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Cupcakes in Edmonton?

i really dig fuss on whyte.... flirt is bad. i've had two from there and both were less tasty than one you could buy at safeway - which is to say they were horrible.

fuss however - mmmmmmm. DELISH.

Oct 02, 2010
boxerdude in Prairie Provinces

Creations Dining Room - Edmonton

i had 2 experiences there... both were breakfast. the first one was menu service and i have to say the wild mushroom eggs benedict were delicious. the service was awkward but we didn't really care that much.

the second time we tried the breakfast buffet, which to be honest wasn't that great. a few decent things but overall it was mediocre.

i want to try it for dinner but i'm not feeling too encouraged by the reviews here so far.

Sep 30, 2010
boxerdude in Prairie Provinces

Best restaurant in Edmonton?

my faves are Jack's Grill, Red Ox, and Blue Pear. Culina is great - i like both of them.

Blue Pear Restaurant
10643 123 Street, Edmonton, AB T5N 1P3, CA

Jack's Grill
5842 111 Street, Edmonton, AB T6H 3G1, CA

Sep 30, 2010
boxerdude in Prairie Provinces

Best sushi in Edmonton

That's too bad. I actually have the reverse experience of Kyoto university. I used to find it was pretty average, nothing to write home about. My sister and I recently went on a nondescript weekend day around 2pm for a late lunch. We ordered a ton of nigiri and I've got to say - that was the best sushi I've ever had in Edmonton. I was blown away. The quality and array of what was fresh that day was super impressive. I'll absolutely go back. Other than that, my typical favourite in Edmonton is Furusato - their fatty tuna belly is out of this world. I dream of it.

Sep 30, 2010
boxerdude in Prairie Provinces