pecan, goat cheese and a balsamic vinaigrette. Great with grilled meats

Desserts- I am not a great baker of desserts. I have a few that I can do and do well but I often find it more of a chore so I buy instead. In the summer a bowl of mixed berries, drizzled with ginger or orange liqueur and topped with whipped cream or creme frache is elegant and delicious. In the winter a ready made pound cake topped with your own doctored up melted dark chocolate is the same-elegant and delicious. You can also doctor up Ghirardelli boxed brown mix w/ salted caramel and then top with vanilla ice cream.

Another thing to consider, if you don't already have them, is some pretty serving dishes, trays and soup/dessert bowls. Even the simplest dish (like my berries above) look wonderful in the right bowls. Christmas Tree Shops had these gorgeous blue glass bowls a number of years back for $1.00 each and I get compliments every time I use them. I invested in a beautiful bamboo tray with handles last year that I use for my charcuterie trays as well as some simple, heavy glass bowls to hold the olives and other accompaniments. It makes a great presentation.

A guy walks into the movie theater with his own sandwich...

If you ever find yourself on the cape, there is one Welfleet.

Jul 08, 2015
foodieX2 in Not About Food

Looking for input on Quick Bread recipe

Elvis bread! Love it. Mind if I steal the idea? My husbands b-day is the anniversary of Elvis's death so I always try to put an Elvis spin on the day.

Jul 07, 2015
foodieX2 in Home Cooking