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Cooks Illustrated's Pursuit of Blogger [Split from Home Cooking]

Ummm. Copyright lawyers must make a lot of money. Several years ago, I wrote a text in which I modified several figures from other publications. In each case, I contacted the publisher and/or copyright owner for permission (with explicit descriptions, of course, of my intended modifications). All publishers/copyright holders save one, an Ivy League press, gave me written permission (ALWAYS get permission in writing--e-mails, unless I am mistaken, are OK). In any event, the press denying permission told me that they never permit their figures to be reprinted by another author or modified. Getting back to food, when I was a stay-at-home-Mom in the 1960s, I was told that copyright of a recipe could be transferred to another if three changes were made in the original recipe. Has anyone heard this? Clearly, it appears that things have gotten a lot more complicated now that the food industry is a multi-billion dollar business. I would guess, also, that lots of egos are now involved.

Books About Food (memoirs and the like--NOT COOKBOOKS): Favorites & Recommendations

I've recently completed the irreverent memoir Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain, and I'm eager to read other memoirs of this genre. What I liked most about Bourdain's book, in addition to the high quality of writing, was his sense of humor combined with a professional's respect for food and for many of his colleagues (e.g., Ripert). Bourdain has the writing talents of a polished storyteller, as many of you know. I intend to read other books by him, if recommended, and I seek, as well, books by other chefs, critics, and the like. I am a serious "foodie", not a snob, but seeking reading material about food and related topics of only the highest quality. Thank you for any replies.

An Informal Survey: If you could only have one...

...i always order extra cheese + onions....

San Jose, Costa Rica

My favorite "not fancy" restaurant in San Jose is Europa. The cevice is "to die for". I frequented CR and this restaurant often in the 70s and 1980; I hope Europa is still in business.

Princeton to New Brunswick Corridor (Rt 1, Rt 27, Rt 130)

It may be worth considering a visit to Raagini in Mountainside on Rt.22 which was, at one time, considered the best Indian restaurant in NJ. However (and I am unable to confirm this), I have heard that the old chef is no longer there and that his high standard has not been maintained. Expensive.

Raagini Restaurant
1085 US Highway 22, Mountainside, NJ 07092

Ice cream and ___________ = a winning combination

I very much like Green Tea Ice Cream with wafer-thin butter cookies. BTW, the recipe for hot chocolate sauce in Rombauer-Becker's edition of the early 60s is "to die for". Finally, I too wax nostalgic over black walnuts. My grandparents had a massive tree in their back yard, and I spent hours cracking the shells (not easy to do!) and extracting the "meat". My grandmother used them in Christmas cakes and desserts.

Sonic Drive In Comes to Wallingford ,Ct Food Review

Sonic is perhaps the only non-specialty store where malteds are available. Their vanilla malted shake is my favorite.

does anyone still buy instant coffee?? canned vegetables?? condensed soup??

Ditto! I enjoy LeSeur canned peas with roast lamb, roasted potatoes, and mint sauce. Canned succotash (small limas) are delicious with most of the water poured off and heated in some bacon grease. I use canned artichokes often and a range of canned ethnic foods, especially sauces. There are, also, some very good canned gourmet soups available

Okay worst casseroles have been discussed, how abour the best?

Paula Deen makes this broccoli casserole (recipe available on, and I have made it many times, mostly for Pot Lucks where it has been wildly successful. This, also, works well, as you would guess, with cauliflower, summer squash (including zucchini). I've thought of trying Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and asparagus. The addition of macaroni (not too much) and chopped ham might be interesting, also.

Does one have to serve dessert at a dinner party?

There are some good ideas here for alternatives to desert, some of which I've resorted to myself. However, for a formal or relatively formal dinner party, recall that dessert is a course. My "go to" signature dessert is a fruit tart (couldn't be easier with a store-bought crust). When my children were young and I wanted to cut corners, I would serve Irish coffee after dinner. This went over very well. I, also, like a cheese + fruit plate, coffee, & apertif.

Favourite cheese blend for macaroni

Many of these combinations sound delicious; however, I don't make M&C without Bechamel (white) sauce.

Do you have a favorite I'm-alone-now-so-nobody-will-know favorite dish?

Does anyone remember Stouffer's frozen creamed lobster in plastic boiler bags? To die for. I haven't seen it in years. btw, made with good quality sherry....

List of things to eat/food experiences to have in South Carolina

...see my note above....

List of things to eat/food experiences to have in South Carolina

I have heard that the restaurant, Stone Soup, is very, very good. I think it is in Greenville, not too far from Spartanburg.

Best Sandwich in the World

My favorite sandwich is chopped chicken liver (with chopped egg) on seeded rye and Dijon mustard and a couple of half-sours. Sometimes I ask for lettuce and tomato, also; however, this is unconventional.