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Dinner with fiancee on a Sunday in DC?

Hi I'm trying to look for a nice restaurant in the DC area for my fiancee's birthday in 2 weeks, who is relatively new to DC. I want to take her out for dinner on Sunday, but many restaurants aren't open on Sunday. I have a reservation for Volt at 915pm (not Table 21, and a little too late and far but better than nothing). Any other suggestions/ideas? My requirements: open Sunday evening, dinner for 2 under $200 (and we don't drink wine), within 25-30 mile radius from metro DC.

what to order at Charleston restaurant in Baltimore?

This will likely be my first and only dining experience at the Charleston restaurant in Baltimore with my girlfriend. Any suggestions as to which dishes we should order (assuming we get a 4 or 5-course meal)? I'm not sure how often the menu changes so I'm not sure if your recommendations still exist, but it's worth to ask!

1000 Lancaster Street, Baltimore, MD 21202