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Downtown Vietnamese-The Bamboo Shoot

Isn't this the same place that had the "$1 for each item" menu earlier? Hope the food has gotten a little better!

New asian food truck in dt Minneapolis - Vellee Deli

I love the chicken curry banh mi at WSK, but finally, a more authentic banh mi out of a food truck in DT Minneapolis. I also tried the Currito, they were both pretty good. I will definitely be returning, often.

They were at Marquette and 5th (a block up from the Smack Shack) the last couple of days. They said they would be doing this almost all weekdays, but please do check their twitter feed to confirm. Everything is around $6. Very decent portion sizes too.

the Smack Shack Downtown Minny Food Truck

They're on Marquette between 6th and 7th. The food is great as ever, but the lobster rolls are $12 each this year - last year they were $8.50. :(

Thoughts on Duplex?

I too have only one experience at Duplex to report, and it was terrible. This was from last summer though.

We had to wait an hour and 10 mins just to get the two simple things we ordered (standard breakfast fare, nothing fancy.). I can understand some kitchen delays, but the worst part was that our waiter (who was indifferent and uninterested from the moment we were seated) couldn't so much as come out to us and say " sorry, but your order will take a few more minutes". Also, I asked for a straw for my beverage and THAT took 20 mins. The food was serviceable, but overpriced for what it was.

Um, possibly a good find.....? any input on Bayou Cajun?

I know - it's in the Gaviidae Common food court next to a McDonald's, not typically chowhound territory. That had turned me off until today, but this afternoon I decided to give it a chance and was pleasantly surprised. It is, wait for it, a Cajun place that also serves Korean food. I only had the "bourbon chicken" sandwich, which was better than I expected (and under $5), but the lady behind the counter was super nice and told me she was from Korea and then pointed out that they served a few Korean dishes too, including bulgogi. I can't wait to go back to try those. I've been wanting for a long time to eat more Korean stuff, and I didn't know of any in downtown Minneapolis other than the pretty good bulgogi sandwich at Brothers Deli, but now in just the last couple of days I've found two spots for it right in Gaviidae common - this Bayou place and Nicol's deli (they have a decent bi bim bap).

Anyhoo, what I wanted to ask was, has anyone else checked out Bayou Cajun? Any experiences - good/bad?

Brothers Deli
50 S 6th St Ste 220, Minneapolis, MN 55402

Wondrous Azian.......?

What's everyone's opinion on the Wondrous Azian Kitchen? I was there last night and came away feeling that it was bland, very ordinary food at unjustifiably high prices. What does everyone else think? Does it deserve another chance? ( But, given all of Thom Pham's legal troubles, will the place be around a few months from now?)

Twin Cities street food

Good read on factors that might inhibit the presence of independent food trucks.

Banh Mi Sandwich - Best Place in Mpls or St. Paul?

I know this is borderline sacrilegious, but if you're like me and love bahn mi and love curry, check out the chicken curry bahn mi from Chef Wadi's World Street Kitchen - it's amazing.