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Moving to Long Branch- Where to eat??

glad to hear you enjoyed it!

Aug 04, 2011
whatsthedish in New Jersey

Help! Need a great American Pub or Casual Restaurant Near Princeton

I've gone here the past two Winters with my boyfriends parents after seeing a show at the Princeton University theatre (IDK how close to that you would be, I'm not familiar with the Princeton area that much). I like the food, they love it. Here's the menu as a PDF and then the link to the full site is also below.



Oct 02, 2010
whatsthedish in New Jersey

Moving to Long Branch- Where to eat??

pricey but fantastic - hands down one of the best meals I have ever eaten
right next to dunkin donuts on ocean

Also, for more casual dining..

Scala's Pizza on Brighton Ave

Izu Sushi behind the 711 off of Ocean Ave - i swear it's good, don't get worried because it's near a 711

and Mix on Brighton Ave- ONLY for happy hour, unless you don't mind paying $12 for a martini ( even though.. they are pretty good and strong.. still.. I wouldn't pay $12..) during happy hour their salads (which are huge and packed with whatever is supposed to be in them.. ie.. you don't get one tomato slice etc), pizzas (which are smaller but more refined, still enough for two), and martini's are half price. So two people, a martini each (sometimes one is enough-strong!!!), a salad each, and splitting a pizza runs approx $30++. Pretty great if you ask me. And the food is GOOD.

Izu Sushi
31 Montgomery Ave, Long Branch, NJ 07740

Oct 02, 2010
whatsthedish in New Jersey

Long Beach Island, NJ?

BagelEddies is great for sandwiches too! It's amazing how much better a turkey sandwich tastes from there than from some other places on the Island.They close at 2pm though which sometimes makes it hard to get there for a late lunch.

Oct 02, 2010
whatsthedish in New Jersey