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Caja China advice?

Hi it all depends on internal temp of pig before leaving out i have left pigs out overnight and they still didnt come up to temp before roasting. a litle tweak i have developed to speed up the process when the temp is not up to 70deg is to make a basic salt sugar brine and heat it up then inject the hot brine into the thick hams and shoulders. what i have found with whole animals is that the longer you keep it chilled is the longer it takes to thaw, i think it has something to do with how deep the chill is meaning it could be chilled but not ice cold down to the bones. try the brine in a pinch it has always worked for me. i used a full metal commercial marinade injector just in case you are wondering, i think lawrys salt company brands them. hope this helps

Caja China advice?

roasting with head on is fine. some people wrap the ears so they dont turn to charcoal but it part of the process. the most important advice is make sure your pig is 70 degrees internal temp on the thickest part of the leg before you start cooking. depending on size of pig an internal temp of 60 degrees can add up to 3 hours cooking time. have fun

Caja China advice?

a pic of my pig

Caja China advice?

the skin becomes leathery for several reasons: 1. the pig was flipped too early and the skin didnt get to gel stage 2. fire not hot enough or pan has too much ash under the coals (which lowers the box temp significantly) 3. remember if the skin gels properly and you flip for crackling it has to dry out ,which is why you slit the skin it is to allow the excess moisture to get out from under the fat/skin layer after that it will get to a dry leather like stage right before it starts to crackle. leaving the top open will make it crisp a little better but your loin sections will get super dry as they tend to be the driest parts when to pig is done cooking. i would leave on the lid and just allow time to get it crisp ,the steam in the box wont affect it that much if the coals are screaming hot on top. my recommendation is to get a good thermometer setup and that will help you alot. i flip my pigs at 185 degrees inner leg temp at the deepest part and we get great crackling and really moist pig. i am not sure if we can suggest brands on here but i use thermoworks dual temp thermometer. i hope i am not to jumbled with my advice. regards

Jamaica Where to eat in Mo-Bay and Ochie

In Mo Bay

Scotchies(this is the original location) lobster trap (by the sea about 15mins out of mo-bay going towards negril), Robbie Joseph seahorse grill (tell him Gari ferguson sent you) The house boat (upscale dining)

In Ochie

Scotchies again (we love it ) Lyming in walkerswood (about 15 mins out of ochie) for good local food i would ask the guys in the kitchen at the hotel.


Caja China advice?

the secret to the cooking time is having a 70degree internal temp(taken from the thickest part of the leg) before you start cooking the larger animals. i cook about 6 pigs a month for special events and i have been using the box about 6 years now.