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cooking in a hotel (fridge and microwave only!)

Winter squashes cook up pretty well in the microwave if you perforate them to release steam beforehand. With your blender, you could make squash soups.

Oct 25, 2012
junkers in Home Cooking

Blendtec jar maintenance

So I haven't used my Blender for a while, and I was told that you need to use the jar fairly frequently to keep the rotor lubricated. I think mine dried out a bit as the rotor is very stiff. Really don't want to buy another jar (although it's been a few years) and was wondering if there's a DIY method to freshen up the rotor. Has anyone tried reoiling it?

May 20, 2011
junkers in Cookware

Submerging cutting board in mineral oil

Just curious about how much oil can a cutting board absorb? I know about the general maintenance, but was wondering about it as my board seems to be drinking in the mineral oil like crazy. Has anyone tried dipping their board in oil for a few days? Would anything happen to the board? I don't think that it'd warp like water... I know this is completely impractical, but maybe someone's done this?

Dec 26, 2010
junkers in Cookware

Re-seasoning flaky cast iron

I've been using my cast iron skillet for a while, and I saw that the seasoning on the inside circumference of the pan was starting to flake (Kind of like the pic on the left, but only around the edge of the pan The size of the flakes are around grains of sand, fairly fine, so when I wipe the skillet with a paper towel, there are around several dozen flecks.

Do you guys just put on another layer of seasoning when this happens? Or do you strip it all the way down to restart? I admit that my first layers of seasoning weren't the best (went a little heavy with the Crisco), but it's held up till now. Just wondering if another layer on top of that would be useless because of the flaking.

Also, how often do you guys reseason your pans? It seems almost inevitable that the seasoning will start chipping/flaking away with time, but people always talk about their generations-old skillet that they've never had to maintain.

Oct 04, 2010
junkers in Cookware