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Dirty French Report

Here's the duck.

Dec 10, 2014
Riverman500 in Manhattan

Best Seafood Bets


Dec 10, 2014
Riverman500 in Manhattan

Dirty French Report

Two stars from Pete Wells.

Dec 10, 2014
Riverman500 in Manhattan

Celebrating my husband's 60th Birthday

I believe that Tocqueville can seat a party of nine in the main dining room.

Dec 09, 2014
Riverman500 in Manhattan

Best of the UWS, 2014 Edition

Parm will open on December 15.

Dec 09, 2014
Riverman500 in Manhattan

Maharlika: Filipino Pop-Up


"East Village Filipino Favorite Maharlika Currently Closed Due to 'Building Complications'"

Dec 09, 2014
Riverman500 in Manhattan

Best (take-out) Pastries in NYC?

We get pastries and croissants from Mille Feuille every Sunday. We also like Dominique Ansel's tarte tatin.

Dec 09, 2014
Riverman500 in Manhattan

Birthday cake for brother, or something else?

Momofuku Milk Bar has great cakes. I recently enjoyed the German Chocolate Cake with toasted coconut and crack pie filling.

Dec 05, 2014
Riverman500 in Manhattan

Best Dishes 2014

Yes that's the "al pastor" taco. It's very good.

Dirty French is a must.

Dec 02, 2014
Riverman500 in Manhattan

Best Dishes 2014

November roundup:

Jean-Georges -
- Bay scallops, caramelized cauliflower, caper raisin emulsion
- Black bass crusted with nuts and seeds, sweet and sour jus

The NoMad -
- Salmon rillettes, sorrel, rye toast
- Pumpkin salad, parmesan, roasted Bartlett pear
- Roast beef, black trumpets, sunchokes, bone marrow

Dirty French -
- House made flat bread, fromage blanc, Herbes de Provence
- Mille Feuille: trumpet royale, green curry
- Duck a l’Orange: 30 day aged roast duck, Arabic spices, preserved oranges

Benoit -
- Caesar’s salad with lobster
- Cassoulet
- Chocolate soufflé

Telepan Local -
- Sourdough pizette, Montauk clams, chili oil
- Fried chicken leg confit, spicy coleslaw, buttermilk waffle

Café Sabarsky -
- Creamed spaetzle, wild mushrooms, peas, carrots, tarragon
- Roasted bratwurst, Reisling sauerkraut, Dijon
- Milchramstrudel: quark cheese strudel, vanilla sauce

Casellula -
- Roasted cauliflower flat bread, goat cheese, spinach, lemon ricotta
- Pig’s Ass Sandwich: 5-Spoke Creamery Tumbleweed, Fol Epi, pickles, chipotle aioli
- Apple cheddar pandowdy, bourbon caramel, spiced maple bacon ice cream

Larb Ubol -
- Vegetarian som tum with avocado
- Duck Pad Ped, Thai eggplant, peppercorn, basil, spicy curry

Empellon Al Pastor -
- Spit roasted pork and pineapple taco
- Tripe, beef tongue, and bacon taco

Dominique Ansel -
- Rum raisin cronut

Dec 02, 2014
Riverman500 in Manhattan

Best Italian

Best high end - Del Posto
Best rustic - Perla
Best pasta - Lincoln
Best steak - Costata
Best vegetarian - Le Verdure (Eataly)
Best sandwiches - Parm

Nov 29, 2014
Riverman500 in Manhattan

Pre Theater Dinner: BofM and RofA

Butter Midtown

Nov 17, 2014
Riverman500 in Manhattan

Private room for about 40-50 people in Mahattan

With all due respect I don't think your budget is realistic but you can search Opentable Private Dining for possible options.

Nov 14, 2014
Riverman500 in Manhattan

Solo dining spots with social opportunities (20s-30s)?

Yes I've met a few solo female diners at the bar at Babbo. Usually visiting execs but some locals as well.

Vitello Tonnato

Del Posto

Nov 12, 2014
Riverman500 in Manhattan

Big celebration lunch for two - tomorrow

Call Del Posto. I can usually get same day or next day reservations over the phone even if Opentable shows no availability.

Nov 04, 2014
Riverman500 in Manhattan

"Foodie" Weekend in NY

Try Marta.

Nov 03, 2014
Riverman500 in Manhattan

"Foodie" Weekend in NY

No pizza?

Nov 03, 2014
Riverman500 in Manhattan

What bygone food fad do you still enjoy? [NYC]


Nov 03, 2014
Riverman500 in Manhattan

Tavern on the Green accepting reservations

Jeremiah Tower will take over Tavern on the Green.

Nov 03, 2014
Riverman500 in Manhattan

Best Dishes 2014

I read your review. I plan to visit Dirty French this month for the 30-day aged duck.

Nov 03, 2014
Riverman500 in Manhattan

Best Dishes 2014

October roundup:

Per Se –
- Agnolotti with mascarpone, mustard cress, haricot vert, eggplant, parmesan crisp
- Lobster quenelle, caramelized salsify, cranberries, arugula, butternut squash bisque
- Pear gratin, ginger sabayon, green tea ice cream

Ai Fiori –
- Ravioli di Uovo, chanterelles, basil, tomato confit

The Modern Bar Room –
- Tuna sliders, brioche, tomato, charred lime, shiso
- Crispy chicken, parsnips, buttermilk
- Coffee caramel dome, vanilla ice cream

Le Philosophe –
- Chestnut pasta, Matsutake, Piave cheese, sweet potato puree, greens, pickled peppers
- Lobster Thermidor, tarragon, mustard seed, lemon
- Crepes Suzette, caramel orange sauce, vanilla ice cream

Il Buco Alimentari e Vineria –
- Riso al Nero: squid, sofrito, squid ink
- Porchetta alla Romana: pickled vegetables, avocado, Cloumage, agrodolce
- Budino: layers of coffee mousse and chocolate mousse

Andanada –
- Calabaza y Queso de Cabra: roasted butter-nut squash, goat cheese, chistorra
- Alcachofas con Queso Manchego: fried artichokes with grated Manchego cheese
- Mixta Paella: chicken. seafood, peas, red peppers

Quality Italian –
- Corn gnudi, pistachio, basil, black pepper
- Berkshire pork chop, cherry saba, crispy sage

Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar and Grill –
- Oxtail fried rice, daikon, shiitake, bone marrow, omelette, hot pepper sauce
- Grilled lamb chops, sweet potato puree
- Mango bread pudding, mango sorbet, sweet coconut

Salumeria Rosi –
- Zuppa di Farro: potatoes, squash, beans
- Lasagna: pork and beef ragu, béchamel
- Matuffi: polenta, tomato rosemary ragu simmered with pork bone, Pecorino Romano

Epicerie Boulud -
- Blueberry dacquoise
- Opera cake

Nov 03, 2014
Riverman500 in Manhattan


Chicken scarpariello
Linguine vongole

Oct 05, 2014
Riverman500 in Manhattan

Best Dishes 2014

Nice Matin is a solid neighborhood place, nothing more than that. I did enjoy the pork chop Milanese which, unusually, had a bit of Parm and garlic in the breading. The sweet corn salad was a nice counterpoint. I think the Best Dishes thread should include low key restaurants as well as highly publicized ones.

Oct 03, 2014
Riverman500 in Manhattan

Best Dishes 2014

Not really, usually order in at the office if I'm not meeting clients for meals. On weekends I can do a PB&J. I tried making pasta once but it was terrible :)

Oct 03, 2014
Riverman500 in Manhattan

Best Dishes 2014

Thanks most of them were business lunches and dinners. Betony, Marta, Montmartre, Nice Matin, and Seasonal are all great. I hope that you will get to try them.

Oct 03, 2014
Riverman500 in Manhattan

Won't be returning to Per Se

"This was about Per Se (or the host specifically) not recognizing the VIP (whether real or self-perceived, I can't say as we've never met) on the phone asking."

Indeed, tweeting, blogging, or posting on CH or Instagram won't turn you into a VIP at Per Se. The restaurant has too many real VIPs among its regular clientele.

Best Dishes 2014

September roundup:

Del Posto –
- Vitello tonnato
- Luna Piena ravioli, Castelmagno, black truffle butter
- Heritage Red Wattle pork, apricot mostarda, baby fennel, sweet corn
- Pecorino Romano cake, honey gelato, roasted pears

Betony –
- Frozen green gazpacho, pumpernickel, yogurt
- Grain salad, labne, sprouts
- Sautéed skate, cucumber, green curry

Seäsonal –
- Pochiertes Ei: soft poached egg, lobster, hen of the woods, pumpernickel
- Kaisergulasch: veal cheeks, paprika, peppers, spätzle
- Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte: cherry, chocolate, cream

Tertulia –
- Choclo: charred hominy, diced pork belly, lime aioli, cilantro, chili
- Brandade de bacalao, baked egg, roasted peppers
- Arroz Negro: Calasparra rice, squid ink, calamari, sea urchin, chorizo, avocado
- Pan borracho: drunken bread pudding, raisins, walnut nocello ice cream

Montmartre –
- Fennel barigoule, walnuts, figs, arugula, goat cheese
- Roast chicken, oyster mushrooms, bacon, vin jaune

Marta –
- Polpo salad: charred octopus, cranberry beans, cherry tomatoes, purslane
- Funghi pizza: fontina, hen of the woods, red onion, thyme

Nice Matin –
- Pork chop Milanese, summer corn and tomato salad

Balthazar –
- Warm goat cheese and caramelized onion tart
- Beef Stroganoff, buttered noodles

Somtum Der –
- Crab pad thai
- Tum Mangsavirat (vegetarian papaya salad)
- Fried chicken
- Duck larb

Momofuku Milk Bar –
- German chocolate cake, flaky coconut, pecan crunch, crack pie filling

Oct 02, 2014
Riverman500 in Manhattan

Best Dishes 2014

It's as good as ever.

Sep 02, 2014
Riverman500 in Manhattan

Best Dishes 2014

August roundup:

- sea trout draped in trout eggs, crisped trout skin, lemon custard, dill puree
- battered sweetbreads, pickled peach, arugula, pink peppercorn, pea sprouts
- parmesan crusted chicken, artichokes, basil, lemon butter
- chocolate tasting: white chocolate ice cream, yuzu sorbet, milk chocolate custard, warm chocolate cake, hazelnuts, meringue, candied orange

- fried vegetables with citrus
- chickpea bara sushi (donburi)
- anmitsu (dessert): peach, apricot, cherry, black beans, white bean paste, mochi, maple syrup

- fettuccine con funghi
- chicken scarpariello with house-made cotechino

A Voce Columbus
- paccheri with guanciale, pecorino, matriciana sauce
- roast duck breast, pickled cherries, blackberry apple puree, pistachio
- bomboloni filled with pastry cream, warm bitter chocolate sauce

- Serrano ham croquetas, wild mushroom, smoked corn aioli
- arroz brut a la plancha: braised lamb, brown rice cake, Merguez sausage
- pulpo a la sarten: seared octopus, fingerling potatoes, olives, capers
- flan de mango: double cream custard, kiwi, mango granite, red currant

- quenelles de brochet, Nantua sauce
- peach melba, raspberry coulis, almond tuille

Bar Primi
- breakfast spaghetti, kale, pancetta, poached egg
- ricotta bruschetta, fig, Sardinian honey

Root & Bone
- grilled peach caprese
- fried chicken

Blaue Gans
- pork jäger schnitzel, herbed spätzle, bacon mushroom gravy

Empellon Taqueria
- lobster taco, corn, epazote
- crab cake taco, sea urchin guacamole

Sep 02, 2014
Riverman500 in Manhattan