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lunch near Louis Armstrong house

Go to El Ricon Criollo..

4009 Junction Blvd, New York, NY 11372
(718) 639-8158

Williamsburg HEALTHY Lunch?

Old school Caravan of Dreams style or One Lucky Duck? Is there a raw food restaurant here? Dont want to go to the city...

Santa Margarita winery tour/tasting in Italy?

i like CAVIT. I also like their premium version- Bottega Vinaia.

Jul 15, 2012
rootytootyfreshnfrooty in Italy

brooklyn heights, carrol gardens, cobble hill area pizza crawl

You are forgetting 2 relatively new places, both on Columbia St. I really like and frequently order pies from Caselnova- the place that used to be called "two fifteen". Small size pies, but nice, and i guess they started also doing gluten free pies, but i haven't gone there... Also the new joint in the place that used to be "Bluestone" on the corner of Kane and Columbia is decent for a pie delivery, although the knuckleheads "dont deliver drinks, sorry." Casa Di Campagna it's called. Or, more accurately, that Italian place kind of next to Pok Pok.

Stone Park Cafe or Rose Water?

Rosewater. By Far! sorry.

The Wing Bar on Smith St.

you mean "subjective"

Best fruit in NYC

go to the Orchard in Brooklyn

Great New Orleans restaurants near Mother's

ROB- Run dont walk to Butcher (behind Cochon) for lunch!!!

930 Tchoupitoulas St., New Orleans, LA 70130

Burger place on Smith in old Patois spot

Well, maybe they should. Actually, tots are about the only decent things I've gotten from that place. Oh how I miss Chicory. Their burgers, though are quite UN-ultimate... Not even PenUltimate. Lame, actually, in my humble opine. And I've tried several times. You are correct, though. How can they screw up fries if they don't make them? I'm sure they'd find a way.

Andouille sausage in Brooklyn?

French places and German places generally sell sausage called andouille or andouillette, but these sausages have little to do with cajun andouille- Usually cajun andouille is much spicier- more salt and more pepper....

Ehmer's andouille is totally valid. Just not cajun andouille.

Best Nachos in Brooklyn?

Believe it or not- Waterfront Ale House on Atlantic has KILLER nachos.

Top Chef Vegas Ep. #3 09/02/09 (spoilers)

if the special was "poato risotto," I would expect a risotto (rice dish) with chunks of potato in it. And, thusly, probably not order it.

Fried Chicken


Co. Pizza- Too Tarte

I am very sorry, but I am a pizza eating civilian with no ties to anyone, and I went to Company a week ago and loved it. LOVED it. I had the Lardons pie and it was burnt perfectly and delicious! End of story. I'm not comparing it to anywhere else- Why should I? I find it original and excellent. I went at 3PM and got totally fast fresh service and a hot pie!

Best Ice Cream in Brooklyn

The ice cream sandwiches at Bierkraft are INSANE. Unfortunately. I think Alba/Villabate gelato is pretty great at times- especially on the brioche- i find that it depends on the flavor- I like the gelato at the tanning salon on 86th st better. Also, the spumoni (not spumoni ice, but spumoni ice cream, old style) atCourt St. Pastry. Blue Marble IS very good. I also like the mint at the Chocolate Room- especially in a cup of hot chocolate. haven't made it to Jacques Torres' new ice cream yet,

Trout now "since 1963"

I've never asked nicely at RUB and still gotten my Shiner.

Pizza Dough


Chinese delivery in Ditmas Park?

You shouldn't believe everything you read- I fell into the same trap, and was completely thrilled when I found out YenYen would deliver all the way to East 19th St. Until I tried the food.

New Condiment Site...

Do you mean worried that you're missing one?

New Condiment Site...

I'm laughing my butt off at this site (all the way to the grocery store)- Seems like endless possibilities abound! I wonder what's behind it? Someone with some serious free time? Seems like it's expanding, like my pantry is about to- I know I don't want Baconnaise, but i need to know!! Other things I need to know- Where's the best muffaletta relish (Obviously Central grocery), What's the diff between all the Yucateca's? and is Nutella really a condiment?

Piccola Venezia, L'Incontro, Manducatis, or Manetta?

Just to clarify- I didn't say get Gianni on your side- I said if he's on your side... He is an excellent Maitre D' and if you let him guide the ordering to what is fresh that given night, you will have an excellent meal. Walter, one of the old Maitre D's has a restaurant on Northern Blvd. in Little Neck called Conti's... By the way, Ponticello was also opened by a former Maitre D' from Piccolo Venezia, FYI.

Piccola Venezia, L'Incontro, Manducatis, or Manetta?

I have been to all of the above many times-I would consider Ponticello. I do not think particularly highly of either Manducati's or Manetta. I would put them in the class with Parkside. PV is a very nice place, and if Gianni the Maitre D' is on your side, you will do very well- Order off the specials menu that are verbally presented. Baby pig is nice, Grilled Squid, Stuffed Squid, Dover Sole, Veal Chop grilled, Osso Buco, Buco-lini, Sfuzi Grappa, etc... L'incontro is more inventive- Napoleon of Bacala, Killer pastas, Risotto, Funghi, It's more upscale bistro... Ponticello is a bit more refined than the others- perfect for Valentine's Day- I'd say Piccola Venezia for Fathers Day, and L'Incontro for a fun night out with friends...

Smoked fish & appetizing in Queens

Andels appetizing on Roslyn Rd between the expwy and the northern state has the best smoked fish around- as good or better than all the places in the city, just expensive as hell. i grew up on their lox and sturgeon. definitely try before you buy and ask for different pieces- there's a big variety.

Cuban Sandwiches on Flatbush Ave - BK?

Mas Que Pan used to be on Smith St. until maybe 2001- They made great cornbread for pretty cheap!

How is Five Guys?

It's lame that they will not serve a burger that is not well done. I'll sign the release.

Nov 21, 2008
rootytootyfreshnfrooty in Chains

best carolina pulled pork in nyc?

Yeah, Rub definitely uses hickory.

Crispo or Alto?

I would try Lunetta in the old Mayrose location...

Classy Nachos

Waterfront Ale House...

Cooter Brown's

Larry BareAss Titsky still over there? Vince? Gretchen?

Lucali's closed for lunch, Grimaldi's line too long, Franny's boring, DiFara mobbed, Tottono's too far...Try Sam's

Unfortunately it's now Bonita. That place was great!!!