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Moist Yellow Cake with Bittersweet Chocolate Frosting

*****Maryann's BEST CAKE HERE :] Buy good quality of the following...
2 yellow cake mixes, a cream cheese flavored sugar free pudding, sour cream, apple sauce & butter for thee most wonderful, moist cake on the planet.

Now how much of each??? Use one full cake mix. Use 1/3 of the second box. Use the full box of pudding. Add Milk instead of water as the cake box recommends. Use "less milk" than the box recommends. I only use one cup. Box says 1-1/4 usually. I only use 1 cup of milk to 1-1/3 boxes of cake mix. Add only 3 eggs. I only use one out of three yokes. ( there is nothing good in a yoke /NOTHING). MIX all this together. Add 4 very heaping tablespoons of apple sauce & sour cream for a moist cake.

While the oven is warming up, I melt 6 ounces of good quality butter, Add the butter. Blend all. I have never bought or used oil during my entire life. Blend all together. Add half to 2 round pans or all in one 9 x 12 pan. Bake at 350 for the first 15 min then take it down to 325 for the rest. Remove when it is lightly golden. Test with tooth pick. Pick shows clean, its done. Don't allow the cake to bake past a light golden color. Too much heat = too dry of a cake. Don't cook too long.

Cool it. Frost with chocolate frosting. (I use Nestle's Choco Bake unsweetened pre-melted). Buy it and try it. I use the directions. I find this to be the best cake of alllll. Share it, and enjoy the compliments ;]
***** Maryann in Medina, Ohio.

Sep 28, 2010
swgforthedough in Recipes