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Looking for help in Buffalo area

Hope you enjoy your trip - the following are the restaurants I always bring "foodie" friends to when they visit - to show off how great Buffalo is! Had a very happy group from South Florida Last weekend that raved about the food!

Breakfast -
Betty's is amazing - - was just there AGAIN on Saturday. So great!
Sunday Brunch at Left Bank -

My Top 4 Restaurant's -
Hutch's - (American Bistro) -
Tempo - (Contemporary - romantic) -
Sea Bar - (Best Sushi and amazing food) -
Torches (Eclectic and delicious) -

Top Places for Wing's -
Elmo's (Millersport Ave, Amherst)
Snyder Bar and Grill (Kensington Ave in Snyder).

Left Bank
511 Rhode Island St, Buffalo, NY 14213