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Apple Picking Near Boston NOT Like Disney?

My bf and I have been planning to pick apples and these suggestions are all a real help! Do any of you happen to know of any orchards that sell caramel or candy apples, too? They can be disney-like.

Restaurants with humanely raised meat and poultry?

Thanks so much for all the replies! I did a little menu checking and decided to go to EVOO. We went last night and had a wonderful meal. I got the adobo-marinated lamb in pastry with summer veggie succotash and purslane and cucumber on top and it was great -- all the flavors worked well together and I could feel good about eating it. Our appetizers -- a beet salad for me and a greens and tomato salad with corn puree for my bf -- were also exquisite and so summery! It's wonderful to go to a place that uses fresh, local veggies and meat.

Thanks again for the help!!!

Restaurants with humanely raised meat and poultry?

I'm planning for my birthday dinner and I need some help. I usually avoid eating meat and poultry at restaurants because they are not humanely raised but since I'm going out for a big dinner I was thinking it would be nice to have some duck or steak without feeling guilty.. I was wondering if anyone on the boards knew of a restaurant that serves this. It needs to be humanely raised, not just organic or free range. Moderately expensive to expensive is fine, and the cuisine could be French, new America, or Asian.

Any ideas?

Where to eat after visiting Boston University?

Petit Robert is especially wonderful for lunch as the value gets even better on the lunch specials.

Good Italian for my birthday

Hi folks,

I'm coming home to Manhattan for my birthday next weekend, and would like to go for some really delicious Italian food. It can be expensive and it should be in Manhattan. I've been to Babbo and loved it, except for the loud music, if that gives you an idea of my preferences.



Aug 17, 2007
kimonocomics in Manhattan