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Special Occasion Recommendation - Nassau County/Western Suffolk

Thanks for confirming that Limani still has terrible service. I remember when they first opened. After asking for more water 4 times (and we ordered expensive food and 2 bottles of wine for a table of 4, so we weren't cheaping out), I gave up. Could not believe that at their prices the service could be so awful.

Special Occasion Recommendation - Nassau County/Western Suffolk

La Marmite in Williston Park would probably qualify as a "really nice restaurant". The ambiance would certainly meet the expectations of the age group. It's been consistently reviewed at the top for close to 40 years.

Some other classics are La Coquille in Manhasset, or Jolly Fisherman in Roslyn.

What Is America's Worst Restaurant Chain?

If you pick carefully, there are good things to get at most of these bed restaurants. The Asian chicken salad at Friday's, the dessert pizzas at Papa John's, that kind of thing. My husband has a thing for White Castle, but only probably has it as a nostalgia thing once every few years.
Olive Garden is probably firstbon my list of bad, and the horror of it, they are now being accused of giving the diners too many breadsticks so they are losing money. Maybe if they imrpoved their food they wouldn't be losing money!

Sep 20, 2014
robinsilver in Features

Mrs Wilkes, Savannah?

I read something recently about LJ's Soulfood, anyone been there? We will have a car, so if it is not walkable, we will drive.
Also, if anyone has ever done any of the trolley or ghost tours, any thoughts on a company?

Sep 20, 2014
robinsilver in Southeast

Mrs Wilkes, Savannah?

Every year I go with a bunch of girlfriends on a long weekend somewhere. This year it will be 3 nights in Savannah. A few years ago we had the best fried chicken ever at Gus' in Memphis, and would love to find fried chicken we would like as much. If you think it's really worth waiting at Mrs. Wilkes, we would do it. Talking to others in line would be perfect for us, as we are known as the "yentas".
Suggestions for other restaurants would also be great. We will be arriving on October 30th, leaving on Nov 2nd. Our day for fried chicken might be Halloween, so that is either better or worse, who knows.

Sep 03, 2014
robinsilver in Southeast

Long weekend in Phoenix/Scottsdale

We are going to be in Scottsdale May 13-18th for a conference. Would love to get your feedback, as well as that from the locals about which of those recommended might work better for a group of 8-10. Generally we end up seeing all our friends who are spread across the country, and we hate to leave anyone out.

Apr 30, 2014
robinsilver in Phoenix

Jeans allowed?

Not that you need more comments on this, but I have been to Seattle, and to me it seemed that all of the trendy restaurants had a much different vibe than they do in NY, and jeans were appropriate. It has nothing to do with how much someone is paying, or whether you wearing jeans would devalue their experience. It does however, have to do with what is expected in any particular restaurant, and how others will be dressed.
As for the person who had their 18 year old dressed, I am a real believer in raising children to learn that there are times they should dress. I did that with my sons, and now they know when to wear what. They were raised in the NYC area, and live in the city now, as do their friends. My sons are both in their 20's. What might really make you realize that things are different here is that most of their friends who are getting married here in the city are having black tie weddings. And not black tie and sneakers.

Apr 23, 2014
robinsilver in Manhattan

Mother's Day dinner

We don't usually do dinner in the city for Mother's Day, but this year we are planning on it. I would prefer something on the east side, and not overly expensive. At the most we will probably be 10 people, possibly less. Would love some suggestions.

Apr 23, 2014
robinsilver in Manhattan

Keens Steak House, NYC

After hearing friends rave about it, we went a few months ago. I am really not a fan. As I hate lamb of all kinds, the mutton is out for me. However, I love steak. There are tons of steakhouses in NYC, and there are a lot of things that go into enjoying a meal, and considering all of that, I would never go back to Keens over some others.

President's weekend in San Fransisco

Thanks, i noticed that there were a lot of dim sum places in Richmond, but we will only be renting a car for the day on Saturday. Parking at the hotel is ridiculously expensive, so didn't make sense.
If it turns out to be not that difficult to get there, we might make the trip. The last time we were in SF I remember going to a pricier, fancier dim sum place. We have our favorites here in NY, and believe it or not prefer 2 places that are here on Long Island to Chinatown or Flushing.

President's weekend in San Fransisco

We are going to be out in SF for a wedding on Sunday of President's week-end. Luckily, we don't have to worry about a reservation Valentine's Day, as it's a wedding related event, but are looking for a few other things.
We would like to do Dim Sum on Sunday morning. We will be staying at the Drake, so closer to there would be great,
Monday night, we are looking for a nice restaurant with a good assortment of fish dishes, among others.
Will traffic be bad up to Napa/Sonoma on Saturday? We want to go visit our wine we have stored there, maybe arrange to ship it back to NY.

Reasonable priced Italian

We are looking for somewhere to go with a group of about 10 in Manhattan, reasonably priced. The other person suggested someplace in the Bronx because it's not as pricy, but I would prefer staying in Manhattan. Appetizers in the $10-$15 range, pastas $15-$20, and $20-$30 entrees.

Jan 22, 2014
robinsilver in Manhattan

Carnegie or Katz's, and why?

Funny I should see this today, because yesterday I had deli from Ben's on Long Island, and was just thinking about how going to get a sandwich from Katz's was so well worth the trip, even if I decided to pay the toll at the Midtown Tunnel.
My son lives directly across the street from 2nd Avenue Deli, but don't think it compares to Katz's, and Carnegie, a definite no. Not sure which NY'ers they think eat regularly at Carnegie. Maybe it's the ones who don't want to spend the time or subway ride to get to Katz's.

Jan 20, 2014
robinsilver in Manhattan

David Burke Kitchen

Have a reservation there tonight to take my son and his girlfriend, who I am meeting for the first time. We just made the reservation the other day, and I wanted to stick with Soho, because her apartment is there, and that was the most recognizable that came up. Usually when we come in for dinner, we are either in the theater district, or go for some of the other name restaurants, although not even as up on them as I used to. After spending over $1,000 a couple at Per Se, I just decided that food can't possibly be good enough to cost more than than some people have to spend in a year.

Any thoughts on my choice?

Jan 17, 2014
robinsilver in Manhattan

Please update French Quarter choices

I guess that explains the price of airline tickets for that weekend. Luckily we made the hotel reservations through a packager quite a while ago.

Oct 08, 2013
robinsilver in New Orleans

Please update French Quarter choices

I did search this board, but there has been nothing posted since early in 2012, so would love if someone could update.
I am planning a trip to New Orleans with 5 women the week-end of November 7th to 11th. So far we have reservations at NOLA for dinner Saturday night, and the Jazz Brunch at Commander's Palace for Sunday. For some of them, I think these 2 are going to be their higher priced meals, so would like to stick to more reasonable places for other choices. We are staying at the Hyatt in the French Quarter. We won't arrive until after 7 on Thursday night, so if there is someplace close by for dinner it would be great. Not too heavy or spicy too for that one. Then would love suggestions for other breakfasts and lunches. We had planned to go last year, but ironically we had to cancel due to Hurricane Sandy. 4 of us are from NY.

Oct 02, 2013
robinsilver in New Orleans

Flushing & Dim Sum

If you don't mind driving out to Long Island, there are 2 places that, in my opinion, have better dim sum than Flushing. The Orient in Bethpage, and Fortune Wheel in Levittown. If you get to them around 11:00, or even 11:30, you probably won't have to wait. One of the things I like is that most of their things are not fried, and they have a large variety of choices.

Apr 16, 2013
robinsilver in Outer Boroughs

Gefilte Fish

That sounds a lot like my mother's recipe too. As a follow-up, it turns out that what I am going to do this year is go to my mother's house and make the fish there, so will follow her directions, then should be able to do it myself. She told me that the fish store will filet and grind the fish, and grind onion to put in with it. I didn't notice if that was in the Epicurious recipe. I will leave it at her house to cook, and she will test the seasonings. I am having 26 people, although not all are gefilte fish eaters, we love to have left overs. I will let you know what happens.

Mar 15, 2013
robinsilver in Kosher

Left Coast Kitchen and Cocktails in Merrick - How is this place?

Really enjoyed it, but not what I would call gourmet dining. More of a fun place.

Gefilte Fish

Does anyone make their own gefilte fish, and have a good recipe? I know there are plenty online, but won't go for Wolfgang Puck's with the cabbage, and can't really imagine making Martha Stewart's recipe, and haven't even looked at it.
My mother always made it, as did my mother-in-law before she passed away, but my mother just had a pacemaker put in, so can't handle the big pot of water needed.

Mar 14, 2013
robinsilver in Kosher

All time favorite Seder recipes

I make what I consider a traditional brisket, which is an enhanced onion-soup based gravy. I am having 26 this year, and I do 2 of them, with some kind of chicken dish. I made an Israeli orange spiced chicken for years, and have tried other things lately. This year I am going to do chicken with roasted fennel and red onion in an orange balsamic sauce.
I have always made a parve sweet farfel kugel that is like a sweet noodle kugel. Also, a mixed veggie kugel that I make with grated zucchini and carrots, with sauteed onions. I found a recipe on kosher cooking that I am going to try this year, it is a farfel kugel made with spinach, mushrooms and onions.
Does anyone make their own gefilte fish? My 90 year old mother always made the chicken soup with matzoh balls, and the gefilte fish for me. She had a pacemaker put in about a month ago, so doesn't think she can handle doing both, and the chicken soup is easier. I am going to try doing the gefilte fish on my own. I hate to see the idea of home made gefilte fish go by the wayside. If you have a recipe, or any tips, let me know.

Mar 14, 2013
robinsilver in Kosher

Polish or German potato dumplings

I am having a dinner party Saturday night and was to make potato dumplings. I found a recipe that seems similar to my mother-in-law's, so will use that, but can't find any information about whether they can be kept warm in any way until serving. I plan to saute chopped onions and butter and mix that with the dumplings once cooked.

Feb 21, 2013
robinsilver in Home Cooking

Favorite Long Island Supermarkets

Funny but I was going to say that the only thing that made $1.77 sound expensive was remembering when I wa first married in 1974 chicken cutlets was 99 cents, and filet mignon was $1.99.

Favorite Long Island Supermarkets

You think $1.77 is a rediculous price for chicken cutlets? I don't buy those because they are always the toughest and driest, and seeing as we like to eat good food, once I spend my time cooking it, I have made the decision to only buy Bell & Evans. For the pound I use to make our dinner, i can live with it, and whatever I make is cheaper than eating out.
The great thing is that there are now so many great places on Long Island, it is hard to pick one because there are certain things that are better at one than another, and times you prefer to go somewhere because of the convenience of it. The Fairway in Westbury was a little disappointing when it first opened, but I am starting to like it. Today I loved it, it was starting to ice up, and I pass it on the way home from work. Get stocked up for the snowy weekend, and am a happy camper.
I also have to mention that sometimes H-Mart has great things, and certain items that we used to have to go to Flushing for. The North Shore Farms in Mineola has a great bakery oven left over from the previous spot, and there are lines at the bakery department. They have an excellent variety of produce at fair prices, very good quality too. Their fish department, although expensive, has top quality and a great fish guy. Take out foods are also excellent. I won't eat their lasagna very often, but it is terrific.

H Mart great for lobsters

HMart is not really a place to go for hummus. They are an Asian market, not to take the place of Trader Joes or Stew Leonard's, but if you want different brands of tofu, Korean sweets, and lots of frozen shu mai, this place is for you. Campari tomatoes and cucumbers, which are less frequently used in Asian dishes, are also not the best.

Stamford gourmet pizza

Looking to invite about 20 people to a happy hour in Stamford where we could serve pizzas. Our office is in Landmark Square, so someplace close would be good. I know Zaza is right across the street, but not sure if that will work for the size of the group. Any other suggestions?

The Best Bread In Nassau County

The Freshways on Jericho Turnpike in Mineola is now a North Shore Farms. The bakery is still there, and better than ever. And from the size of the line there at the counter last Sunday, I am not the only one who thinks so.

Prime aged beef on Long Island

I use Prime Time Butcher in Roslyn, but their other location is in Woodbury, so closer to Suffolk County. They also have Dry Aged Choice. I ave gotten a filet roast from them many times.

Rehearsal dinner near Melville LI

There is a Piccola Bussola on Jericho Turnpike west of Route 110. I have not been to that location, but enjoy the one in Mineola, and it would be good for a crowd. They serve family style. There is also a Matteo's there, but I am not a fan.

New Uzbekistan restaurant in Port Washington

We went last Saturday night with a group of 6. It is not kosher, even though King David is glatt kosher. We also enjoyed it very much. We shared various appetizers and kabobs, then had our own entrees. We are all wine collectors, so like to bring our own, and their corkage fee is $15, so another plus. Also, the napoleon for dessert is great. It was not crowded on a Saturday night.