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Casual Dinner East Cambridge?


I'm a Miami Chowhounder who went to school at BU but I haven't lived in the Boston area since 2002. I'm coming up for 3 days with my dad and this Friday will be reuniting with some of my BU Film School friends to rock the karaoke mic at Courtside in East Cambridge (near Lechmere).

My eyes are already tired after pouring over all the Cambridge threads on this board so I figured I would post instead.

Looking for an early-ish Friday night dinner for 3 people before we go a-karaoke-ing in the general area. Would love to walk after to Courtside, but totally fine to cab it from other parts of Cambridge too. Looking for a quality casual dinner and drinks, not too expensive but doesn't have to be super cheap eats either - just good and tasty, hopefully fresh and local-ish. Japanese, Vietnamese, American, Italian, Fusion, what have you - just not anything strictly Seafood. Anyone have any Cambridge rec's that I may not have seen already? I know there are tons of Cambridge threads already and I really have read most of them, but haven't really seen anything that fits the bill yet in terms of the more East Cambridge area or within walking distance to that side.

Would love some help as a former Bostonian during my epic return :)

Thanks all!!

Courtside Restaurant
291 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02141

Apr 05, 2011
jba6478 in Greater Boston Area

Former Angeleno returning for a weekend visit - anything new/amazing I shouldn't miss?

ALSO - meant to say in my last reply that I have a car so can go anywhere for deliciousness...does NOT have to be limited to fairfax/melrose or even hollywood...beaches, silver lake, brentwood, bev hills - open to going anywhere.


Sep 30, 2010
jba6478 in Los Angeles Area

Former Angeleno returning for a weekend visit - anything new/amazing I shouldn't miss?

Thanks for all the replies everyone! I will definitely check out where the food trucks live and see if they live up to the hype.
I actually have been back to LA a few times this I've been to Bazaar already. And Animal is around the corner from my old house and was around when I lived there, spent many a Friday night enjoying their fried Quail magic! Same goes for Pizzeria Mozza and Mozza. I was looking more for tips on new, new places. Like spots that have opened since Spring and are the buzzed about, can't miss new plates in town. I've read about spots like Eva, Tavern, Westside Tavern, Bouchon, First & Hope, etc. Still can't make a decision on the one pricier dinner we want to have on the Saturday night. So any more recommendations along those lines would be fantastic.

Thanks again!!

Sep 30, 2010
jba6478 in Los Angeles Area

Former Angeleno returning for a weekend visit - anything new/amazing I shouldn't miss?

Hi Chowhounders...

I lived in LA for 8 years but moved back east to Miami a year and a half ago. Since I often miss my old stomping grounds, I return every few months to visit old friends, old favorite spots, and eat and drink the LA way. I stay up on the LA foodie scene via Chowhound, LA Weekly, LA Mag, etc so as to find out what to check out whenever I go back. I will be back in town October 7-11 for just such a weekend o'fun. Can I get some recommendations for anything that is new/notable that I may not know about being all the way down here in South Florida? Looking for the following - but any suggestions would be welcome:

-One super foodie amazing dinner for group of 4 on Saturday night...any kind of food will do, but group really loves Californian/new American/local/fresh...not outrageously pricey but doesn't have to be on the cheap either...just looking for something 'wow' that would not have been around when I lived there 2 years ago.
-Fun/tasty new lunch spots
-Best new brunch/breakfast ideas for the weekend mornings
-Any new bar/food spots...gastropub or small plates kind of spots
-best new snacks? food truck spots maybe or must-have dessert

I'm staying in my old 'hood (Fairfax/Melrose) with friends but will have a car and willing to drive pretty much anywhere around town for this little adventure in new awesome eats. I know I'm asking for a lot of info, but I'm sort of type-A that way and want to have all the goods so we come armed and can make the most out of our weekend visit back 'home'.


Sep 30, 2010
jba6478 in Los Angeles Area