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Best Pho in T.O.

VooX, I am totally excited that you picked Tien Thanh as the best pho place. I totally agree. I'm Vietnamese and it kills me when people go to the new Pho 88 or Golden Turtle and say it's good. I personally find the broth awful and it's the most inauthentic pho ever, so whitewashed. When did pho ever have brocolli in it?

Ideas for anniversary dinner?

Hi everyone, I'm planning an anniversary dinner. Last year we a Barrel Cellar dinner at Peller Estates which was fun since we're new to wine. We're 27-31. We're very adventurous with food so we're willing to do anything from Asian to Italian. I'm hoping for a nice and unique experience. Any ideas would be awesome! Thanks!

Girlfriends 40th bday...what will it be? George, Splendido, Lucien or Colborne Lane?

I went to Colborne 2 months ago on a Friday night and there were literally 6 people in the dining room and 2 people at the bar. My party was a group of 4. The food was good though!


Hey Guys! Looking for some Mexican places... not fast food... some place nice with an awesome mole sauce! Thanks!