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Toronto Teen Birthday Dinner Suggestions

Hi everyone I have finally decided to go paint balling at Defcon :D ! I don't really know any places around this area, except for Aladdin's Palace and Elegant view (Chinese cusine?) if any one knows a place near there that would be within a 10 minute walking radius please let me know. I believe there is a buffet around that area too.. but I am not too sure.

Thanks :)

Aladdin's Palace
3560 Victoria Park Avenue, Toronto, ON M2H 3S3, Canada

Toronto Teen Birthday Dinner Suggestions

Sorry for making you post that!! Thanks a lot though, I am looking through it :)

I've had bulgogi once in downtown and it was really good, compared to my KBBQ experience. (As far as I know though, that place is closed) Hahaha, I have a long way to go until I am going to be an addict x)

Toronto Teen Birthday Dinner Suggestions

Teamdeal websites? I've never heard of those, I tried googling it and I ended up with tons of different coupon websites. I'm not sure if they are all legit.

I think I should give Korean food another chance then. I'm pretty sure the owners are Korean Grill House are Chinese so it isn't surprising that it lacks authenticity.

Haha no problem! I've been here all my life but I've never really explored anything beyond say Fairview to STC? I really got to do that, since it sounds like there is A LOT I am missing out on :D

I'm up for paintball but I'm just seeing if my friends are too x)

Toronto Teen Birthday Dinner Suggestions

I just googled a few pictures, and I am already amazed by their game collection. Actually that is a good idea, calling them should be really helpful :D

Thanks again :)

Toronto Teen Birthday Dinner Suggestions

I've been to the Rinx for the BFF's Sweet Sixteen, so I don't think I'll be going there, but I totally agree with you though it is super fun. I've only played laser tag there though, whirlyball looked really interesting. :D

I've only try the uptown KBBQ joints and all there is meat. (Chako, Korean Grill House...) So maybe I've just left with a bad impression of korean food. I'll look into New Seoul House though, Yorkdale doesn't sound too bad. (transportation wise) I really like the idea of Defcon though, I've always wanted to try paintballing. The group rate isn't too bad for a group of 20 too. Thanks again, you really know a lot of good places around Toronto. I feel like I got to get out more x)

New Seoul House
3220 Dufferin St, Toronto, ON M6A2T3, CA

Toronto Teen Birthday Dinner Suggestions

Thanks to all the replies, it has been really helpful. I've looked through all the links. :D

Thanks Erin! I think Chicago Pizza Kitchen is a bit far, but the reviews are so good! I'm considering it, but chances are slim since buses don't come as often during the weekend. As for Sariwon, KBBQ that isn't a all you can eat, that is $40...How does that work out S: ?

EarlyDrive, Those are great suggestions! Snakes and Lattes sound really interesting, I'm just wondering how this will work out with 15 of us. That's one of my top choices right now.

Maple99, That does sound adventurous cause' we all love trying out new things. The thing was worries me is that some of us don't really us spicy dishes. It would of been a better choice if it was closer to me... (Thanks for the tip at the bowling place LOL)

Full Tummy, (cute username...!) That sounds really convenient Ten Feet Tall sounds pretty good! I like the disco ball feel. :D

I should of added this in my first post, but I live near Steeles and Midland so going to downtown takes awhile.

Ten Feet Tall
1381 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4J, CA

7388 Yonge St, Vaughan, ON L4J, CA

Chicago Pizza Kitchen
2338 Major MacKenzie Dr, Maple, ON L6A3Y7, CA

Toronto Teen Birthday Dinner Suggestions

Hey there, I'm looking for a restaurant in the GTA (if I can get there by the TTC that would be a plus) to celebrate my birthday.

I'm going there with about 10-15 teens to celebrate my 16th birthday. I was hoping to eat lunch, and then hang out somewhere near the restaurant. ( Bowling, Karaoke, mini golf etc...) But if there isn't a hang out near, it is fine.

I am not thinking of going downtown because transportation is inconvenient (none of us can drive). My budget is about $20 per person. I hope I'll find a unique place that's affordable.

Thanks a lot!

P.S. It and my Sweet Sixteen if anyone was wondering.