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Dinner decisions - Help me choose 2 out of my 3 options:

Thanks for all the great tips! We've scrapped Scarpetta, and great news - our schedule has changed to allow time to go to Raku! So I think we will do that and SW Steakhouse, thanks to your helpful replies.

Jan 12, 2014
allyo77 in Las Vegas

Dinner decisions - Help me choose 2 out of my 3 options:

Hi! Quick trip to Vegas with friends, which changes our options a bit, as they have different preferences...Looking for great food with great ambiance, nothing too involved. We have eaten at: L'Atelier, Bouchon, Picasso, JR, Michael Mina...looking for something a bit less "fine dining", but still very nice. DH loves steak, I like lighter, more creative options, but am happy at an excellent steak place. Need to keep it to the Strip.

Choosing 2 of the following 3 restaurants:

SW Steakhouse (we are staying at Encore), Sage, Scarpetta.

Also, what is the best sushi option on the strip?


Jan 11, 2014
allyo77 in Las Vegas