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Where to Buy Live Lobsters In Baltimore/Parkville/Towson Area?

Graul's Market in Ruxton/Timonium has pretty good lobsters. You can normally find em for $9.99/lb

Donuts in Baltimore ...

thank you! this is near my favorite italian deli, di pasquales. i will walk there on saturday 10,000% guaranteed!

Donuts in Baltimore ...

ive heard about those ... hmmm looks like i have some donut places to try out this weekend!

Donuts in Baltimore ...

is there a bakery in/near town that bakes their own?


sandwiches in baltimore

good stuff here!

sandwiches in baltimore

thank you guys! duh i need to go to attmans, lennys, and faidleys. those are local legends.

leaning towards lennys and maybe the dogwood deli this week. ill let you guys know whats consumed.

sandwiches in baltimore

hey folks i need your help! i am compiling/blogging about sandwiches in baltimore, and need some suggestions/opinions about your favorite place to grab a sandwich in and around baltimore.

so far i have been to:
dipasquales market in highlandtown: i had the delicious porchetta sandwich
chaps pit beef: no introduction needed for this institution
attwater's at belvedere square: so fresh so healthy and so yum
trinacria macaroni works on paca st: awesome italian deli/grocer with delicious and cheap sandwiches.

so please help and recommend some of the best places in town to get the best food on two slices of bread!

Baltimorons- where are you dining tonight?

might be busy bc of fells point fest. just a heads up since they dont do reservations.

Tortilleria Sinaloa in Fells Point, Baltimore

love it as well. had 2 lunches there last week! barbacoa tacos, salsa verde, cmall chips, and an agua fresco (kind of like cantalope juice. note: they make it in the back - you have to ask for it, it not bottled in the drinks cooler).

please support this awesome restaurant in fells point!