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What five cookbooks would you keep?

Difficult lt to say but here are my favorites :
- Julia Child, The Way to Cook, of course !
- Cuisine mei wenti, French cookbook by Olivia Guinebault. It introduces very simple French recipes. The author is French. She used to teach non French people, including a lot of americans. The must from this book is the shape. You can have a look on
- The food of Thailand, yummy!
- Pham's Pleasures of the Vietnamese Table

3. Barbara Tropp, The Modern Art of Chinese Cooking.

Sep 28, 2010
ailiwei in Home Cooking

Cookbooks you shouldn't have purchased...which books just didn't work for you?

You may be surprised but I'm not a big ban of Jamie oliver cookbook. I do watch sometimes its show but some recipes are more like " fast food" recipes....

Sep 28, 2010
ailiwei in Home Cooking

French Food Magazines, Cookbooks

If not too late, I would recommand " Regal magazine". It's very nice and not wrapped. There are simple french recipes, explanation about prodcuts as well.
For book I love " Cuisine mei wenti French cookbook". It was written by a French women who used to teach expats in Europe, Asia,... There are bascis as well as recipes more elaborated. The way the recipes are written is easy, different from many french books.
There is also a very good one " The food of France". It exists for every country. It's the kind of food you find in restaurants, so very tipical.
Hope it helps !

Sep 28, 2010
ailiwei in Food Media & News