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Roselle-area recommendations

I'll be visiting my in-laws in Roselle next week and would welcome some advice. There are a ton of chain restaurants in Schaumburg, but I'd like something a little more original. Thanks.

Jun 27, 2013
CMACDC in Chicago Area

6 Months of Terrible Food Since Relocating to Rahway, NJ

Haven't seen any mention of Tony's Pizza at 1085 Broadway near the Clark border. My family has gotten their strombolis for years and they're the best.

Mar 18, 2013
CMACDC in New Jersey

Lisbon-Porto-Barcelona trip report

We had some great meals on our recent visit -- our second to Portugal and first to Spain. I browsed some of the reviews here ahead of time and also talked to some locals upon arrival, and here's what we got. Nothing we had was very trendy, but it was all solid.

In Lisbon, we made a beeline to Bonjardim for their frango churrasco -- I am addicted to their piri-piri sauce, which you apply there with a paintbrush and which our waiter described as "Portuguese Viagra." I only wish the fries and salad with it were better. We also had it at Pedro dos Frangos in Porto, and the fries there were absolutely spectacular.

I am a little embarrassed to say we also ate at Solmar, which is a bit of a tourist trap. But we enjoyed the old decor with the fish murals and their lobster rice, which was an enormous amount of food for two people.

In Porto, our best meal was at O Muro, right on the waterfront. Not much atmosphere, but we had an outdoor table with a phenomenal view. We had another massive serving of seafood rice -- which was only something like 14 euros -- and the service was quite friendly. We also liked Restaurante Escondidinho, which was far more fancy and had one of the best dessert carts I've ever seen, And we took a day-long Douro River cruise that, to our amazement, featured totally delicious roast veal for lunch.

Finally, in Barcelona, we were happy to discover that our hotel off Placa Espanya wasn't very far from Rias de Galicia, one of the top-line seafood restaurants in town. I had one of the very best dishes of my life there -- huge scallops with breadcrumbs sauteed with tiny bits of onion and Spanish ham. My wife had four enormous shrimp that tasted like lobster. Another nearby spot we liked was Portonovo, which had excellent and extremely cheap tapas.

In continuing our quest for reasonably priced tapas, we stumbled on Segons Mercat in Barceloneta and consider it a real find. It had the best gambas al ajillo I have ever had -- so good we ordered it a second time. Our other memorable meal was at Oleum, the restaurant at Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya (MNAC) -- excellent grilled tuna.

Can't wait to go back.

Nov 02, 2011
CMACDC in Spain/Portugal

Crab cakes in the DC area

Oceanaire has the best I've had in DC itself.

DC restaurant for large youth group (35 people)?

If you're looking for a lunch spot, my recommendation would be the American Indian Museum cafeteria. Many varied and delicious choices from different regions, everything from fry bread to salmon, and they can handle a large group.

A Tricky One- Real Chinese Food

My wife lived in Taiwan for two years. The only place she'll go to in this area is Bob's Noodle 66, which she says is the real deal.

best place in DC area to buy Kumamoto oysters?

I'd like to give some as a gift and was wondering if any fish markets sold them. Thanks.

Hainanese Chicken Rice/Chinese Chicken Rice

Malaysia Kopitiam on M Street does a good version of this.

DC Chowhounder's trip report

Just returned from a week in Montreal and QC filled with great eating experiences; you are fortunate to have so many good places in both cities.

The best meal was definitely at Garde Manger, one block from our hotel. I took the NY Times reviewer's advice and got the steak frites, and they were easily the best I've ever had. We tried to go back another night, but they had a sign on the door saying they were filming some kind of TV show.

We also loved Stash Cafe just down the street. Trust me, I've eaten all over the US and have found only a few good Polish restaurants that rise above the level of humble lunch counters. This place, with its church pew seats and many posters of Polish artists, looks as great as the food tastes. The sampler platter of bigos, pierogi and other foods was wonderful. Plus the service was good, even on a busy night.

Our first night we ate at DNA which was good, but which we both felt was trying a little too hard. Awesome lobster risotto, though. And of course we squeezed in an obligatory visit to Schwartz's, just barely beating the massive crowds.

Speaking of sandwiches, another highlight were the incredible banh mi at Cao Thang on St. Laurent. I ordered the #4 pork meatballs, spicy, and was in absolute heaven. The sandwiches at Olive & Gourmando were impressive, too, especially the goat cheese and grilled onion with the house-made ketchup. I would eat *anything* with that ketchup.

In Quebec City we had a pretty good seafood meal at Marie-Clarisse, though unfortunately they seemed to run out of things (like sea bass) at a fairly early hour. We also enjoyed the game dishes at Aux Anciens Canadiens, though the portions are so massive that it's a shame they have a policy against taking away leftovers. The desserts in particular were enormous.

We also ate pretty well at Le Cochon Dingue and Cafe Le St. Malo even though both places were completely overrun with tourists and I'm sure the food/service were not at the top of their game.

Anyway, I'm definitely going back soon!

Jul 09, 2008
CMACDC in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

DC Help this weekend

You're not that far from the Tabard Inn at 17th and N. Definitely go there -- if not for dinner, then one of the best, if not the best brunch in DC.

Peruvian chicken - replacement for El Pollo Rico?

All this talk of great chicken outside the city has me jealous. Does anyone know of any decent Peruvian pollo places within the city limits?

Beef for the First Time

Having watched a friend eat his first red meat in about 10 years (a burger that completely disgusted him), I wholeheartedly agree with trying pho, shredded beef or anything other than a burger or steak.

Looking for lunch tomorrow-Woodley/Cleveland Park

Afghan Grill is one of the most underrated places in town.

where to eat?

Here's a few more choices --

Downtown lunches: Teaism, CF Folks, Breadline, Naan & Beyond at 17th and L and the Greek deli on 19th between L and M
In Dupont Circle: Zorba's Cafe for good Greek food and people watching. There's also a Teaism here.
In Georgetown: Pizzeria Paradiso
In Columbia Heights: Taqueria Distrito Federal
For a "splurge": Go to one of DC's Ethiopian restaurants. The ones around 9th and U are all pretty good, the prevailing favorite on this board being Etete. The two of you could eat very well for under $50.

good korean in DC?

I like Yee Hwa on 21st Street. Not as good as Annandale, but still pretty decent.

Misitam or Eastern Market

That's a tough one. It all depends what kind of atmosphere she'd be most comfortable with. If she doesn't mind Eastern Market's noisy surroundings and crowded communal tables, go with that. If she wants something more along the lines of a traditional cafeteria, take her to the Indian Museum.

Philly Foodie Visiting DC

Here's a few that come immediately to mind:
-- Firefly, on New Hampshire NW just south of Dupont. Small, hip, some inventive dishes.
-- Sonoma, a nice casual wine bar with very good food on Capitol Hill.
-- Brasserie Beck, a terrific new Belgian place downtown; loud and bustling but great fun.

Also, if you liked Jaleo, you'd probably like Zaytinya, its nearby Middle Eastern tapas sister restaurant, as well as Oyamel, a fantastic Mexican place on 7th St. NW in Penn Quarter. I have yet to go to Hook in Georgetown, but you'll find a lot written about it on this board.

Pacific Cafe (202) 543-1600 1129 Pennsylvania Ave Se, Washington, DC 20003

We ate there tonight and all of these were indeed excellent. Thanks for the recommendations.

Informal (ideally cheap) Group Dinner and Drinks

Malaysia Kopitiam on M Street is a great place to go with a group and is not that far away. The food is a bit more exotic than Italian but still accessible and great.

Good wine buys in Silver Spring or NW?

Besides Calvert Woodley I really like Best Cellars in Dupont Circle. They specialize in reasonably priced wines and are very helpful.

New Mexican cuisine?

How is the Santa Fe Cafe in Rosslyn? I've never gone but it seems like it's been there forever.

According to the 505 restaurant in Albuquerque, you can get their chiles at a Sam's Club in Annapolis, but I just order them online at The small green chile packets aren't bad.

Best steak in DC?

My wife and I ate at Sam & Harry's last night. I've preferred Cap Grille but this was extremely close to that experience if not better. I had the bone-in filet and it was very, very good (juicy and flavorful though not at all cheap); my wife had the regular filet and it was also tasty. The creamed spinach was as good as any I've ever had though the chipotle mashed potatoes were just okay (a little too creamy for my taste). We had a bottle of Francis Ford Coppola zinfandel that was a great complement.
What was sad was that they were half empty; all the construction on the street has really hit them hard. But it did make the service very friendly and attentive. So start giving them more business!

Downtown DC Wedding Reception

Friends of ours are getting married in May at the new Newseum on Pennsylvania Ave. It's not open yet, but they've been impressed with the staff and service, and apparently the views of the Mall and Capitol are quite good.

American food near Downtown/White House?

I'm sorry, but if there's any consensus on this board it seems to be that while the Hotel Washington view is indeed great, the food is absolutely abysmal.

I also don't get what's so special about the Ebbitt. I'd just as soon go a couple of blocks down F Street to M&S Grill -- way fewer tourists and noise for the same environment.

Best Onion Rings?

Been a couple of years since I've had them, but I always loved the giant tower of rings at the District Chophouse.

DC places to go on Saturday without reservations/waits

My in-laws are in town and we're going to be going to the Virginia Wine Festival on Saturday and doing a couple of other things after that. I want to take them somewhere fairly nice that night, but we don't seem to have a clear idea of what time we'll be eating, so I'd like some recommendations of good places where we can just drop in without a reservation or a long wait. Only requirement is that the food be non-spicy. Thanks.

Best place to take colleagues to dinner

I'd go with Jaleo, Zaytinya or Oyamel, depending on people's preference.

Looking for a good smoothie in downtown DC

There's a place on Connecticut just north of K Street next to CVS (sorry, don't remember the name) that does a very good smoothie, much cheaper than Robek's.

Lexington Market - Faidley's crabcakes

The best antidote to this is to cook them at home either by picking them up there uncooked or having them shipped (admittedly more expensive). That way, they're perfect.

Good (Affordable) Food in the Capitol Hill Area

I had my first meal at Locanda recently and thought it was fairly good. They were out of several menu items, but compensated by giving everyone at my table a free glass of port. Also, no discussion of the Hill is complete without mentioning Montmartre. It's extremely and consistently good bistro fare.