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Best wings in Buffalo.

I don't live in Buffalo, but travel there for work fairly often. I like Gabriel's Gate the best for wings. My husband's favorite is Duff's. I have tried many places in town. Hope that helps.

Dinner in Nashville

I would add Lockland Table to your possible list of choices. Also, there is a restaurant a little out of downtown inGreen Hills called Firefly Grill that is very good as well.

Nashville steakhouse

I would second the recommendation of Sperry's in Bellemeade. It is a locally owned restaurant and while I wouldn't consider it "rustic", it is not a typical white tablecloth, fine dining steakhouse. I love the escargot!

Family friendly Maine fare before seadogs game?

Close proximity to the ballpark is not important. I just don't want to be too far out of the way. We are planning to drive up to Portland several hours before the game and check out the town. Thanks for your recommendations.

Family friendly Maine fare before seadogs game?

I am a chef visiting Maine from tennesse, staying in Kennebunkport for several days. My husband, almost 2 year old (well behaved) and I are going to Portland for a seadogs game tomorrow night. I am looking for recommendations for a Place for dinner before the game with good seafood, lobster, lobster rolls, chowder, etc, typical Maine fare. Any recommendations?

Table 3 and Fish & Co. Nashville, anyone been?

I was wondering, has anyone tried Table 3 or Fish & Co yet? I am trying to decide between these 2 restaurants and the Standard at Smith House for a nice dinner with friends. I live in Nashville and love Margot, Watermark and City House. I'm looking for my next favorite restaurant. thanks!

City House
1222 4th Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37208