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The Kitchen, York NE -- an oasis in a foodie desert

I haven't been there yet. I'll have my little brother try it.

There are good places scattered here and there. You've got to travel just like for anything else out there. York is pretty much a desert though. The closest place I really like in that area is either in Seward or Grand Island. Usually the best 'Merican food is in bars. NE has a ton of immigrants. Most people don't realize that. Generally, if you ask for something legit they'll make it even if it's not on the menu. Hell, Schuyler has an east african market now. There are good Latin places all over the state. For some reason super authentic Italian places have been popping up the last few years. I can't figure that out.

I had a big surprise a few weeks ago. The best mapo doufu I've ever had was in Columbus, NE. It wasn't on the menu and it was at a buffet. Not on the buffet. I used to date a Chinese girl who's favorite dish was this. I've had my fair share in LA, NYC, SF, etc. All the hot spots. This was legit. My little brother and I ate it on the banks of a river when catfishing. Pretty redneck. My other favorite Chinese place in that state is in Ogallala. Yeah...

Jun 05, 2014
ajb05854 in Great Plains

Smoked Fish IC

If you ever make it to Des Moines, European Flavors has a large variety of smoked fish. I've had a few kinds and it's all been great. Sorry I can't help with IC.

Sep 09, 2012
ajb05854 in Great Plains

North Dakota

Thanks! Minot is definitely on my radar. I used to go there every summer growing up and into college. I'm glad there is one Mexican place around. I grew up on very authentic latin food, so I was a little worried.

Have you ever made it up to Regina? I'm curious about it. I've been to a few towns in Canada around that area and have been impressed. Brandon really surprised me.

The foodie aspect will surprise me, but I'm looking very forward to the ice fishing.

Sep 06, 2012
ajb05854 in Great Plains

Lincoln NE restaurant recs for a tourist?

What do you like and what other towns will you be in? Basically, what other towns in the area are you visiting and what are you looking for? Do you want more upscale, or the cheap places I used to eat there when I worked in Lincoln before grad school. They've kind of got a little bit of everything which I like.

Sep 06, 2012
ajb05854 in Great Plains

Two Des Moines Meals - Lucca and Tacos Degollado

Thanks again for the report! I'll eat at the taco truck the next time I head down to DSM. I've seen it before but never stopped.

Aug 20, 2012
ajb05854 in Great Plains

North Dakota

It looks like I'll probably be moving to Williston or Dickinson and will be traveling a lot for work. A few questions: I grew up in the middle of nowhere, so anything within a 200 mile drive is fair game. I've done a lot of searching, but google can only get you so far.

What are the best places to eat in those towns? I'm not picky as long as it's not too processed. The two places that have me intrigued are the thai place in Dickinson, and the Hawaiian place in Williston.

Is there an authentic Mexican place anywhere (I need my vitamin T)?

Are there any ethnic markets besides the asian one in Bismark?


Aug 14, 2012
ajb05854 in Great Plains

Great Plains Road Trip

Between Kearney, and Estes I'd probably go by either Kearney. if go into town I can usually find a decent place. My favorite is closed sorry, not much there. All the decent places would be north of the interstate quite a ways. Lexington has a decent Mexican place too. If you like antiquing there are a some shops. It's all high end and you're not paying NE prices, it's east coast prices. They have some really cool stuff. Most any town you go though should have a bar with good food. Look for all the beat up ranch trucks. If I were in the mood for that I'd probably try Cozad or Arapahoe.

KC vote is OK joe's. Call ahead and have it ready. They're only open until 9 or so if I remember right.

In Omaha, do a search for places that have been suggested before. If you want to wait, right off the interestate in Des Moines is a place I always hit up for road food before I visit my parent's named Saraj It's Bosnian. You get a ton for your money if you get something with bread and the leftovers are good cold IMO. As much as I love places in Omaha, that might be a better option if you don't get there too late.

You mentioned buying a steak. This summer I stopped at (I think the safeway) and bought two of the most beautiful no roll (should have been graded prime) porterhouses I've ever seen. I grew up eating home butchered meat. I payed out the nose for them from what I'm used to which would still mean they were over $6 a pound. I aged them for a few weeks on my trip, ate one, and took the other two my dad. He was pleased and this is a guy with a freezer full of steak.

Ogalalla also has a good chinese place. We asked them for some authentic dishes and they girlfriend was talking to them in Mandrin so that probably helped. It's the one on the east side of town. I probably got something with sole in it, and I'm sure she got ma pao dofu.

Anyway, I hope that helped a bit.

Aug 07, 2012
ajb05854 in Great Plains

Lincoln Questions

Thanks for the reply, my sister and her boyfriend are driving home soon (halfway across the country) before she moves out of the country and she was curious about it. She's the one that went to UNL who used to go there all the time. The pad si ew was great. about 8 years ago. I didn't check it out the last time I was in NE. My parents don't make it to Lincoln very much and I don't make it back to NE much as well.

For fresh fish, I always liked absolutely fresh out of Omaha. I'm sure it's still ok because I have an aunt who goes there regularly and is really, really picky about food.

I was back in the state a few months ago. My lady friend finds it hilarious how I have some ability to find out of the way places to eat. We were in Grand Island, cranky, and hungry. We came across Napoli's. It was pretty good. The funniest thing is that they used to be in Columbus. My parents told me about this place for a while, but they moved for local political reasons (couldn't get a liquor license from what they heard). What the lady friend ordered was fine, but not that good. I ordered something outstanding. I'd recommend it if you're in the area. It's right west of a decent mexican place that is pretty good as well.

As far as thai food goes in NE, I LOVE a place in Omaha that's down in south Omaha on 24th. My go to place is under new ownership now and not as good. I went there over Christmas when I was sick as heck. I kind of stumbled in, said to the lady that I was sick and I wanted some chicken soup because I was sick. I was really stumblingly sick. I just threw some cash on the counter and that's it. The girlfriend was driving me. I got the best soup I've ever eaten. I gave my mom a little and she agreed. I pretty much had to drag it away from her. It was that good and that is one of my favorite restaurants because of that. Give it a try....I'm sure you can find it on yelp. Sorry I don't know the name. I do remember how to drive there!

One other thing that is hilarious. On my mom's b-day, she drove to Lincoln just to eat some pho. She'd never had it before but heard me and my sister talk about it all the time. That was 4 months ago and it still makes me laugh. She went to a place on 27th that was a little north of O. She loved it BTW.

Jul 15, 2012
ajb05854 in Great Plains

I have a lot of questions about Lincoln, NE

Barrymores is a really neat place. I've taken a bunch of folks there from out of state and they all like it. It's not the cheapest, or the best, but it's just fun. The best way I could describe it is that it feels like you're doing something wrong when you are there. I mean that in a good way. Maybe that's just me, but it's an interesting space. I hope you find it....

Jul 14, 2012
ajb05854 in Great Plains

Wagyu Beef Ranch and Restaurant in Western Nebraska???

I don't know of a place like that. I'd guess there isn't much of a market for it because everyone raises their own beef. It's just not that interesting. That being said, you'll be in some serious beef country. If I were to give any advice, it'd be to ask a local where to get a good steak. Many times the best ones are not from the "nice" looking places. Lots of the small town bars out there use meat from family's cattle. About anywhere you go is going to have much better beef than you can get from the coasts anyway, so don't sweat it, and find a place. My dad said one of the worst steaks he's ever eaten was from one of the "finer" steakhouses in DC. Him and my mom go out every week to a tiny bar and eat 12 ounce ribeyes for $8. We're all REALLY picky about steak.

Lots of places like that only serve steaks on friday and saturdays, so keep that in mind. I'd just call a hotel and ask where to go. This is worth mentioning too. I'm making a generalization here, but keep this in mind. In the sandhills north of I-80, is where most of the cattle in the state are pastured. They raise the steers to a certain weight and then sell them to feed lots. The feed lots feed them ddgs, corn, ect, and then sell them to the packing houses. That's the meat you get from the grocery store. My dad prefers the taste of that meat, but I don't. Of the rancher friends I have, about half prefer grass finished and half prefer corn finished. All the feedlots are "around" the sandhills. If you go north of the interstate you're more likely to get grass finished. Just an FYI. Either way, they are serious about their beef out there. I was out there two months back and stopped in Ogalalla just to buy some ribeyes. They were no roll (ungraded), but would have been prime if graded. $6 a lb.

If you're serious about it, I'd waste half a day, drive up to the sandhills, and find a bar. When you say western NE, where were you thinking? It's a big state and that'd help me narrow it down a little. At the very least, stop at a small town somewhere west of North Platte and look for where the most beat up ranch trucks are. That's where you'd want to go.

Jul 09, 2012
ajb05854 in Great Plains

Road trip eats in Kansas City

I"m from NE. I always stop for some decent Mexican food in Lexington or Grand Island when I make the drive west from my parent's place. I'm not sure of the route you are taking. If you want to know more, I'll post details, but I'll be mostly without internet for the next week or two starting this afternoon. In KC, my one go to place is Oklahoma Joes. I have no idea of where the stadium is, so take that with a grain of salt.
Not really relevant, but this reminded me of something. My mom was there last year visiting some relatives for something my cousin was doing. The night of the event, they bought a bunch of food from there for all the family who came in from across the US. The next morning my aunt and mom were the first ones awake. My aunt asked my mom if she wanted pancakes, waffles, eggs, ect for breakfast. My mom said it was weird, but she wanted leftover bbq. My aunt said it was a good idea and that's what they both ate. Everyone else got fresh breakfast food, but my aunt and mom did better. They ate it cold out of the fridge which makes me laugh. Kansas City is full of BBQ places, but OK Joes is my personal favorite.

Oh, on a side note, I just went to denver for a show with the lady friend. She was born in hong kong and grew up in LA. Really solid Dim Sum (according to her) was eaten at Star Kitchen. I took the left overs to my parents on the way back east and they loved it.

May 25, 2012
ajb05854 in Great Plains

Nebraska Sandhills/western NE

I'm pretty familiar with them, but will be heading back out next week. Does anyone have a favorite place to eat? It's been a while since I had some good fries (not french fries...)

May 24, 2012
ajb05854 in Great Plains

Des Moines Recommendations?

Grazianos Brother's Italian Sausage is definitely worth a taste. I drive 10lbs to my parents in another state every time I visit. The spicy doesn't contain garlic. My dad's allergic, so I asked before I gave him some.

My favorite pork tenderloin sandwich is at Cactus Bob's in Johnston. I'm sure everyone has their favorite version, so take that with a grain of salt.

This is kind of a wild goose chase, but I thought I'd share. I grew up in an area where Latins were the majority. One thing I couldn't find in central Iowa for a long time was a good pupusa. On a whim last summer, I stopped at a food truck for one and was impressed. It was parked at a gas station about a block south of double dragon market on 2nd Ave. It was on the east side of the road. I have no idea if they're open or not as I don't go to DSM as much as I used to. I've had a few in Minneapolis, and these were better. If you're not familiar, get revuelta, and queson con loroco.

As far as small diners go, I haven't been blown away here. My great aunt is the cook at the bar in the small town I grew up in out in the middle of nowhere, so the bar might be set too high for me. I have liked the food in the bars in the small towns around DSM. Sorry I can't give you a specific place, but I usually just swing by one if I'm driving though and want a little taste of home. It's not in DSM, but my favorite in the area is the Grove Cafe. Larry is awesome. I've tried a lot of diner type places, but the Grove and The High Life are my two favorites.

I did think of one place that's really unique to DSM.
I'm partial to the cevapi, goulash, and the Bosnian gyro. I love the tahrana soup, but the lady friend doesn't. My grandma is Czech, and it's the only restaurant I've ever been to that serves a salad like she always makes from her garden in the summer. They call it the Bosnian mix salad. The cabbage salad is also exactly how she makes her coleslaw.

May 17, 2012
ajb05854 in Great Plains

Fried Catfish/Soul Food Sides

Ohhh, I didn't even think of sweet onions and tomatoes!

May 02, 2012
ajb05854 in Home Cooking

Fried Catfish/Soul Food Sides

That's kind of what mine is. I use pickles, mayo, purple onions, capers, lots of fresh dill, garlic, powdered mustard, whole grain mustard, fennel, cayenne pepper, and thyme. I just kind of toss it together.

May 02, 2012
ajb05854 in Home Cooking

Fried Catfish/Soul Food Sides

I'm making a celebration meal for a friend who grew up eating soul food. What would be some other good side dishes to make with it? My parent's caught the catfish, I've got home butchered/smoked hocks in the freezer, ect, so I can make this pretty legit. I thought about making some poke salat, but I think it's getting a little late to pick some. I need to go check if they have any purple yet.

So far, the menu is fried catfish, hushpuppies, home frozen corn, coleslaw, fried okra, mac and chesse, and bread pudding. Tarter sauce and hot sauce too.


May 01, 2012
ajb05854 in Home Cooking

Celebratory Dinner in Omaha?

The Grey Plume is ok IMO. I've only been there twice, so keep that in mind. I'd rather pay extra for the food rather than the service. It would be a solid choice. I'm not trying to put them down. I grew up with a huge garden, and everything was home butchered, so the whole farm to plate thing doesn't get me too excited. None of the dishes I had were anything I couldn't make at home. I'm more of a taco truck kind of guy.
La Buvette in the old market is a good choice as long as you don't mind slow service. As of a few years ago, the chef was a Creighton grad. It's cheap and really good. The last time we went I got braised ox cheeks for about $10. I bet you could call ahead and they would make you a special meal. I used to order some pretty crazy things from them. Everyone I've taken there has been impressed with it. It's the kind of place where you go and just sit with some wine and family or friends.
However, since mom and dad are paying....
The flatiorn was always tasty as well. I prefer it over Grey Plume. I also really like Espana.
When I graduated, I drug my parents down to South O for some tacos, a shrimp cocktail, and to get some sausage at Stoysich...If I were graduating now, I'd take them to the Ethiopian place on Leavenworth, or the Thai place on 24th. That's just me being quirky....

Apr 19, 2012
ajb05854 in Great Plains

Where can I buy bucatini in DC?

Vace's had it 3 weeks ago. I brought some back to Iowa.

Denver Foodie Trip!

I'm going to Denver in a few weeks for the Jeff Mangum show. I haven't been to CO in about 5 years. That makes me sad. What are some good places to eat? My lady friend and I are very adventurous eaters and cook a lot. Does Denver have anything really strange and unusual? We're not really into "fancy places." I'd rather eat a lengua taco on the street from a grandma in Mexico than eat at Charlie Trotters. Plus we have a broke grad student budget...

I've just started looking, but so far on my list is Caribbean Bakery, Los Cabos II, Lao Wang Noodle House, and possibly Domo. I'm aware of Buckhorn. Just as a reference, I grew up butchering, hunting, fishing, ranching, and with a huge garden. My dad worked at a packing plant. Around the holiday season, my mom would trade ham and turkey for pupusas, tamales, Laotion, and Egyptian food. My first mountain oyster was cooked over a burner heating branding irons. I grew up eating "strange" things, so it has to be pretty weird to turn me off. My girlfriend was born in Hong Kong, but grew up in LA only eating authentic Chinese food. She likes the reviewws for lao wang. Any ideas on things to do would be great too. She's never been to the rocky mountains at all, so I'm pumped to show her. Depending on what the weather is doing and how the passes are, we'll camp at least one night somewhere. I'll figure that out when we go there. My top choice is Black Canyon of the Gunnison, or I'll show her some hot springs I know of in a secret spot in the Routt. I used to go to CO all the time in college, but any suggestions are welcome. The Casa Bonita south park came out when I was in college. The same night it came out, my roommates and I said screw our classes and drove 8 hours all night to go there. I might have to go there again too....

Sorry this got long. I'm pretty excited for this trip. Can you tell?

Also, is there any place to buy a raw cuy? I've been on a mission to find one for a few years, but have been unsuccessful.

Apr 11, 2012
ajb05854 in Mountain States

DC Trip Report

Grandpa Foster is still kicking! If you want an age reference, I turned 28, and he just turned 87 a few months back. Grandma is 82. Grandpa smoked and drank until he was about 65. He is also thin as a rail. On a funny side note, I was over at there place last summer and they asked me how tall I was. I told them 5-10, and they argued. Well, I'll be darned....they got on a chair and did the whole ruler on the top of the head/pencil doorway thing. I am 6 ft. tall. I'll never forget that visit and feeling like I was a 6 year old.

Don't get too pumped up on the dumplings. I grew up on about every type of dumpling you can imagine and these were not that great for my tastes. Everything else was outstanding, so I'm kind of ignoring that.... If you want a good recipe for dumplings, I can call my mom and post some. Potato dumplings are my favorite, but are a little tricky because they'll vary on the types of potatoes you use and how old they are. I could never get bread dumplings down, but baking powder and flour are good as well.

DC Trip Report

Bistro Bohem kind of made my birthday. I let my sister and her friend eat all my food because they were loving it so much. I figured I could always cook some of my own. We grew up with her friend, so it was kind of like a slice of home in the big city.

I think they'll add onto the menu later. The co-owner/waiter mentioned that they wanted to open the side space up as a coffee shop and bistro. This is not a complaint, but they were missing desserts from the menu. I'm not much for sweets, but I really wanted to try a kolace or some makovy zavin. If they start carrying kolaces, poppy seed is my favorite. I felt the portions were fair for the money. It honestly kills an entire day when I make duck and dumplings. It's not really a "restaurant" food, which made it really cool that you can get it. I prefer sauerkraut with mine rather than the sweet and sour cabbage, but I'm sure you can substitute. I also hope they add jaternice to the menu. I literally get mine like this. My grandma's sister's sister in law lives in kansas and knows a lady who makes it when she butchers hogs. My great aunt gets it from her sister. Then she drives 300 miles to see my grandma and gives it to her. My mom drives 50 miles to my grandma and gets it. It's overnighted to me frozen in a mini cooler. Folks are pretty passionate about this cuisine. The czech embassy even keeps a list of restaurants on their website. My family butchers hogs and makes it, but usually I get it from the "lady in Kansas." The best way I can describe it is boudin without the heat or rice. It smells pretty bad when you cook it... I also want them to add some liver dumpling soup!

As far as the dumplings go, I prefer mine with a texture more like gnocchi but shaped like the ones in the restaurant were. I know my grandma's food is legit. I grew up in the middle of nowhere, and every czech exchange student who came to the US near us would get a meal cooked by my grandma. A couple have even said it's better than what their grandma makes. I'm not an expert on czech food, but that's a good enough endorsement for me.

From the food we got, I really liked the potato salad because they put dill in it. I love dill. Also, this type of food isn't for everyone. It's not light.... My grandpa ate a lard and sugar sandwich for lunch everyday for 25 years. I really want this place to make it. Can you tell?

To give you an idea of my little sister's reaction to the food, I've only seen her eat like this one other time.

She's worked in lots of foreign countries doing human rights work. Think working in orphanages and grass roots type things. She's got some stories... Well, she wanted culture shock and worked teaching english in a private Japanese high school. She doesn't eat seafood, and doesn't speak japanese. She ate burnt rice and just bought random cans of food to eat for 6 months. My dad and I picked her up from the airport and took her to a czech restaurant nearby that's just ok. Not as good as Bistro Bohem. She literally had a spoon in one hand and a fork in the other. She just ate off of our plates. I'll never forget her saying, "Dad, can I have some peas and carrots?" Duck and dumplings was falling out of her mouth. LOL. She was like that at Bistro Bohem. Give it a try. Even if you don't like it, appreciate the fact that it made for one of the best birthdays some random guy on the internet has ever had.

DC Trip Report

I'll post my trip report here as well. I just visited DC for the first time. I'm a big foodie, but am more comfortable in the mountains than the city. I really thought I was going to just fish for most of this trip and want to leave early. DC-1. Me-0

Sri Lankan Buddhist temple food festival. Just awesome. It reminded me of a midwestern soup supper, but with sri lankan food. One of the coolest things I've done in years. The food was made by Sri Lankan grandmas. For $17, three of us ate until we were stuffed, I had some leftovers, and my sister's boyfriend got a meal from leftovers.

Bistro Bohem. Thank you, thank you, thank you to the kind person who mentioned this place. It made my birthday watching my sister eat her duck and dumplings. I'm REALLY splitting hairs here, but I'd prefer the dumplings lighters, and their was a hint of clove on the duck. Outside of that, it was amazing. My grandma's czech and it was as good as her's or what I make. For the money, you can't beat it. Most of the patrons were speaking czech, so that's a good sign. We enjoyed all the dishes immensely and shared. We got the duck, chicken schnitzel, cesar salad, and goulash. Some other patrons ordered the pork roast and some soup and both looked great. As my sister said, "They gave us how much food we should eat, not how much I want to eat." If this place was near where I lived, I'd be a regular.

Eastern Market:
The next day, my sister decided she wanted me to cook something. She will honestly buy a cheap plane ticket and come and visit me just for my cooking. She constantly complains about the cost of food. I was very surprised at the variety and prices. Eastern Market surprised me. I found some hard to find items for my sister (it almost KILLED me to pay $3 for 4 spring onions when my parents have a 1/4 acre patch of them at home). Oh, what we'll pay for some nostalgia. However, the rest of the prices were good and I saw some cool things. We brought back some boudin and shad roe. The cheese market was great and cheap too. DC was starting to impress me at this point....

We head to trader joe's to get the rest of what I needed to make chicken chicken cacciatore. I've never stood in line at a grocery store for 1/2 hour. I wanted to take a picture, but my sister wouldn't let me. :) Then we went down to her neighborhood to pick up the last things.


I have a good Italian market where I live. Vace, we had a short relationship, and I think it was love at first bite. I've never had fresh mozzarella and it was mind blowing. I wouldn't own a pasta maker if I lived near here. Almost as good as mine, and cheap.

Food Corner Kabob House

My lady friend flew into town. I met her at her hotel in Dupont Circle. We're both hungry and cranky, and need some food ASAP. I checked some reviews and found this place. I'm a sucker for middle eastern food and loved this place. Have I had better? Yes. However, I personally love everything about this place. Fresh flatbread, the soup, the ambiance, all of it. I tried all the kebab meats, and liked the kufta and chicken the best. None of my friends liked it as much as I did. My favorite side was the eggplant. This place was me. I'm pretty much in check vs. DC at this point. I came to the city to try lots of different places and had a slew of places to choose from. I ate here 3 times if that tells you anything. I loved the man working behind the counter as well. This place kind of killed my other plans, but in a good way.

The final nail in the coffin.

We went to a bar for a few drinks the night before I left. I got pretty hungry, and just stopped at a random pizza place near the kabob joint for some pizza. I stopped at a liquor store and got a hoppslam. I finished my time in DC eating decent, cheap ($6 for half a pizza), and drinking a great beer. I figured the pizza was terrible and I was just buzzed, so I saved a piece for the next day. It was pretty decent. Ok, win.

DC-3. I've got a white hot sitting downstairs waiting for me. They were nice enough to package it all separately because it was getting flown 1/2 across the country by a friend. I'll retoast the bread and heat it up. I'm expecting to be blow away once again.

Critique My Picks

You've got me sold. I read a bunch of reviews today and I'm either goign to Etete or Zenebech Injera. Zenech Injera sounds a little divey-er, so I'm kind of leaning towards it, but will honestly just go with my gut when I see them.

Bangkok Golden is exactly the kind of place I'd like. I grew up butchering, canning, foraging, hunting, fishing, ect. I love restaurants where I can just go in, ask for good food, and get something super authentic. My girlfriend and I were planning on dropping about $150 at a "nice" place, but I'm about 99.9% sure we are going there and ordering a ton of dishes. I hope my sister and all her friends like Laotian food. She loved the menu when I was telling her about some of the dishes.

Critique My Picks

I'm kind of leaning towards Bangkok Golden now. Basically, a friend of mine has to do some research work in Pittsburgh, and figured he might as well visit his mom in the DC area if he's renting a car and driving that far. My girlfriend got invited to a congressional thing, so it turned into road trip time. When I was growing up, my dad worked at a packing plant. Christmas meant trading foods. Ham and turkey would be switched for Laotian, Guatemalan, Mexican, and Egyptian. I haven't had Laotian food since I was a kid, so that's awesome.

I wanted to get the crabs in DC, but if there is a better place around, near the coast, please let me know.

Critique My Picks

Thanks for the suggestions so far. Hamster, a special thanks for the head's up on Bistro Bohem. I emailed her about it and she's ecstatic that she can finally get duck and dumplings in DC. There is one very excited person working in Foggy Bottom right now. She literally flies home when tickets are cheap just to eat duck and dumplings. I even called my czech grandma today to tell her that my sister can get duck and dumplings in DC now. Grandma is happy! Děkuji Vám!

I'm having mixed feelings on the Ethiopian. I've had really good Ethiopian in the past and it's always been cheap. Here is a picture of one of my favorite places. That sampler platter is $12.
Another place I love.

Is the ethiopian in DC that much better? I can get raw gored gored, ect around here. I know the population is high in DC, so that's why I'm asking. What Ethiopian place makes their own injera with all teff? Do any places sell tej? (that's my favorite beverage). I just don't want to drop $50 and come away disappointed. Do any places have fish dishes? The Ethiopian fish dishes I've had in the past were among the best things I've ever eaten.

Critique My Picks

I'll be in DC a week from now for the first time. I'm pretty much tagging along with some friends who have business, and will just fish, do all the touristy things, and visit my sister. What are everyone's thoughts on the markets and restaurants I plan on visiting? Feel free to chime in with suggestions of other places, dishes to order, or why I should avoid something I picked. Most of the time we will not have a car. I'm more into ethnic food cooked by a grandma rather than a gastropub.

The fish market on the water for crabs-I have to.

Thai-xing-I love good thai food and the place sounds fun.

DC-3 - I want to try a white hot, and my friend who's going has never had some of the regional dogs.

Sushi Taro-This might not happen due to funds, but we're thinking about the kaiseki meal.

manouch dog- one of my good friends did undergrad at GWU. I have to go for him and get a picture.

Old Europe-My sister really wants to eat here. She can't cook at all and we grew up on german and czech food. I was going to cook duck, sauerkraut, and potato dumplings for her, but am banned from her place due to a bed bug infestation.

chef geoffs-It's my sister's favorite happy hour for the burgers.

The Sri Lankan food festival I read about on here. That's on my birthday too, so I'm super pumped.

General foodie things:
A Litteri, Hana, H Mart.

I'm also going clamming, oystering,and am hoping to find some ramps and morels on the drive out and back. We're driving from Iowa.

Birthday in DC

I've had great Ethiopian a bunch of times so it wasn't on the menu short list. I make gored gored at home with beef from my parents, so that cuisine is not too novel to me. I've been reading about the western African places and they are a possibility. Any other suggestions? I'm not so concerned about bar possibilities or nice neighborhoods as a kick butt meal.


Birthday in DC

My birthday is in a few weeks and it falls on a Saturday. I'll be in DC for the first time and am looking for something unique to do on my birthday. We'll have a car, so anything in the area is fine. I'll be visiting my sister and be with a friend who grew up in Baltimore.


Poor grad students. No $100 meals please.

I'd be happier eating a pupusa from a truck served to me by a grandma who doesn't know any english than I would eating at a fancy place with your own personal waiter. Likewise, soul food from a garage, ect. I know DC isn't the strong hold of that sort of thing, but I'd like some ideas in the area.
This is what I already have planned for the week, but I really want to do something cool for my birthday. Most meals I'll be cooking for my sister.

Thai-xing, DC- 3 (really want a white hot), the open air fish market.

Also, if any restaurants offer anything really unique, please chime in as well. We're already planning on eating chapulines at the mexican place. I grew up home butchering and being a minority because I wasn't an immigrant, so the "weirder" the better.


Cuy in St. Louis

Can you get a raw one anywhere?

Feb 05, 2012
ajb05854 in Great Plains

Lincoln Questions

Does Thai Garden near UNL still have the cheap lunch specials? I'm picky with thai food and not a huge fan, but the pad si ew was always good there. I'll be in town in a month or so, so I'm curious.

Also, can someone tell me the name of the Vietnamese market on O street right before 27th. It's on the north side. Do they still sell good fish? My parents wanted to buy some decent fish and I tried to guide them there, but if I don't have perfect directions they won't find it. They stopped at the two on wasn't open, and they said the fish at the other place didn't look good. Also, if anyone knows, what day do they get their shipments?

Jan 31, 2012
ajb05854 in Great Plains