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Terra Vita in Chapel Hill... Who is going?

Spot-on review, Durhamois...personally I liked the Watts Grocery item best of the food I tasted.

Watts Grocery
1116 Broad Street, Durham, NC 27705

Oct 21, 2010
GreasyCreek in Southeast

Floyd, Virginia?

I think Cafe del Sol has set, and Tuggles Gap is up for sale. Dogtown Pizza has gone in the Cafe del Sol spot. Last time I went to Blue Ridge--admittedly a while back--it was not ready for chowhounds. Oddfellas has been, well, odd--very up and very down...I think you can find threads about it on this site. Definitely, though, try to make it for friday night at the Country Store. And the town in general also caters to southern-style artsy fartsy types, hippies of all sort, good ole boys and girls from the region, and pretty much everyone (for its size). I really admire it, but I don't live there and have no vested interest in the place.

Oct 03, 2010
GreasyCreek in Mid-Atlantic

Floyd, Virginia?

If you are going to drive a few miles out of town up to the Blue Ridge Parkway--usually a nice trip this time of year-- I'd skip Chateau Morrissette and instead try Villa Appalachia... and if you're interested in quality beverages, continue on to Foggy Ridge Cider... . Also, I haven't tried it, but some folks I know really like Mickey G's Bistro in Floyd.

Sep 28, 2010
GreasyCreek in Mid-Atlantic