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I just ate there the other night with my Dad(who is a self proclaimed Pizza sob). W were quite impressed my husband ordered a white pizza, while I had the eggplant parmigiana, my Dad the pizza snob ordered a plain Cheese pizza.. We all had a house salad to go with our dinner. We topped it off with a home made cannolli. The pizza is as close to a NY pizza as any Iv'e had outside of NY. All of us were more then satisfied with our experience. There is a new owner who came out to greet us and make sure our exp. was enjoyable.BTW He told us he would be running a special on (a local group buying site) $8.00 for $20.00 worth of food. I think it is running today and tomorrow. Any other suggestions for me to take my Dad too. He really LOVES Italian food.:) Any thoughts on Vincenzo or Vinnies on Merrimon?

Jan 12, 2011
rkerr in Southeast

New Indian Restaurant South Asheville?

It is opening soon. The owners also own India Garden on Tunnel. I recently ate at both Mela and Indian Garden and I really liked the food at Indian Garden better. I ordered Lamb Saag in both places and their was no comparison same was true for the Garlic Naan and the soups. My husband ordered Tandoori Chicken in both and they were comparable. India Garden is very consistent anf authentic. I hope that Cinnamon Girl in South Asheville will be as good. Being a transplant from San Francisco where their are Indian Restaurants everywhere I am a bit critical. I must admit I like the atmosphere of Mela and the downtown location , I wish the food was a bit better. I have not tried Kathmendu yet. Does anyone have a thought on it. I love Chai Pani for quick and casual Indian Street. food.

Oct 05, 2010
rkerr in Southeast