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Bottle missing its cork

Guys, should I make that :-) a little bigger?
:-) :-) :-)

That was my big tongue in my big cheek...
:-) :-) :-)

But seriously, all my high tech stuff will eventually trickle down to the low tech world of wine making - when the cost gets low enough...

Just look at all that chemical wizardry the wine makers are using to tweak the wine that were not available a few decades ago.

Missing cork is definitely low on the priority list of wine making, but once the high tech stuff become your normal tech, it will get picked up - by any low tech industry.

Apr 18, 2012
rhw168 in Wine

Bottle missing its cork

Got another method for detecting missing-cork bottles...
This time it is after the corking/capsuling is done.

Send the finished bottle over a precision scale, measure the weight of the finished bottle, kick out the bottle that is lighter (by about the weight of the cork) to a different bin.


Apr 17, 2012
rhw168 in Wine

Bottle missing its cork

Why zin1953, is it that obvious? :-)

By trade, I'm a chip designer (semiconductor chip, that is) who just happen to like (drinking) wine.
And I'm looking at this wine bottling process from my chip fabrication point of view.

Apr 17, 2012
rhw168 in Wine

Bottle missing its cork

Come to think of it, the problem of detecting a missing cork in the wine bottling process should be quite simple to accomplish - by adding a laser/LED sensor in the capsuling machine to not install the capsule when the cork is missing.

This will allow the human operator to easily spot the odd bottle without the capsule.

Apr 17, 2012
rhw168 in Wine

Bottle missing its cork

Picked up a bottle of 2007 Rosenblum "Harris Kratka Vineyard" Alexander Valley Zinfandel last Sunday afternoon, The Tax Day, April 15, 2012, from a local wine store.

At the dinner table, I tore the foil off and was staring down the neck of the bottle directly at the juice itself!

Decades of wine drinking and thousand plus bottles of wine consumed, from 2 buck chuck to Penfolds Grange, this is the first time I've encountered a bottle of wine protected by a simple foil seal.

Well, the bottle of Federweißer I bought in a September festival a few years back in Germany was only sealed with a foil - but they actually poked a few holes in the foil to let the carbonation dissipate.
So that did not count...

On Monday, yesterday, I took the wine back to the store (without drinking it, of course) and they quickly replaced the bottle - after making sure that the replacement bottle did have something solid like a cork underneath the foil (with the poke of a pen.)
I guess this is not the first time the store had to deal with a bottle with the cork missing…

The wine:
2007 Rosenblum "Harris Kratka Vineyard" Alexander Valley Zinfandel

The wine store:
K&L in Redwood City, CA

The winery:

Apr 17, 2012
rhw168 in Wine

Federweisser. Does it exist here?

Just came back from a trip to Prague and Munich and had my first taste of Federweisser (or burčák in Czech) and it was wonderful!

So I started digging for a place that makes/sells it near home and finally found a place close to home that offers this wonderful elixir, but only for ONE day (during the grape harvest time, naturally).

Here's the info:

Oktoberfest Wine Country Lunch at Schug Winery (Oct. 17
)A Harvest Celebration wine country style inspired by Walter Schug’s home region of the Rheingau.
Enjoy Federweisser (fermenting white wine from the barrel)& Zweibelkuchen (savory onion cake) along with traditional German fare and live Polka music!
Oct 17, 2010 11am to 4pm. Advance reservations required.
Schug Winery
602 Bonneau Road,
Sonoma CA 95476

Sep 29, 2010
rhw168 in San Francisco Bay Area