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Doppio Zero - Eglinton and Avenue

Went there last night around 7:00. Line-up formed at 7:30 which is impressive considering the restaurant opened only last Monday and this is a long weekend with many people away. The decor is very nice yet casual. ...plenty of attentive wait staff...good selection of wine and beer, both draught and in bottles. There is a wood burning stove in the kitchen. The owner has a fair amount of experience in the neighborhood, as former operator of Pazza and Sette Metzo.

Dishes ordered included: Caprese salad, zuppa (chickpeas, celery and mushrooms in clear broth) Tonno pizza, Margherita pizza, Boscaiola pizza and ravioli stuffed with mushrooms and truffles.

Everything was terrific. All ingredients were distinctively fresh, particularly in the soup. As any pizza expert will tell you, the crust is 90% of the dining experience and Doppio's crust was bang on...thin, slightly burnt on the bottom with a wonderful chewy taste. Toppings were fresh and delicious. The mushrooms and truffles were extremely noticeable in the pasta. Often you can bearly taste the stuffing in most raviolis. The pasta sauce was extremely rich...maybe a little too heavy. While portions were what you might expect in most upscale restaurants, the soup serving was enormous....I was able to eat only half of my pizza as I stuffed from the soup and the excellent German pilsner I ordered on tap. Our bill for 3, with a generous tip, was about $100.

We often go to Marcello's on St. Clair but all of us agreed that DZ will be our new go-to Italian. They don't take reservations and it is only going to get crazier to get a table so go early.

Sep 02, 2012
robjor in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

2012 Food and Restaurant CHANGES and CLOSINGS

I just discovered that Asian Food Market on Keele has closed. This was my go-to location for East Indian groceries. Does anyone know if they have relocated and if so, where?

Jan 06, 2012
robjor in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Where is the best Mexican in Toronto?

For the past two days I have had lunch at El Palenque on St. Clair Ave. West. Everything I ordered was best Mexican food experience ever!... and that includes dining in Texas. Over those two days I had: Sopa de Lima (Chicken Lime Soup), Sopa de Frijole Negro (Black bean soup), Mixed seafood ceviche and a beef Chimichanga.... all superb. There is also live entertainment on Saturday nights. The place needs some sprucing up but who cares when the food and service are this great.

Nov 12, 2008
robjor in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

7 Grain Salad

My wife is dying to get the recipe for a 7 grain salad that is very popular. I was able to get a list of the ingredients from a restaurant but not the recipe.

Does anyone know the recipe?

Here are the ingredients:

yellow lentils
green mung beans
brown rice
navy beans
black turtle beans
red peppers in a light vinaigrette



Aug 17, 2007
robjor in Home Cooking