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Pizza top 10

I would second Louie & Ernie's......amazing pizza....especially their sausage pie!

Feb 27, 2010
drfxit in Manhattan

Has anyone tried Sammy's Uptown in Bronxville?

I went last night. Overall I thought the food was very good and prices reasonable. Most of the dishes had too much olive oil but I didn't mind b/c everything was very tasty. We had the Octopus salad. The octopus was delicious but the salad was over dressed w/ oil. The fried calamari was ok, tender, but nothing unique. Also the penne carciofi was excellent. Good food, good atmosphere, didn't knock my socks off but would def. go back.

Fresh baked bread & Burratta at Fratelli, New Rochelle...

Cheese Boy is right on the money. Couldn't say it any better. Enjoy!
Fratelli's sounds great. Love buratta. That will be my next stop.

Johnny's Pizza in Mount Vernon

The only place that can come close to Johnny Pies is Louie & Ernies on the corner of Crosby Ave and Waterbury Ave in The Bronx. I love the sausage pie. Amazing!! These two pizzarias are prob the best in NY metro area. I've tried a me.

Worst restaurants in Westchester

I agree. Peter Pratts is pretty bad. The food was great but the customer service was terrible.....On two different occasions. Jonathan Pratt, the owner, had the nerve to tell me my online reservation "slipped through the cracks"