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Heading there tonight and will let you know. - The first avail reservation for the tasting menu was for today back when I called the # on Dec. 20th. So that will give you a good idea on the wait. -- Sounds kinda like KO all over again.

Wish me luck!

77 Worth St, New York, NY 10013

Jan 21, 2011
uptwngrl14 in Manhattan

NY Hounds need Best of the Best CHI-town Eats (but not chi-chi restos)...and have 2yr old in-tow!

I've read several postings on where to dine in Chi-Town, but this request is at least a bit different as we will have a 2-yr old girl (my friends' daughter) with us. -- She' s a VERY well behaved girl and can stay up pretty late...she actually likes "hanging out". - Arriving Friday AM, and leaving after lunch that Sunday. -- We're really just going to eat, and then coming back. --

We LOVE dives, street food, wine bars, meat, pizza, hot dogs, seafood, pasta, etc., etc. - OH! And to drink wine, beer, cocktails, etc.

So far here's my list: -- and Must or Definitely DON'Ts and additions?
- The Publican (dinner rezzies Fri @ 5:30)
- Girl & the Goat (dinner rezzies Sat @ 6)

- Purple pig (dinner #2/late-nite snack)
- Deep Dish Pizza - Malnati's or Oven Grinder (lunch)
- Italian Beef - Al's (lunch,/ late-nite snack)
- HOt Dog's - Hot Doug's , Wiener Circle (lunch/late-nite)
- Mexican/Bayless (listed in order): Xoco, Frontera, (lunch)
- Burgers - Kuma's corner (my friend LOVES JD)

Any of the above places open in the morning? We're totally fine w/ having any of the above for breakfast too. :)

We'll most likely be staying around the Mag Mile or Streeterville area.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hot Doug's
3324 N California Ave, Chicago, IL 60618

Wiener Circle
2622 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60614

449 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60654

Sep 09, 2010
uptwngrl14 in Chicago Area

NY CH'er off to LV -

Thanks for the suggestions, azbirdie & oysters and was planning on Bouchon for at least one meal already. Good to know they have a nice selection of oysters as well.

Any other cafe or brasserie type places? That are smaller & more quiet? And less "scene-y"?

Dec 16, 2009
uptwngrl14 in Las Vegas

NY CH'er off to LV -

But are there ANY "quaint" places on the strip? While my friends play the tables, I was hoping to find a spot to pass the time while enjoying some great wine and delicious smaller bites.

Dec 06, 2009
uptwngrl14 in Las Vegas

NY CH'er off to LV -

Thank you SO MUCH, Eric - I had no idea. Guess we'll try to stay around our hotel.

Dec 06, 2009
uptwngrl14 in Las Vegas

NY CH'er off to LV -

Going to Vegas for a whole week and to ring in the new year! -- Meeting up with a bunch of semi-high-roller-friends (not sure what is considered "HIGH-roller") from out of the country that have been "invited" to stay at the Aria and they've invited me. -- Hooray!

They've asked me to book the restaurant rezzies, and I must say...even though I'm from New York, LV is looking like it could really be too much of a good thing. -- Especially to cram it all into 4 nights and 5days. - I've live in NY all my life and I still can't keep up with all the amazing restaurants I still have to try.

My friends are into the more trendy and swankier restaurants. They LOVE Nobu and go there almost every time they're in Vegas. But the NOBU here in NY has just turned me off to it pretty much completely that I know I'm going to be battling to NOT go there this time around.

I'm a huge fan of the more rustic, quaint, "simpler" places with AMAZING and SIMPLE food like the ones you find in the W. Village and Meatpacking district.

While my friends will be spending most of their time at the tables, after all they do have to pay for my room & meals SOMEHOW -- I'm looking for quaint wine bars, gastropubs, enotecas, izakayas, diners, bistros, etc. to pass my time. - Give me a GOOD bottle of wine and a GREAT charcuterie plate... and I'm happy for hours. - OH! And if at all possible, a place where maybe I could meet a great singly guy at one of these places that likes the same things? (OK, that may be asking for too much.)

Also need recommendations on restos for the whole group of us (maybe 15-20 including kids) for dinners as well. -- Italian, Japanese, Steak, New-American, etc.

Thanks in advance for all your help!


Dec 01, 2009
uptwngrl14 in Las Vegas

fun Japanese lunch to take a teenager to nr. Moma or Times Sq.?

I just read about INAKAYA today and booked a reservation for Tuesday. Thought it would be a perfect spot for a ladies-night-out for 5 of us. If anyone out there gets to try it before Monday (3/2), please post your review and/or menus.

Feb 26, 2009
uptwngrl14 in Manhattan

Which one? - Semi-private table for 6-8 semi-loud ppl

Need to find a semi-private or private table for 6-8 people. We're all clients/competitors/friends in the same advertising industry and are getting together for a birthday celebration. Luckily we're all into eating, drinking, and having a blast... "CHOW"-style

It's for this Monday, 2/2 @ 6:30, so it hasn't been too difficult getting a rez so far, which is making it harder for me to decide.

Help, please. I've already made the following reservations. What do you think?

Blue Ribbon Bakery - private room downstairs.
Barbuto - Chef's table. $65per person
Aroma Kitchen & Wine - main dining room
Il Buco - made a reservation with a request to be seated at the Chef's table (which is still open as of today - fingers crossed). If we booked it exclusively, there's a $1500 food/drink min! No way.

Any other great suggestions?

Thanks for your help!

Jan 28, 2009
uptwngrl14 in Manhattan

Best Steakhouse in New Orleans Area

Wow, Jazzy B!! Thank you SO much for all the fabulous recs! -- So glad to hear Gustav didn't really do much damage to you guys. --

We're definitely planning on Stella's one night. -- Would you recommend Cuvee or August for the other night?

As for the NY steak restaurants w/o butter...I'm sure any of the restaurants I mentioned would gladly NOT include butter if you asked them to. And since it's a strip and not the porterhouse, I really don't think they'd have a problem with the request. Haven't been to Striphouse nor BLT Prime, but am sure they would both be solid choices. -- There then is also always SMith & Wollensky, Palm, etc.

As for where to go with your niece:
- Sarabeth's is always reliable and they're located near the museums & Central Park: Madison @ 75th, Madison @ 92nd/93rd. You could go to the Whitney, Met, Guggenheim and even the Neue Gallery.
- Yummy cocktails w/ great full bar menus: Gramercy Tavern/Gramercy, Red Cat/Chelsea, Brandy Library/TriBeCa, Freeman's/Lower East Side

Thanks again and I hope you enjoy your stay!

Sep 02, 2008
uptwngrl14 in New Orleans

Best Steakhouse in New Orleans Area

Hi JazzyB,

I'll be heading down to NOLA in September! Could you please give me YOUR top restaurants to go to and things to do? Not real "touristy" if you get where I'm coming from. Although I'm interested in trying out John Besh's place and going in-search-of the best fried chicken (Willie Mae's & Fiorella's on the list so far). 4 girls/ladies are going down for a Girls Weeked Away. All our 1st time in NOLA. We all LOVE wine, food, culture, jazz, etc, so we figured NOLA was a no-brainer for our destination.

We're arriving Fri afternoon and leaving that Sunday late afternoon.

How 'bout we trade recs?

Here are my Top NYC Steak recs (I'm the Porterhouse bone-in, dry aged, charred on the outside, med-rare o the inside steak eater)

I love Peter Luger-style steak but don't like their restaurant all too much and even though I'm a fan of Brooklyn, I work & live in Manhattan, and it's just way more convenient. Besides, newer restaurants have come around and do "it" a whole lot better.

Listed pretty much in-order :
- Benjamin's (porterhouse) - Peter Luger-style. Get the bacon and tomato & onion appetizer. Love the atmosphere, "quiet" (for a steak-house at least), clean, friendly. Makes the food taste that much better
- Wolfgang's - 2 locations: 33rd/Park & 409 Greenwich St in TriBeCa - Peter Luger-style as well. Bacon, tomato, onion a must as well
- Palm. There are 3. 2 on 2nd Ave and 1 on 50th (bt Broadway & 8th)
- Maloney & Porcelli.(50th bt Park & Madison) If you LOVE wine, you must try their weekend wine dinner! $75 prix fix, 4 different wines (and they've alway been very decent). All you can drink.
- AJ Maxwell's - huge bone-in steak for one. reminds me of the Flinststones. 57 W. 48th St. (right at Rockefeller Center)
- DelFrisco's - 49th/6th...loud but fun (if you like that sort of thing) lots of corporate card holders, and happy-hour attendees

Jul 30, 2008
uptwngrl14 in New Orleans

Crave on 42nd with Top Chef Dave Martin

The first time i went to Crave, my client picked it out, and we stayed for 5-hours! Had it not been past their closing time, we probably would have stayed even longer. -- The 2nd time I went was 2 days later b/c I just couldn't get enough and Dave was nice enough to squeeze-in a table for 4 on Valentine's Day! Everything was absolutelyl delicious from the wine (think it was the Argentinian red?) to the dessert (the chocolate cake-- YUM!). We ordered from the regular menu the 1st day, and the Prix Fixe menu on Valentine's Day. Dave couldn't have been more hospitable and genuine. -- He answered his own voice messages and emails for reservations, offered up his food recommendations, greeted us, chatted with us, thanked us, etc. --

The only drawbacks are: the first night, our waitress was really a bit out of it and totally unfriendly, but the host (I don't know his name) & Dave and the food totally made up for it. -- And even though I don't mind the location and it's working to my advantage now b/c it doesn't seem to get TOO crowded just yet, since it's off the beaten path, I'm worried CraveOn42nd and Dave aren't getting the Kudos AND business they deserve.

I have to admit, I did watch most of the season of Top Chef when Dave was on it, but only during the many Bravo marathons.... and I honestly don't remember how any of the contestants from that season really cooked. So I wasn't expecting anything. -- I even went to Perilla a week ago b/c another friend of mine (a non- Top Chef viewer) made the rez, and really wasn't so impressed. I saw Harold as he walked quickly by. -- The wine list was pretty good and very reasonable. The food was better than average, yes... but as YUMMY as Dave's?? -- No. -- What I really liked about Perilla OVER Craveon42nd was their awesome music (80's: Depeche Mode, New Order, etc).... and their quiet & cozy location on Jones Street.

And I disagree w/ you JungMann on Crave's bread... I LOVED it both times I've been there. -- It's chewy, and not hard. They were these foccacio/bagel/pretzel-like pieces and we kept asking for EXTRA!

I can't wait to go back to Crave (maybe even tonight!)! Perilla...I'm glad I went, but am in no-rush to go back. There are so many other new restaurants to try.

Feb 29, 2008
uptwngrl14 in Manhattan

Gourmet SEMBEI - Rice Crackers

Hi There,

Anyone happen to know where I could order the individually-wrapped Sembei they sell in the special Sembei stores in Japan?

The ones they sell here just don't compare. - I live in NYC, and know they sell some in the Mitsuwa in Edgewater, NJ...but I'm hoping to get them sent to my home or better yet, find a place that sells them in Manhattan.


Sep 17, 2007
uptwngrl14 in General Topics

ISO: Sambal Stingray in Chinatown

Fatty Crab has SKATE in sambal.... -- Maybe you could call them and ask? 212.352.3590

Aug 22, 2007
uptwngrl14 in Manhattan

Naruto Ramen?

Saw a new awning up for a Japanese Restaurant called "Naruto Ramen" up on 3rd Ave. between 89th & 90th that is still not opened.

Anyone know or hear anything about this?

REALLY hope we get a GOOD Ramen Joint on the UES! Would add some great "FLAVOR".

Aug 21, 2007
uptwngrl14 in Manhattan

UVA. 77th&2nd. Lower the volume

Went there for the 2nd time the other night and came away w/ the same thought: too noisy.
-- And I like going to clubs! But when going out for a nice casual dinner, just don't think the music they play and the volume at which they play it is part, nor should be part of that picture. -- We're a young couple in our mid-30's and even the couple next to us, maybe in their 20's were commenting to each other on how noisy/loud it was as well.

Food's good, wine list-decent, service-friendly, atmosphere-rustic & warm.

Why do they feel they need to have a club-like atmosphere w/ their blaring bass-heavy music? It overwhelms you the moment you walk-in. Can't management figure out that w/ the cramped seating arrangements already what it is, everyone having to shout over the music to have a mere conversation with whomever they're dining with just creates an unwelcome cacphony not what one would expect based on all the other positive characteristics of the restaurant.

You could keep your choice of hip music, but PLEASE....just lower the volume.

Aug 19, 2007
uptwngrl14 in Manhattan

WO HOP rest. on Mott Street

Always thought the downstairs was better and that Wo Hop was better for their noodles and Hop Kee for their seafood.

Their wonton noodle soups are always good.

But staples at any CT greasy spoon for me are: salt & pepper squid, beef chow fun, any seasonal sauteed green in garlic & oil, panfried flounder w/ ginger, and salt & pepper pork chops. If there's a big group: cantones style crab w/ the pork, and clams in black bean sauce.

Aug 19, 2007
uptwngrl14 in Manhattan

Any suggestions for Dinner around Lincoln Center?

PJ Clarke's is right across the street and they'll get you out on time as well. Clean, efficient, decent food.

Aug 17, 2007
uptwngrl14 in Manhattan

ISO UES Charming Hole-in-the-wall

Anyone know of a great neighborhood find? Looking for a rustic, bistro, tapas place, inoteca, etc.,place to make my new go-to-place... where a quick dinner or lingering over great wine, cheese and food while catching up w/ good friends could be had.

Italian, French, Belgian, Spanish....

Aug 17, 2007
uptwngrl14 in Manhattan